A thread for all the pundits lining up to wring their hands about dangerous cycling and light sentencing in the wake of the Alliston case...
When Ichhapal Bhamra carried Tom Ridgway for 90 yds on his bonnet before crushing him into a tree, and was fined £35, where was your voice?
When Lee Sewell, speeding after a 14hr taxi stint fatally smashed Gary Glymond 120yrds off a crossing, and was fined £500, what did you say?
What about the killer of Eldith Cairns, fined £150 for driving without glasses? He did it again 2yrs later, killing again. Did you speak?
Where was your anger for four year old Esme Weir, killed while scooting along the pavement by a kerb-mounting van driver who was acquitted?
How about Clinton Pringle, killed by an inattentive driver who had been texting moments before impact. He was 3. Eight months, suspended.
If you really cared about safety, and this wasn't just a pop at cycling, you'd find plenty to speak about. Every day. Instead: tumbleweed.
Addendum: apologies for misspelling Eilidh Cairns
This driver just got a suspended sentence after jumping a red and severely disabling a child. Where did all those angry voices go?
Georgia Addy, also 15, was hit on a pavement at 30mph. The driver drove off without alerting emergency services. £500 fine. Did you speak?
She lay unattended for 11 minutes. Induced coma. 3mths in hospital. Multiple operations. Lee Griffiths will drive again in 12 months. Well?
Bertie Soanes ran down a cyclist, breaking multiple bones. He lied about dialling 999 and drove off. £266 fine, 6 month ban. Do you care?
Er... Hello? Hello? Are any of you there?
I think this thread makes its point so I'll stop. It's too damn depressing to keep adding more.
tl;dr: Media/politician posturing over Alliston is fake: Your life is cheap to them if a motorist ends it. Because drivers vote, buy & click
I said I was finished. But then I saw something that was even more shocking to me than any other case here.
Lennon Toland was 5. Killed on the pavement by a driver entering an illegal car park. "No evidence of careless driving". No charges brought.
This story never made it to the UK national papers. No mention in Hansard. Wall to wall Alliston coverage, no voices for Lennon. Says it all
Yesterday the father of Casper & Corey Platt May (2 & 6yo) was found dead. His kids were killed in February by Robert Brown, who hit them at 61mph in a 30 zone. Brown had taken cocaine, diazepam & zopiclone. He had 31 convictions for driving while disqualified. He got 9 years.
It's that time of year when the national papers like to rant about cyclists. Meanwhile, Douglas Kennedy just got 150 hours of community service and a fine for driving at 70mph in a 40mph zone in Lancing, killing Trevor Porter, a grandfather of 59. Unreported except in local press
The prosecution of Charlie Alliston focused on his non-road legal bike. He was jailed for 18 months. Donut Birle had faulty lights on his car when he killed Zoltan Domotor at 6:30am on a winter's morning. 9 months, suspended.
Blane Nunes was driving at 85mph in a 30mph zone. He drove in to the back of the car of Vladimir Cech, the father of two teenage girls, killing him. He fled and tried to cover up the crime. Caught by DNA testing of the surface of his airbag, his sentence? 4 years, 8 months. Well?
Lauren Johnson, a mother of two very young kids, was killed on the pavement by a driver who mounted it, doing at least 53mph in a 20mph zone. The CPS elected not to prosecute, stating it is not in the public interest to do so. Jesse?

Alexander Fitzgerald killed Dr Jasjot Singhota on a zebra crossing. He didn't see her because he hadn't bothered to clear the frost off the windscreen of the car he was illegally driving while uninsured. 10 months in jail, and a driving ban of less than two years.
Sentencing still pending, but Malachi Wheatle has just been convicted for killing Kevin Chang. He hit him at 70mph in a 30 zone while on drugs. Convicted, that is, only of Careless Driving. Apparently it wasn't "far below" the expected standard", therefore not Dangerous Driving.
Valentino and Olivia Coleman were standing at the roadside. Despite two cars with flashing hazard lights, and a fully lit breakdown truck, Sivananthan Mathivathanan drove straight into one of the cars, killing them. Acquitted of dangerous driving, 10mth suspended for careless.
David Thompson was killed in Glasgow by a driver who opened his car door into him. The sheriff indicated surprise in court that the charge brought was not one that actually reflected that he caused David's death. The result? A fine of £400.
11 year old Taylor Schofield was killed in January. Michael Robinson was doing 55mph in a 20mph zone when he hit him. He drove off after the collision. He'd previously been banned on three separate occasions since 2004, for a total of five years. Six year sentence.
So, angry anti-cycling types, where is the anger at the story of Keegan Doyle, who was driving a getaway car at 60mph in a 30 zone when he hit 10 year old Alfie Watts, causing life-changing brain damage? He was sentenced to just three years, and will drive again in less than five
This was the view for the driver who killed wheelchair user Chris Clements in 2018 as he walked his dog. She'd not bothered to fill her empty washer tank during a 2½ hr break. Deemed "careless", not "dangerous": suspended sentence, 2yr ban. Where were the media? The politicians?
Matt Smith was cut up and forced into the kerb. The driver drove off but then returned to shout abuse, and knocked him down. His leg fracture hospitalised him for 2 weeks. Acquitted of causing his injury, she got a community order and 10pts for careless driving & failing to stop
Nadia Sattar was fatally hit by Charnjit Gosal while crossing the road, in 2017. The court heard there was sufficient time & distance to see her and stop. Gosal tried to frame another driver at the scene for causing the death. CCTV showed otherwise. 300 hrs community service.
Bobbie Tighe, 10, was hit by banned, uninsured driver Joanne Beven. Bobbie was left unconscious in the road with injuries including a broken pelvis. Beven drove off, not reporting the crash. Her car, which had brake faults, was found with its plates removed. Suspended sentence.
Donald Sharpe was 89. He was walking along the pavement when a driver reversed a Land Rover over him and carried on driving. She was only alerted to having killed him by the signals of passers by. Today a jury decided this did not constitute Careless Driving, so she was acquitted
The video on this story shows 14-year-old Ibrahim Ahmed being hit at 59mph in a 20mph zone by a driver who'd refused to stop for police. Resuscitated on the road, he suffered multiple broken bones and life-changing organ injuries. The driver got 16 months https://www.bbc.co.uk/news/av/uk-england-beds-bucks-herts-47711314/teenager-left-for-dead-in-luton-hit-and-run
At 29, Jason Young already had *91* driving convictions including 4 for dangerous driving. He was banned and uninsured when he hit Jamie Grist at 63mph in a 30mph zone, causing life-changing injuries which cost him his job. He left Grist for dead and torched his car. He got 2½yrs
Abigail Harvey was killed in 2017 on the Dartford Bridge by lorry driver Viorel Sandulache. Sandulache was watching TV in his cab. He had two previous convictions for using a phone when driving. He'd accrued 12 penalty points, but magistrates had allowed him to continue to drive.
