Funny how white vegans miss how colonized ppl been eating meat for 1000s of yrs w/o health or enviro probs until their ancestors came along🤔
Y'ALL brought factory farms, destoryed continents worth of land, bred farting ass cows, n forced changes in our diets. Issa you problem.
Until y'all get rid of your global colonial capitalist system that put alldis food fuckery in place y'all can buzz off.
Not to mention how much direct colonial violence happens on a daily basis to sieze labor/land needed to grow ur kale, almonds, n avocados.
I think we do need to change our food systems but it's a system. We consume what's presented to us, what we have time/energy to prepare.
Thinking somehow individual consumption choices change systems or even assuming our 'choices' are free ones is white fantasty thinking
And to reiterate I'm cool with decent veganism arguments based on health or economics cuz we do have room to change 100%
What I am not entertaining is moral arguments for veganism from white people who still see BIPOCs as savages. Y'all morally broke af.
FYI I muted this thread so all you angry white folks can save yall 140/280 k?
Nobody cares what other ppl are doing. We care about mostly white vegans trying to impose their food culture on poor colonized folks.
When many of us for many valid reason don't want to or can't practice a vegan diet. Many POCs are vegan n cool cuz they not asses bout it.
That's what my whole thread was about but you missed that point cuz you felt attacked that someone pushed back.
But *gasp* it's not about you fam. Never was.
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