1) More DOJ / DC swamp conflicts.
2) Remember that letter from Tony Podesta lawyers threatening @TuckerCarlson for exposing Podesta’s corruption?
3) The letter came from the law firm Venable, LLP
4) Who works for Venable? The man who helped oversee the Clinton investigation - Former DOJ Asst AG Peter Kadzik
5) Here is Kadzik's 10/2016 letter to Congress explaining the DOJ and FBI's investigation of HRC and her criminal staff
6) This is the same Peter Kadzik who used John Podesta as a conduit to warn Hillary Clinton about the FBI/DOJ investigation
8) IOW – the man who investigated HRC will defend Tony Podesta as he faces charges for corruption involving HRC. Fucking unreal.
9) The DOJ corruption goes deeper. Kadzik not only colluded with Podesta during the HRC investigation, but he was the one who decided against bringing charges in the Lois Lerner/IRS targeting scandal.
10) There's more: Kadzik was hired to help secure Bill Clinton's corrupt/pay-for-play pardon of international fugitive Marc Rich
11) Why was Kadzik in charge of the investigation of Hillary Clinton if he was friends with John Podesta since the 1970s? Under DOJ rules this should have been an automatic recusal.
12) 3/2001 Committee Hearing: Kadzik lies about his contacts with John Podesta to Congressman Steve LaTourette
13) Another lie to Congress: Kadzik testifies his contacts with Podesta re: Marc Rich were "ministerial" - but these are contradicted by his billing to Rich. (Law practice note: you don't bill for ministerial calls.)
14) Before the hearing, and scared of testifying before Congress, Kadzik actually tried to avoid service of the Committee's subpoena.
15) Fast forward to 2015: Kadzik is invited to Tony Podesta's birthday party. Via Wikileaks:
16) Peter Kadzik led the DOJ investigation of Hillary Clinton. Kadzik's wife, Amy Weiss, worked for Bill Clinton. Wow.
Amy Weiss helped Bill Clinton formulate his response to the Monica Lewinsky scandal. These people have been helping the Clintons for years.
1996: Weiss defending the DNC after accepting a $20K donation from a convicted cocaine smuggler.
Weiss lying to the press about the Clintons taking money for stays in the Lincoln bedroom.
1997: Did Weiss (then Weiss-Tobe) lie to investigators about a $325,000 illegal donation to the DNC?
2016: Kadzik covers for Obama's payment of $1.7 billion to Iran.
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