Liam Swinfield was unlicensed & uninsured when he tried to evade police, driving at over 50mph in a 30mph zone, the wrong way around roundabouts, damaging multiple cars. He fled, leaving his 1yo child injured in his smouldering, overturned vehicle. 18 months jail, 2 year ban.
Antonio Boparan was driving at 71mph in a 30mph zone when he hit a car containing 1-year-old Cerys Edwards. She spent the 9 years under 24-hour care, paralysed on a ventilator, before dying. He was only then jailed, for causing her death by dangerous driving. Sentence: 18 months.
Boporan's sentence was referred to the Attorney General under the unduly lenient sentence scheme. The appeal was denied. "The threshold is a high one, and the test was not met in this case". The maximum sentence for the offence is 14 years.
Earlier in this thread I mentioned Malachi Wheatle, who was at double the cannabis limit when he hit Kevin Chang at 70mph in a 30 zone, throwing him "as high as a double decker bus". Kevin died despite roadside open heart surgery.
Now sentenced: 40 months, 2 year driving ban.
A footnote to this: Wheatle was jailed for causing death by careless driving, after pleading guilty. The more serious charge of causing death by dangerous driving was dropped after his guilty plea.
Thomas Scully had been drinking for 4 hours, and was twice over the limit when he turned into motorcyclist Michael Dennis, who almost died on the operating table. Only caught by a witness after fleeing, it was Scully's third drink driving conviction. 18mths suspended, 2yr ban
Liberty Baker was 14. She was killed walking to school. Robert Blackwell had cannabis in his system, and was distracted for at least 10 seconds reading text messages on his phone, when he mounted the kerb at "grossly excessive speed". He received a 4 year sentence and 5 year ban.
There's a tribute site to Liberty here: http://libertybaker.co.uk/index.html 
Nicky Gosal was disqualified, uninsured, and driving far in excess of the speed limit when he hit Gina Johnson's car head on. After the crash he looked into her car, and than ran off. It burst into flames and burned with her inside. He received 8 years.
Tommy McEniry was a father of three. He was killed on his motorbike by Edward Scott-Bennin, who turned across him without waiting for a green light. Scott-Bennin has never had a full driving license and lied to get insurance. He received a 9 month suspended sentence and a 3yr ban
Kevin Johnson was driving a courier van on the A338. He hit and killed Christopher Gibbs, who was cycling. He stopped after 100 yards with a shattered windscreen, bonnet & wing mirror damage, but then resumed driving to his next delivery. 240 hours community service, 18 month ban
Susan Aldridge was killed on the A37 by Paul Conroy. Her husband David suffered devastating injuries including the loss of a kidney. Conroy was over the alcohol limit and had been taking cannabis. He had at least two previous drink driving convictions. Five years jail, 4 year ban
Shaun Neal was killed by a driver who pulled out to overtake two cars. Witnesses described how the driver had been too close to the car in front of him to have a view of the road. As a result the collision was almost instant. A jury found this not to constitute careless driving.
Great grandmother Diana Price was killed when her car was hit, at night, by a car driven by Gemma Evans. Evans had been using WhatsApp & Facebook Messenger "right up to the moment of impact". A jury cleared her of dangerous driving. She received a 6 month sentence for careless.
Daniel Squire, 18, was fatally hit from behind by a van driven by Philip Sinden. The court heard that a draft message was saved on Sinden’s phone at 08:40:23, less than 30 seconds after he last received one. Someone dialled 999 to report the crash 21s later.
Sinden was acquitted.
Melissa Lewis fatally hit pedestrian Erika Prisakaru last December and drove off. It took a week for police to find Lewis's damaged car, which matched debris left at the scene. She told police she had hit a deer.
12 weeks suspended sentence, 1 year ban.
16-year-old Dylan Campbell was killed in 2018 while crossing the road, by Shankar Modhwadia. Modhwadia, who had previously been sent on a speed awareness course, was driving at 72mph in a 40mph zone. He got 4 years.
Seven-year-old Maisie Duncan was killed while playing in snow on a pavement in Looe, Cornwall. The driver who hit her had lost control of his car in the conditions. He received 100hrs of community service and a 1 year ban. The trial was only reported in local news
Despite never passing a test, Alistair Taylor had five motoring convictions, and was banned and uninsured, when he hit another car head-on in Glenthroes last year. The driver suffered multiple life-changing injuries and was in intensive care for a fortnight. 14 months jail.
Ralph Keemer deliberately drove Laura Fidler off her bike simply because he'd had to wait to overtake. In doing so he inflicted severe shoulder injuries described by the police as comparable to GBH. He drove off. After arrest, he told the police it was "karma". Suspended sentence
Jaiden Mangan was 3. In 2018 he was on a pedestrian crossing and had a green signal. Lorry driver Dean Phoenix, while sarcastically applauding another driver, jumped the red light on the crossing, and ran Jaiden over, killing him. Phoenix received a 12 month sentence for this.
Gary Smith was drunk and had been taking cocaine derivatives when he drove into 12 year old Kaitlin Mitchell as she stepped off her school bus in Leeds, killing her. He drove off, and made a fake 999 call claiming his car had been stolen. He received a sentence of 5¾ years.
Vincent Riley was at almost 3 times the drink drive limit when he hit a 68-year-old man on a pedestrian crossing in Runcorn last year. Thrown into the air, the victim suffered horrific, life-changing injuries. Riley received a community order, a 2 year ban, and a £350 fine.
69 year old John Durey was killed while cycling in Kent, by a driver who hit him head on while overtaking two vehicles. Prosecutors argued he'd have been been visible to the driver for 45 seconds, but she was cleared of dangerous driving, receiving a community order & 18mth ban.
Emily Brown had her young kids in the car, and was 6 times the cocaine limit, when she hit cyclist Stuart Crowther in 2018, causing head injuries which ended his career. She got 12 months. Yesterday she was in court for subsequently ignoring her ban. 12 weeks... suspended.
David Irving was cycling in Southampton when he was hit by a minibus and killed. The driver claimed to have been dazzled by low sun. The trial judge directed the jury to disregard the Highway Code line "Slow down or stop if dazzled". They acquitted the driver of Careless Driving.
This was Mariusz Florczak, over the alcohol limit and driving at almost twice the speed limit in a 30mph zone. This crash caused substantial injuries to a female passenger who may never recover. "My life was ruined", she stated in court.
Two year sentence.
Kristian Trumper's previous motoring convictions: drink driving (x3), dangerous driving (70mph in a 30), careless driving, failing to stop, aggravated vehicle taking. He's 32. Caught driving while banned by a PCSO, he drove into them, carrying them for 40ft. 12mths jail, 3yr ban.
