33° - Serpent Pine Serpentine Spinal PineAL/EL. Jesus resurrection. 12 disciples. Eye of #Horus.
33° - Serpent Pine Serpentine Spinal PineAL/EL. Jesus resurrection. 12 disciples. Eye of #Horus
12 disciples, 12 gates of heaven. watch the throne. Kingdome within. dome/temple/head/crown/LotusFlower
Anatomy of Man - Manly P. Hall. So above so below.
Anatomy of Man - Manly P. Hall. published 1937 studying the pineal gland "Throne of the soul".
Anatomy of Man - Manly P. Hall. published 1937 obv you would study those closest to the original "code/strain".
The brain and Spine are 1. paralysis spine damage. Coma brain damage. root Seth (tree of knowledge) >fruit Osiris. Good/Evil. Double Helix.
Dorsal – In latin Dor/Dur/Thor = circlulating, hibernating, to dwell (dormant, dorm). Sal = Sol, Sun & Lunar, Saul, Savior.
Salt =crystalized elements/sea water=Christ’eL. Sal Ammoniacus' (salt of Amun)
Fish have a dorsal fin. #Dorsal
Dur/Door=open/close. Dora the explorer. Dorothy Wizard Oz “yellow brick road/sun”. SalvaDor EcuaDor Eldorado.

The light is hibernating, waiting to vibrate like 🐍 and rise up.

Mare Liberum, open waters: Mare Clausum waters closed =Santa CLAUSum, no water/light/sun.
Nigra=Black/ #Melanin (Niagara Falls-3 water falls). DopeAmine. #Locus Coeruleus (coeruleus =sky/heaven) a primary function. Thalamus (Phallus) regulates sensory signals, motor signals to the cerebral cortex, along with consciousness, sleep & awareness.
#Medulla Oblongata. Pineal Gland. Orion. #Sirius. Melanin.
The Light within. The Temple.
The patterns/shapes are the same patterns we display in ancient symbols, clothing, hair braiding, architecture etc.

Composite picture of the pattern forces of the body & their wireless circuits.
Pub June 1930 - Is there an eTher?...
Soo powerful.
Study of SELF. 4 corners of the world, Cross, Swastika. Ying Yang, Light Dark, Male Female. Conscious Sub-conscious.

DorSal, Dopamin Amen, Serotonin SaRa. All seeing.
The Etheric Double. Man and his Etheric centres.
The Limbic System.

#Limbic #Amygdala
The Internal Stargate.
The Hidden Sun.
Serotonin & Melatonin. Dimethyltryptamine.
Upper Lower.
'Golgotha' Place of the skull, Krst.
Red & Blue>Purple/Violet=Royalty/Anointed.
#Ida & #Pingala.
Tesla understood the concept & applied it.
Root to Crown.
Ida> Pingala> #Sushumna> #Sahasrara
Cerebellum Arbor Vitae - Tree of Life.

#Akashic #Acacia #Akasha #Cerebellum
Cerebellum Arbor Vitae - Tree of Life.

#Akashic #Acacia #Akasha #Cerebellum
Neo - The One
Wheres it "plugged" in.....
Raising the Dead - Djed.
Twin Pillars. Duat. Dwat.

After that I Am ONE.
Raising the Dead - Djed.
Twin Pillars. Duat. Dwat.
"Researchers are exploring AND comparing data sets to map the inner universe of the brain - and answer lie ahead"
The Brain is second to the Heart. The feather was weighed against the heart, not the brain!

Higher heart of the Hidden Sun.

Build up the CORe > Brave HEART. Hearts Desire.
The electroMagnetic field of the HEART is 5000 times BIGGER then the BRAIN.
“The Heart works at a non-linear level, independent of the physical laws of reality and thus it seems, at a quantum level of reality, processing information at the sub-atom level. So the Heart is the original ‘quantum computer’, the gateway to the Universal Mind.”
The Brain is considered Male, the Heart considered Female. Allegory. https://twitter.com/nubia_watu/status/1006522768320618496
https://twitter.com/nubia_watu/status/1054737831325822976 - Cor Core Kor Ker Kar Car.
MerKaba Kaballa - a ship/vessel
ReCORd -ReyKhord > Black Disc's. Sun. Black Dot.
4+5=9(6) Heart AND Throat/Breathe - Music - Sound - Vibration - Magnify - Magnetic.
(6/9)11 Daath Data. 7/11 or 9/11.
Through me you get to...
6 symbolized as the Sun, Cor.
Modern images have no Daat.
12 disciples + Jesus. 13
Our Heart beats the same rhythm as the Earth.

We affect its "force" through our "thoughts", of our 'heart.
Intent Brain Man.
Feeling Heart Wombman.
Align Feeling, Thought & Intuition.
AuSar was Green.
Were told of "Eye of Ra". But not the Heart (which is also a Sun, we have 2 hearts, possibly 3!). PatriArch without MatriArch =Imbalance.
Align Thought, Feeling, Intuition.

Path to the Temple/Pyramid. Root/Soil to Crown/Fruit.
Weigh the Heart.
Heart amulet of Nakhtamun/Nakht-Amun.
Heart shaped Scarab Amulet, 15th-14th century BCE.

"when the mystics DESCEND into the depths of their own being, they find in their HEART, the image of the SUN, they find their OWN life force, which they call the SUN, for a legitimate PHYSICAL reason"
https://twitter.com/nubia_watu/status/1070495311410401280 - 3rd pic, Ka, Stored in the HEART.
The Heart generates the largest ElectroMagnetic field in the body.

The natural Heart Transformer, is the way to send ElectroMagnetic information.
Importance of Vishuddha, Throat Chakra. Connecting with the Akasha or Etheric realm. Speak into existence. Affirmation. Chant. Sing. Laugh. Breathe.
Blue> Water in the Sky - Air in the Water.
Cuneiform. Trachea. Rima Glottidis. Larynx.
Yoni-Verse. Eye. Gate.
Importance of Vishuddha, Throat Chakra.

"Vishuddha Chakra is known as the purification center, where the nectar amrita DRIPS DOWN from the Bindu Chakra and is split into a PURE form and a poison."
In Hinduism the red Dot/point on the forehead signifies Bindu "falling of the drop", secretes from the back of the head, symbolized by a Crescent Moon (Thoth?).
The White (Moon) Bindu resides in the Bindu Visarga, Red (Sun) Bindu resides in the Muladhara. Upper Lower.
Hand Mudras & Mantras. Vishuddha, Throat Chakra. Clear blocks & shift energy.
7 Seals.
Notice the Root & Heart Mudra of Muladhara & Anahata.
The Inner Throat. Importance of the Throat Chakra.

Speak into existence. Affirmation. Chant. Sing. Laugh. Breathe.
Water in the Sky - Air in the Water.
Chi Qi
Sympathetic & Parasympathetic Nervous System.
Sympathetic & Parasympathetic Nervous System.
If you can CHANGE an Atom in fractal Reality (Hologram > THOUGHT) then the Whole Hologram or Reality Changes.

Thoughts - Heart - Belief>Emotion.
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