The castle Habsburg from where the famous family got its name. Still flying the flag of the rebels that took it in 1415 from Frederick IV.
The Habsburg name itself came back in fashion after being glorified by Friedrich Schiller in a 1803 ballad.
"Countries holding territory that once belonged to the Habsburg Dynasty." From the Philippines to the Falkland Islands.
The most famous Habsburgian novel is Joseph Roth's The Radetzky March from 1932. A huge hit when it came out and absolutely gorgeous.
Old Habsburg lands are still recognized by their lower corruption, high trust.
Hapsburg titles in 1648. Add to this the colonies Goa, Macau, large pieces of the Americas, also The Philippines, and factories in Nagasaki.
The Habsburgs left local governance to the local nobility but they often stepped in to side with the peasantry in case of mistreatment.
In 1543 the Spanish explorer Ruy López de Villalobos named Magellan's find Las Islas Filipinas after the Habsburg prince Philip II of Spain.
Another Habsburger who also has the honor of lending her name to land is Mariana of Austria, with the Mariana Islands, which includes Guam.
The Habsburger Emperor Charles V (1500-1558) might have ruled a global empire but was no globalist, instead he deferred to local traditions.
As the Habsburg took on new crowns they allowed their subjects far more freedom, self-governance than any modern nation state incl. the EU.
To the interest of every school boy since 1618, unclear Habsburg directives provoked the Defenestration of Prague. Quite a drop! 21m/70ft!
The Defenestration was to be the three Thumps! that started the 30 Years' War. (This painting by @DalmauFerrer, The Battle of Rocroi 1643).
In 1700 the Habsburgs lost Spain and with it the global empire. For their help in containing the Catholic Superpower, England got Gibraltar.
The last of my Habsburg tweets and the last page in Martyn Rady's eminent little book. I can only conclude that I miss the Habsburgs dearly.
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