Paralympic hopeful Daniel Metcalfe-Hall was training in 2018 when a car driver overtook on a blind bend, hitting a lorry and bouncing back into Daniel and his bike. He suffered severe spinal, limb & head injuries, which still affect him. The driver received a £580 fine and 5pts.
Zoltan Glonczi drank 5 shots and 4 beers before he crashed (at 60mph in a 30 zone) into another car, so hard he pushed it 10 yards. A 60 year old occupant of the car suffered a broken spine. Uninsured Glonczi fled, later ignoring an interim ban. 18 months jail, 2¾ year ban.
Josh Dey was cycling in London when he was hit head-on at high speed by a man driving on Josh’s side of the road. Despite severe injuries including a brain bleed, he was left to obtain the CCTV footage himself, with police saying they’d send a letter to the registered keeper.
The driver apparently smiled as he drove off. The car has obvious damage. Why didn’t the police act quicker before evidence could be destroyed? Presumably because it’s just another RTA to them, rather than a violent crime. Jesse, any thoughts?
77 year old Brian Croxon slipped and fell into the road at 11pm. Driver Anna Edwards had a faulty headlight and was on a hands-free phone call. She failed to see him, fatally hitting him. She drove away, then back past, later telling police she'd hit some rubbish. £500 fine, 8pts
Reuben Johnson was driving at between 60mph and 66mph in a 30mph zone in Walsall when he veered head-on into another car, killing 4-month-old Malia Porter. He was jailed for 3 years, 2 months.
Phyllis Fielding was killed while crossing the road, by a van driver who failed to see her because he had positioned his sat nav in front of him on the windscreen, completely blocking his view of her. 250hrs community service.
Courtney Meppen-Walter was doing nearly 60mph in a 30mph zone when he crashed into another car, killing Kulwat Singh and Ravel Kaur. He served 16 months for this in 2013. In 2016 he filmed video of himself driving. He was recently caught at 2½ the drink drive limit. 22 month ban.
Linda Newton and her 9-year-old daughter Chloe were trapped for hours when their car was hit by a drunk driver. Chloe spent time in a high dependency unit with two pelvis breaks & internal injuries. Linda needs knee surgery. The driver received 3 months suspended and a £200 fine.
Policeman Mark Lee attempted to stop a driver at a petrol station in Llangefni, in Sept 2018. The driver accelerated at him, knocking him unconscious and causing injuries which have kept him from active duty. He drove off. He received 200 hrs community service and a 1 year ban.
Update on the tweet before last (Linda and Chloe Newton). The driver, Dawn Shipp, caused the crash by driving drunk on the wrong side of the road. It was the second time she had been caught drink driving in two months. Reminder: she got a 3 month suspended sentence and £200 fine
Sam Harding was killed by a driver who opened his car door into him, knocking him under a bus. The driver had illegally tinted his car windows to 17% transparency and admitted not checking his mirrors, but initially claimed to police that Harding simply lost control. Acquitted.
Adam Fisher was over the alcohol limit and was driving at up to 70mph in a 40mph zone, in 2018, when he veered into the wrong lane and collided head-on with another car, causing multiple life-changing leg, arm and head injuries to its driver. He was jailed for two years.
Milton Forde, pictured, was 89 years old. The driver who killed him in 2018 was driving at 49mph in a 30mph zone when he hit him. Instead of calling emergency services, he drove off, leaving Forde to die in the road. Police found him hiding at his house.
The recorder queried the CPS decision to charge only with Careless, not Dangerous driving, adding "The guidelines will seem pitifully inadequate but I have absolutely no choice but to be loyal to the guidelines that Government has set out". 22 months sentence, less than 4yr ban.
Halina Malinowska, 69, and Wilma Ryan, 63 were killed when Samuel Balaam drove into their car on the A1041. He offered no explanation as to why he was driving completely on the wrong side of the road. He received a 5 month suspended sentence with £200 costs and a 1 year ban.
Kyle Bird was driving without insurance when he hit a 51 year old woman on a zebra crossing in Carlisle, causing a skull fracture and other head and pelvis injuries, which were described in court as "life-changing".
He was fined £323 and received an 8 week driving ban.
Kiernan Roberts was 16 when he was hit by driver Owen Finn. He suffered a broken neck and terrible skull injuries, spending 9 months in hospital. Finn, who was twice over the drink drive limit, drove off, travelling 130 miles and changing his clothes to evade arrest. 3 years jail
The judge in this case complained that "there is simply not enough room for manoeuvre within the bracket currently open to the court to tailor the sentence in a sufficiently punitive way". Witnesses had described Finn as so drunk he could barely stand up.
Ashley Evans was already banned from driving when turned into a car park and ran over a six year old. Trapped screaming under his car, she received life-threatening injuries including fractures to her pelvis, thighs and collarbone. He drove forward over her, then sped off.
Evans bought the car the day before, despite his ban. His 37 previous convictions included 3 for dangerous driving, and 6 for driving while disqualified. For causing serious injury, driving while disqualified, driving without insurance, and failing to stop, he got three years.
Toby Matthews was over the legal driving limit for both cocaine and cannabis when he crashed into another car in Bexhill last year. The occupants of that car, two women of 79 and 72, had to be freed by firefighters, one suffering serious injuries. 16 month ban, £400 fine.
Kirsty Upton, who'd collapsed into the road, was killed by driver Christine Hannah. Hannah told police she'd couldn't avoid what looked like a bag, due to an oncoming car. CCTV showed there was no such car.
The judge called the event "terrible luck", and imposed a fine & 1yr ban.
Liam Rodney finished a mobile phone call (his third of the drive) four seconds before fatally hitting cyclist Carol Boardman. His pickup truck did not have hands-free facilities: a witness described him driving one handed, looking at his lap. 30 weeks jail, 18 month ban
Simon Hare was aggressively tailgating 0.5m behind another driver in a 30mph zone in Shipley. He then overtook, accelerated to 69mph, and hit a pedestrian, John Lewis, who was standing on a traffic island. Lewis suffered severe brain injuries which are life-changing. 30mths jail
Ryan Selby was motorcycling in Hastings, when an illegally parked driver opened his car door without looking, forcing him into an oncoming bus. He was in a coma for 11 days and suffered multiple life-changing injuries. The uninsured and unlicensed driver received an 18 month ban.
Zaheer Patel had never passed a driving test, and was uninsured, when he rolled his car at 3:30am in Humberstone. His passenger was thrown from the car. He ran off, leaving her "gravely injured" with a brain bleed, a burst lung, and multiple fractures. £120 fine, community order.
Rokas Ananikovis was uninsured, unlicensed, and had drunk three bottles of whisky when drove into a pedestrian in Sutton, before leaving the scene and hiding. He was almost three times over the drink drive limit. 100 hours community service, 20 month ban, £525 fine.
Stuart Wells hit 5½-month-pregnant Jackie Luxon's car head-on. Witnesses described his aggressive driving - tailgating, driving into the oncoming lane & speeding. Luxon's unborn baby died, and her 2yo daughter suffered life changing injuries including a broken neck. 3½ years jail
Liam Quartermaine was driving with excess cannabis. Two people accidentally stepped in front of his car. He turned his car and drove on the pavement at speed, attempting to ram them. He then assaulted two police officers. 11 months suspended sentence, 80hrs community service.
David and Linda Evans were killed instantly when their car was hit by Benjamin Bosden on the A267. Bosden was significantly over the alcohol limit, and was driving at 116mph at the time of impact. Convicted of causing death by dangerous driving, he received a 5 year sentence.
Luke Hotson was just convicted of causing serious injury by dangerous driving, assault causing actual bodily harm, aggravated vehicle taking, possession of cannabis, failing to provide a specimen of blood for analysis, failing to stop, and having no licence or insurance...
Hotson had been drinking and stealing alcohol when he got into his car. He drove through Devon, overtaking on blind bends, finally hitting another car head-on, trapping and injuring four people. He fled. For all this he got... an 18 month suspended sentence and a £500 fine.
Valdas Kondratavicius was "speeding and performing dangerous manoeuvres" on the A141. Overtaking a number of vehicles at once, he crashed head-on. His passenger suffered life changing injuries, and an 8-year-old girl in the other car was badly hurt. 4mths suspended, 1 yr ban.
Christine Cann was driving drunk in Dec 2018. She hit a woman by a parked car, inflicting broken legs and a brain injury, then drove off. The victim spent 20 days in hospital, hasn't worked since, and is unlikely to fully recover.
12 weeks jail, suspended. £400 fine, 18mth ban
Lorry driver moves forward from stationary position onto zebra crossing and fatally runs down pensioner who was already on the crossing.
Coroner's court (paraphrased): Meh, just one of those things. He could have looked in his mirror but didn't. Oh well.

Adeel Khalid was doing 71mph in Newcastle-Under-Lyme, "around the alcohol limit". when he hit a student's car, causing brain multiple contusions and fractures to her skull, ribs, and pelvis. She spent five weeks in critical care and is having language therapy. 2yr jail, 3yr ban.
Guide dog user Kay Kitto suffered severe injuries when she was crushed between her car and a van which had been hit by the free-swinging arm of a crane lorry. Police called it "a death trap", among the worst their examiner had ever seen. The driver received a suspended sentence.
Benito Mattei had drunk so much, before fatally hitting a 72 year old on a pedestrian crossing, that he was still over the limit 2½ hours later. For causing death by dangerous driving under the influence of alcohol (max sentence 14 years) he received 2 years jail and a 3yr ban.
Matthew McKee was speeding at between 38mph and 42mph in Newcastle, County Down, when he hit and killed 78-year-old Geoffrey Cartwright. The judge concluded that the crash would likely not have happened if McKee had not been speeding... then imposed a 10 month suspended sentence.
An attendee at the trial stated afterwards "You see the consequences on TV of dangerous driving, but that's the reality in there - you get away with it".
Noreen Akhtar was standing by the car containing her 3 young kids. For hitting her at 36mph in a 20mph zone, driving away, abandoning his car, and then claiming it had been stolen when police eventually found it, Mohammed Shameel received 18 months prison and a 2½ year ban.
As usual these recent cases mostly received only local news coverage.

In a week when national media fell over themselves to report on a low-blame bicycle incident resolved in the small claims court (!), these killer drivers and their soft sentences weren't considered interesting
While national media gleefully cover the cyclist claim story, it's left to local Devon media to be the sole reporters of Robert Turcu, who drank vodka for 5hrs in a club, drove away at 60mph through 30 zones, & hit a tree killing his passenger, then fled. 32 months jail, 2yr ban.
This affects everyone. This isn't about cycling.
You or your loved ones might be on foot, riding a bike, driving a car, or just riding in one, and if someone gets drunk, or drives at twice the speed limit, or faffs with their phone, and kills you or them, the media won't care.
Boyd Doherty deliberately knocked another man down with his car in Peterborough. He then tried twice to run him over, before crashing into parked cars and fleeing. Cleared of GBH, he received an 18 month sentence for dangerous driving, and a 3½ year ban.
Tracy Bibby was on a 3 year ban (her second ban) when she lost control of her van and hit 90-year-old Joan Woodier's house. Woodier was killed by rubble. Bibby, who falsely claimed her partner was driving, had been swinging the van from side to side "like a F1 driver". 4yrs jail
Ashley Youngman was driving at twice the legal driving limit for both alcohol and cocaine. Driving uninsured at a speed described in court as "shockingly fast" while evading police who'd tried to stop him, he hit a woman's car, causing life changing foot injuries. 28 months jail.
Stewart Russell was well over the alcohol limit when he hit a 56 year old man on a pedestrian crossing. The victim suffered a broken neck, brain bleed, collapsed lung, broken collarbone, broken ribs and a fractured eye socket. 120 hours community service, 8 weeks suspended prison
Luke Guttridge rode a motorbike into Harbans Lal at 49mph in a 30mph zone, killing him. It took almost 7 years for charges to be brought. He finally received a 3 month suspended sentence. Guttridge this year attempted a £50k court claim against Lal's family for his own injuries.
Kevin Sandy was asked by a traffic management officer not to move a cone to jump a queue. Incensed, he got into his car and mowed the officer down, then drove away. The officer's multiple injuries and resultant PTSD cost him his job and wedding. 18 months jail, 2¾ year ban.
Russell Vines was driving without insurance, "significantly impaired by cannabis", "too fast, too inexperienced in a too powerful car" whe he spun and hit Winstone and Janet Cotterell's car, killing Winstone. The court deemed this careless, not dangerous driving. 3½ year sentence
Paul Jones was driving at 2x the alcohol limit and had taken ecstasy and cocaine, when his reckless overtake caused a tanker lorry to crash head-on into the car of Steven Sales. Sales, who "miraculously survived", is wheelchair-bound, and dependent on carers. Jones got 3 years.
The driver in this case, Sean Fagan, received only a 20 month sentence and a ban of less than 3 years. https://twitter.com/ormondroyd/status/1124266849670189056?s=19
Callum Wilson was uninsured and over the drug driving limit for cannabis when he reversed into a 72 year old pedestrian and drove off, leaving her "motionless in the road". He then swapped seats with his partner and blamed her when police found them.
8 weeks suspended sentence.
Bus driver Anderson Worrell had smoked crack the previous night, and was struggling to stay awake when he crashed the 198 bus into West Croydon station, injuring multiple people including a 15 year old who suffered a ruptured liver and collapsed lung. 2yrs 6 months jail, 3yr ban
17 year old Trent Warburton was fatally run down on his bike by Jamie Campbell, who was doing 57mph in a 30mph zone. Campbell was high on cocaine and was still over twice the drink drive limit 3 hours later. He drove off, hitting another car, and abandoned his car. 8 years jail.
Karla Roman, an architect, was killed by Barry Northcott, who deliberately pulled his coach into an advanced cycle stop box at a red light "to avoid being swarmed by cyclists". Despite having had 16 seconds to see her in the box as he approached, he didn't. 15 months jail.
Aiden McActeer killed 4-year-old Violet-Grace Youngens, who had been walking with her grandmother. He was driving a car with false plates at 80mph in a 30mph zone. He stepped over them and ran off. Although the maximum sentence was 14 years, he received just over 9 years jail.
Ray Elsmore was a lollipop man at a primary school in Waterlooville. He was standing with his sign as a pregnant woman crossed, when a car driver hit him at between 21 and 28mph, killing him. The driver blamed low sun and a misting screen. All charges were eventually dropped.
Another lollypop lady, Karin Williams, suffered broken legs and other fractures after using her body as a human shield to protect children when Robert Bell overturned his car into them on a speed bump. 5 kids were injured, one with a skull fracture. Bell was fined £100 and 4 pts.
Lollypop lady Sylvia Blackburn was left with life-changing head injuries, requiring residential care, when driver Brian Wright jumped a red light and hit her. He claimed he did not see her and could not recall whether the light was red or green. He was cleared of all charges.
John Doyle, 79, was working as a lollypop man in Timperley, when he remonstrated with Genti Rustemi, who had driven through the crossing without slowing as two children crossed. Genti returned later and violently assaulted Doyle, puncturing his lung. Six months suspended sentence
Jane Evans was doing 80mph in a 30 zone, over the drink drive limit, when she crashed, injuring two colleagues in her car who had begged her to slow down. One suffered neck fractures & a brain haemorrhage. Evans then assaulted a doctor treating her. 18 months prison, 2¾ year ban
3 year old Reuben Williams was killed when Andrew Vass, who was drunk, and had been tailgating other drivers, lost control at 70mph on a twisting road. Vass, who had previously served a 5 year sentence for chasing a cyclist who crashed and died, received another 5 year sentence.
Reuben's injured mother was badly injured. She told the court that “I have not just lost my three-year-old child. I have not just lost my role as a mother. I have lost his future. I have lost my dreams for his life".

Vass will serve a 2 year driving ban on release.
This is 16-year-old Jamie Still, killed on a pavement by Max McRae at 50mph in a 30 zone. McRae was twice the drink drive limit. He'd been doing handbrake turns and was using his phone. Convicted only of careless driving, he served 2 years of a 4 year term
It took 45 minutes to free Jamie from the wreckage. He battled all night to stay alive but died of his injuries.
The Yorkshire Post reported that on the day he was charged, McRae changed his Facebook picture to "to one of him having a pint and sticking his fingers up".
Marianne Haboc was 10. She was killed after school in Rochdale by a driver mounting the pavement of a cul-de-sac and driving along it. Marianne's relatives have suffered a "campaign of intimidation" and doorstepping by the driver's family. The driver received a 20 month sentence.
At age 8, Anthony Maynard was a founder member of his local club, riding a little blue Raleigh road bike. At 25, he was killed. He and another rider were hit from behind in broad daylight on a straight road near Reading. The driver said he didn't see them.
No charges were brought
12 year old Abbie McLaren had just stepped off a bus when she was fatally hit at 51mph in a 30 zone by Martin Maguire. He was unlicensed and uninsured, and had multiple previous convictions for drink driving, driving while disqualified, and driving uninsured. Jailed for 5 years.
Thomas Abbott had eight different narcotics in his system when he hit a school bus with his lorry in Selby last December. He was over 4x the cocaine limit, 9x the cannabis limit, and 3x the amphetamine limit, and had also taken other drugs including valium and Tempazepam (1/3).
He drove his lorry into the wrong lane, mounted a kerb, and hit the bus hard enough to catapult one child its full length, causing leg, skull, and shoulder fractures, a brain injury, hearing loss, & facial disfigurement. He spoke in court of screaming for hours in hospital. (2/3)
Another girl was thrown clear of the bus, breaking a hip and ankle, and causing facial injuries which needed over 100 stitches, scarring her permanently. She told the court the crash had ruined her life and her schoolwork.

Abbott received a 3 year sentence and 5 year ban. (3/3)
Addendum: Abbott already had a previous drink-driving conviction.
Pregnant teacher Charlotte Landi was killed when tipper driver Jason Edmunds made a sudden decision to turn left, without signalling, in London. She'd been visible for 12 seconds. Edmunds, who needed witnesses to tell him he'd hit her, received a community order and a 1 year ban
In that previous case, Alan Neve was killed by Barry Meyer, who jumped a red. and drove his HGV straight over him, in Holborn. Meyer, banned 5 times previously, had "a sustained history of driving offences showing wretched disregard for the safety of road users". 3½ years jail.
John Roberts was killed three days before Christmas 2017 in Ormsmirk, when the driver of a 42 tonne HGV, "distracted" by his satnav, jumped a red light at 38mph and hit his car. The light had been red for 19 seconds. The driver received a suspended sentence and 15 month ban.
Sharon Cummins was driving uninsured in South Molton when she ploughed straight through a family on a zebra crossing. The court heard she had ample time to brake normally. The mother damaged knee ligaments and her 6 year old son suffered a broken leg. £120 fine, 4 month ban.
Richard Plumb was doing 85mph in a 20mph zone in Old Amersham when he caused this crash. He fled the scene but was identified by blood left on his airbag. Amazingly the driver of the car he hit survived relatively unscathed.
He was jailed for 14 months, and banned for 4 years.
Richard French was 5 days back from a previous dangerous driving ban when he sped through a red light and hit John Brown's car. Brown suffered awful injuries and was in a coma for 6 weeks. French has been caught red light jumping again since the crash. 18 mths jail, 3¾ yr ban
Blake Kerry killed Julian Fisher on a pavement in Old Tupton. Kerry was driving drunk, and had just overtaken one car "at speed" when he hit another vehicle head-on. The impact threw his car onto the pavement where it fatally hit Mr Fisher. Kerry was jailed for 5 years
Jason Busuttil hit two cars in a supermarket car park, and tried to leave. When a female shopper tried to stop him doing so, he deliberately drove into her, then fled the scene. She suffered leg injuries. Busuttil was given a 12 month suspended sentence and a 15 month ban.
Elliott Bower killed four people including a 16-month-old boy, in Sheffield, when he drove a stolen car into them at 79mph. He told police he'd do it again when he was released. Jailing him for 11 years, the judge asked the home secretary for more sentencing leeway in future.
Anthony Purcell was driving on the A127 in Essex, when he veered across the central reservation and hit an oncoming car inflicting life-changing head injuries to the woman driving it. Purcell had been taking cocaine, and was driving uninsured. Four months jail, three-year ban.
Pakama Drewery, who had previous convictions for drink driving, was at twice the drink drive limit and had already lost a tyre off her car, when she went the wrong way around a roundabout and hit a car, seriously injuring its driver. (1/2).
(2/2) The other driver, a paramedic, may never recover from her wrist injuries. Police failed to charge Drewery with drink driving in time. Hence she was only charged with causing serious injury by dangerous driving, and received a suspended sentence and 3 year ban.
Paul Radcliffe, 18, was killed when he was hit at 64mph in a 30 zone by Jagdip Dhesi. Dhesi was drunk, and evading police who wanted to stop him after he almost hit them. Radcliffe was propelled 10ft high into a lamppost and then a tree. Dhesi, who drove off, got 4 years 8 months
Samuel Tiley was doing up to 58mph in a 30mph zone, and hand been overtaking at almost 80mph in the previous 40mph, when he caused this crash. The other driver, a 29 year old woman, was left with catastrophic leg injuries. Tiley got a 16 month sentence.
Teacher Sam Bouton was cycling in Leicester when a car passenger opened a car door into him. He died from his injuries. The person who doored him was fined £80 plus £30 costs.
John McGovern was having a phone conversation, one of many on his journey, when he drifted across the road and smashed through a bus stop in Hounslow with his Range Rover, killing 26 year old Himanshi Gupta. He continued driving.
2 year suspended sentence and a 2 year ban.
Ravinder Matharu was disqualified and driving a stolen car. He was distracted due to using his phone when he hit and killed Matei Alexandru, who was cycling in Ockendon. He drove off and attempted to hide from police. Four years jail.
Keaton Pattison was driving "aggressively" at "excessive speed" when he overtook on a blind bend, forcing another car off the road. Its passenger suffered two spinal fractures. The court was told the victim still suffers terrible pain 14 months later. Pattison was fined £100.
Barbara Vaughan was at the back of a traffic queue on the A9 when a lorry driver failed to slow down, driving at speed into the back of her car, killing her. No explanation was offered in court for his failure to observe the traffic queue. He received a community order.
Adam Ross Taylor drank eight pints before driving his car. He mounted a pavement and hit two pedestrians, leaving one in a coma and the other wheelchair bound.
The judge described his alcohol levels (almost 4x the limit) as "staggering", then jailed him for... 2 years 8 months.
Gerry Doran, test driving a BMW, drove at over 50mph through 30mph zones, eventually going round a blind bend on the wrong side and causing a head on crash which badly injured a woman and her 12 year old autistic son. He left them in a field and fled. 15 months jail, 2½ year ban.
Jamie Williams was stopped by police for alleged speeding. While being questioned, he got back in his car and drove for hundreds of yards with a policeman hanging from it. He reversed into a police car and caused the officer multiple injuries. 18mth suspended sentence, 2 year ban
Janet Cawood was waiting at a crossing in Bradford when Edvinas Gilius mounted the pavement and hit the traffic light pole "without significant braking". It fell on her, killing her. Gilius claimed to have been distracted by a spider. He received 200 hours community service.
Emma and Graham Jennings were parents of 10 and 11 year old kids (Graham also had 2 older kids). They were driving home from the cinema when they were hit by drunk driver Dewayne Brown at 103mph. The couple died in their burning car. Brown received a 6 year sentence and a 7yr ban
Michael Hanley deliberately tailgated a child who had cycled to the front of a line of traffic to wait at a red light. Hanley then used his 4x4 to ram the boy off his bike, wrecking it. Hanley clambered down into a ditch and continued to assualt him. 6 months jail, 15 month ban.
(minor correction: dirt road, not ditch)
Lisa Foster caused a serious 3 car crash in Eniskillen, by driving "hard around a bend" and losing control. After admitting falsely blaming another driver, causing them to be cautioned and interviewed twice by police, she was fined £200 & banned for 14 mths for dangerous driving.
After a cyclist objected to an aggressive manoeuvre and subsequent verbal abuse by Sheffield taxi driver Iftikhar Ahmed, he deliberately drove his car at her, causing wrist, knee and hip injuries, and damaging her helmet. He received a suspended sentence and an 18 month ban.
Martin Skinner had taken cocaine when he crashed his Porsche at high speed in the rain. The engine hit his passenger, who'd been begging him to slow down, causing life changing brain injuries. He resisted providing a sample and failed to surrender to bail. 22mths jail, 20mth ban.
80 year old Fred Hepell was cycling at 9:10am near Durham when Adrian Tait drove straight through him at 40mph, killing him. Tait blamed low sun. Both sides agreed that Heppell would have been in Tait’s field of vision for up to 370 metres, for 20 seconds.
The jury acquitted him.
Daniel Coulthard was convicted of dangerous driving, driving while under the influence of cocaine, and driving while uninsured. He injured 2 police officers and caused £38k of damage, including writing off a police car, after driving at 80mph in Halifax. 15mths jail, 2½yr ban.
Jake Buckle was unlicensed, uninsured, and under the influence of drugs when he killed 21 year old Jordan Maxwell. Buckle was driving at up to 96mph in a 50mph zone, but claimed have fallen asleep at the wheel.
He was sentenced to just over 4 years in jail, and a 5½ year ban.
Mohammed Rahman killed pedestrian Stephen Swann, hitting him at over 50mph in a 30 zone. He fled, abandoned his car half a mile away, removed its plates and wiped it down. Convicted of perverting the course of justice, but only careless driving, he was jailed for just 26 months.
Ivan Girga had accumulated 25 points but still not been banned. He was driving at 72mph in a 30mph zone (with his 3 year old son unsecured in a footwell) just before hitting another car at high speed. He killed 42yo Ghusanfar Illyas and injured seven. His son broke his arm. (1/2)
Girga's driving history include multiple convictions, dating back as far as 2008, including multiple counts of driving without insurance, driving without a license, and driving while disqualified, aggravated vehicle taking and obstructing police
He received 9 years jail. (2/2)
Megan Burrows had two kids of 1 and 5. She was a passenger in Deryon King's car when he drove into two parked cars. He was drunk, uninsured, and speeding in a 30mph zone. He and another passenger fled, leaving Burrows to die in the car.
16 months jail for careless driving.
Just three weeks after recieving a 17 month ban for drink driving, Connor Banniston, 21, lost control at speed, crashing head-on into another car in Falmouth. An badly injured pregnant woman had to be cut free. Banniston fled and reported his car stolen.
9 months jail, 2 year ban
As Aaron Park (20) used his car to aggressively chase his ex partner in another car, reaching over 100mph, he hit another man, Brian Reilly, who was on foot. He left him in the road and drove on. Reilly suffered skull, pelvis and multiple other fractures.
3 years jail, 5 year ban
Jordan Goundry was only traced via social media after pulling out into 63 year old Garry Lamping, who was cycling. Lamping was thrown over the car, causing multiple injuries. He lost the use of a thumb.
Goudry received a community order, a £295 fine, and 10 points (hence no ban)
Samuel Nicholas crashed into a tree shortly after being clocked at 80mph in a 30mph zone. His pregnant partner suffered life-changing injuries to her skull, spine and legs, leaving her unable to walk unaided. He received a suspended sentence and a four year ban.
Christopher Gadsden drove straight into a 62 year old cyclist at 70mph. The cyclist was knocked unconscious and suffered a fractured elbow and multiple other injuries. Gadsden was given 6 points and made to pay £350 in fine and costs.
21 year old Muhammad Bhayat had been taking cannabis and was almost twice over the drink drive limit when he jumped a red, hit a wall, and then drove into a female pedestrian, throwing her into the air, causing lacerations and internal bruising. (1/2)
(2/2) Bhayat denied being the driver and was identified by DNA on his airbag. The court heard that a lamppost took part of the impact, and the judge stated that he came very close to killing the her.
He received a 2 year ban and a suspended sentence.
Madalina-Cristina Postolache was driving at 113mph when she drove into the rear of a car in Peterborough. One passenger of that car spent five days in intensive care with rib, lung and back injuries. Another suffered likely permanent rib damage.
10 months suspended, 3 year ban.
Jason Handley accelerated to 55mph through a red light in a 30 zone in Birmingham and made an illegal turn into a bus & cycle road. He ploughed into 24 year old Robert Turner, causing life changing injuries including a devastating elbow injury, and leg fractures.
21 months jail.
Daniel Tilley killed Steve Lord on the M11, undertaking at 100mph, then cutting back into Lord's motorbike. He drove on and later denied being aware of the crash. Police, however found he'd searched online for "M11 accident" and "strong suction plungers". 4½ yrs jail, 57mth ban
Leon Turner was twice the limit for cannabis when he attempted to evade police in Southend, reaching 90mph in 40mph zones. After police abandoned the chase, he crashed, causing severe injuries (initially thought life threatening) to his passenger.
Suspended sentence, 2 year ban.
Fifteen year old Sian Ellie was killed by a bus driven by Michael Parker. Parker was not licensed to drive the bus. It was so packed that another child was injured hitting the windscreen when he brakes.
He was fined £120.
21 year old Karly Heweson was killed by drink-driver Brad Hayden. After an evening of drinking, he drove at between 70-79mph in 30 zones, overtaking vehicles on the Bath Road near Devizes. He failed to slow for a bridge and crashed through the railings.
4 years jail, 5 year ban.
18-year-old Jackson Pickering was killed by Victoria Barker as he crossed a road in Burnley. She was driving at over twice the 20mph limit, and was over the limit for cocaine and alcohol. Pickering was thrown across the road and died four days later... (1/2)
(2/2) After the crash, Barker's friend arrived, shook Pickering's prone body, and was heard to say to Barker "You're pissed up and sniffed up, you need to f*** off". He took her car and burned it but was caught by DNA evidence.
Barker was jailed for 3yrs 8mths, Barnes 2yrs 10mths
Cameron MacFadyen drove straight into cyclist Mark Georgeson from behind on the A832, making no attempt to slow or steer. Georgeson suffered catastrophic spinal and brain injuries. MacFayden falsely claimed low sun had dazzled him: disproved in court.
£450 fine, 4 month ban.
Manuel Bangoura was twice the cannabis limit and driving a stolen car at double the 30mph limit. He hit another car, severely injuring a couple who were cut free and now rely on care from their daughter, also hurt. Bangoura fled.
3¾ yrs jail, 5yr ban.
Despite reduced visibility, Stuart Mansfield weaved in and out of cars and overtook at excessive speed on the A90. He collided with several cars, hitting that of John Ogilvie head-on. Ogilvie needed extensive surgery for life-changing injuries
Community order, 32mth ban.
Charles MacCartney lost control of his car at 90mph on a bend in Ballywater, hitting the car of Dean & Sandra Weir. Dean died at the scene, Sandra a month later. MacCartney was jailed for 14 months.
The couple's daughter Katie stated "I feel our justice system lacks any justice"
Suzanne Lavelle turned into a street in Alexandria and hit an 82 year old woman who was already crossing the road. The court heard there was no reason not to have seen and avoided the pensioner, who died from multiple injuries. No explanation was offered.
£800 fine, 6 points.
Deborah Davies was left without a significant part of her head after being hit on a pavement by a bus. Her husband described her as "now merely existing". The driver, who had lost control and mounted the kerb while approaching a bend, was fined £175 and banned for 6 months.
Michael Hayes had successfully had his license restored 6 years into a 10 year ban (his 4th). He'd previously been jailed for 3yrs for a driving offence. 5 months after the restoration he drove head on into a motorcyclist, killing the biker and his own 5yo son.
He was fined £500.
Reginald Archer failed to see cyclist Denise Margiotta at 8:50am on the B4192 in Wiltshire, despite her high-viz tabard. He drove into her and knocked her into the path of a skip lorry, killing her.
Archer was fined £500 and given 9 points.
Neville Smith was disqualified and already (at 22) had many driving convictions, despite never passing a test. After stealing a car from a forecourt, he crashed it into motorcyclist Michael Howard while aggressively tailgating another car. Howard died, and Smith fled. 6 yrs jail.
Jason Handley jumped a red light at 54mph in a 30 zone in Walsall, colliding with a person on a bicycle. He initially stopped, but when he realised the severity of the injuries he'd caused (which left long term mobility issues), he drove off and left him. 21 months jail, 5yr ban
Carl White was driving at 70mph in a 30mph zone in central Birkenhead when he hit and killed 19 year old Charlotte Carol on a crossing, just after undertaking another vehicle. He carried on driving, later claiming he'd been doing "30ish"
White received 4½yrs jail and a 6yr ban
Ashish Devshi had already received a 15mth suspended sentence & 3 year ban for dangerous driving. 5 months later, he fled a burglary in a stolen car and hit a cyclist. The victim suffered life changing leg and back injuries, and is now unable to walk.
4¼ years jail, 5 year ban.
Craig Perrot needed multiple life-saving operations after being deliberately rammed into a parked car by Abdool Choonka, while cycling. Choonka drove off but returned to take photos. Despite no remorse, he was cleared of GBH, and received just 30mths jail and a 4yr ban
Lorry driver Raymond Hogg had been on his phone for 20 continuous minutes before hitting a queue of traffic at 50mph on the A12, killing 43yo parent-of-six Mandy Snowling. He'd had 15 seconds to react. Giving him 52mths, the judge expressed frustration at sentencing guidelines.
After drinking for 8 hours overnight, Louise Griffiths had "topped up" with more beers when she hit 4 cyclists head-on at speed in Llanllowell. One victim, Caroline James, was recusitated twice. Her physio career was ended by multiple life changing injuries.
27mths jail, 5yr ban
After an argument, Hannah Chesney deliberately drove her car into a group of people in Gloucester, fortunately causing only minor injuries. "You used your car as a weapon", the Judge said, imposing a 9 month suspended sentence, £300 compensation, and a 2 year ban.
Odias Mashoko was at almost twice the drink drive limit and uninsured when he drove into a police officer attending an unrelated incident in Gateshead. The officer suffered serious injuries which still cause her severe pain.
12mth community order, £250 compensation, 2 year ban.
Mark McMillan drove his car at the same person three times in a petrol station forecourt in Sprowston, causing the victim to fall down. The judge described his conduct as "using car as a weapon... albeit to frighten someone" and imposed a 2 month suspended sentence and 1 year ban
Justin Thomas had spent the evening at a wedding in Wales, drinking numerous beers and spirits. At 2am he decided to drive home, smashing into a pub. He fled leaving his girlfriend trapped. She suffered horrific injuries and lost a large part of her bowel.
2yrs suspended, 3yr ban
Liam Keenan was involved in a row with occupants of another car at a junction. When a man from the other car tried to calm the situation, Keenan violently assaulted him, inflicting a brain injury which left him paralysed and unable to speak.
Keenan received a 20mth sentence
(A very telling contrast: the headbutt incident in London involving a man with a bike was all over national news and chatwangst media for a week or more. The story about Keenan appears to have only led to a single short article in Wales Online)
Nathaniel Taylor impatiently overtook a bin lorry in Shrewsbury, "at some speed", on the wrong side of keep left bollards. In doing so he failed to notice a man, woman and 18-month old using a pedestrian crossing. The woman suffered leg fractures. 4 mths suspended, 1 year ban.
Jake Waterhouse, who had never taken a driving test, got drunk and drove around a campsite in the middle of the night, running over tents. He killed Anna Roselyn Evans, a mother of 2, in front of her husband, and injured others. He refused a breath test. He was jailed for 8 years
Gavin Moore was killed, and a friend badly hurt, when Steve Cheung drove straight into a group of cyclists at 50-60mph in Newtownards without braking. They were initially visible 220m ahead of Cheung. Moore was carried on the car for 80m after impact.

12 months jail, 3yr ban.
Clare Watmough was almost 6 times the driving limit for cocaine metabolites when she reversed her 4x4 over a toddler playing by a caravan in a campsite in Wales. The girl was airlifted with crush injuries and spent weeks in intensive care.
200hrs community service, 2½ year ban.
Carlos Lester was banned, uninsured, and under investigation for more driving offences, when in a "lunatic manoeuvre" he overtook a queue of traffic at high speed and hit a car head on, badly injuring a 6yo and her grandmother (who now has hearing and memory loss). 4yrs jail.
Leroy Campbell-Brown was riding a motorbike at 92mph in a 30 zone in Kingswingford. He hit a car being driven out of a school car park, causing it to spin across the road, where it was hit by another motorcyclist, who died.
Campbell-Brown received a 10mth sentence and 4yr ban.
Leyton Orr had 28 previous offences and was already on bail for dangerous driving after deliberately driving at a policeman. Later in 2019 he lost control at high speed and hit a taxi head on, severely injuring its passenger. He then attacked a bystander.
22mths jail, 32mnth ban.
Michael Hutchinson threatened people at a pub with a sword before getting into a van, and reversing it at speed over a woman in a pub car park. He drove away. Her injuries included a fractured skull and a knee injury from which she may not recover.
3½ years jail, 3¾ year ban.
Update on this one: Boparan has just been released after serving seven months in prison. https://twitter.com/ormondroyd/status/1116103520929886210?s=19
Martin Cameron was driving his Ford Focus at 125mph on a B-road in the Scottish Highlands just before he lost control and crashed into a garden, killing 26yo father Shaun Allen. Cameron who'd received 3 bans in the previous 5 years, was jailed for 4yrs 8mths and banned for 6yrs.
Gavin Featherstone was driving at more than 70mph in a 30mph zone in Canvey. He hit and killed cyclist Petru Barticel. Featherstone was jailed for 3 years, 2 months, and banned for 4½ years.
Christopher Storm admitted being "spaced out" on cocaine when he drove his car into a cyclist in Bolton. He was banned for 13 months and fined £120.
Another update, this time to the recent case where an unlicensed, uninsured bus driver killed a 15 year old and received a small fine. His wife was also convicted, of permitting him to drive the bus unlicensed and uninsured. She was also fined £120. https://twitter.com/ormondroyd/status/1177570217888821250
Laura Hope was almost 50% over the legal driving limit for cannabis when she pulled out onto a roundabout and crashed into the car of 61 year old John Hevey in Southend. He was paralysed from the neck down and died 6 months later. She received an 18 month suspended sentence.
Christopher Gadd was killed by Tim Higgins while on foot in a supermarket car park. Higgins, who was uninsured and only had a provisional license, had become angry after briefly being delayed reversing from a space, and deliberately swerved into him. 5 years jail, 4½ years ban.
The driver in this crash in Reading initially claimed that Sonata Saulytyte, who was killed, had already been lying under the rubble. The driver was jailed for 28 months.
Another link to that crash, as the first has been removed:
Bradley Dunlop was uninsured, unlicensed, and over the limit for alcohol and tranquillisers when he stole a vehicle from his work and crashed it at at high speed into the upper storey of a house in Yorkshire. Three people suffered life changing injuries. 2 years, 4 months jail.
Patrick Lynn (who was first convicted of dangerous driving at age 15), overtook at speed on a blind bend with double white lines, and hit a 15 year old girl who was crossing the road. "I will never be the same... I have constant pain", she told the court. 2 years jail. 3 yr ban.
Max Coopey, son of two serving police officers, was more than 50% over the cannabis limit when he hit and killed Jason Imi & John Shackley as they walked home. Police didn't refer him to the CPS for dangerous driving. He received 100hrs community service, a £105 fine, & a 2yr ban
Coopey was caught driving just 17 days after killing the men, and was recently given a 12 week sentence for breaching his interim ban. He was released on bail this month, after serving 1 week, to allow an appeal.
Azra Williams went straight past three red lights at a junction, driving into a car which Amarjit Gill was a passenger. Police found that she had been using her phone right up to the moment of impact. Gill died the following day. Williams received a 3 year sentence and 5 year ban
Tracy Morgan suffered "catastrophic, life changing injuries" (including a brain bleed and leg injuries which may yet result in amputation) when she was hit by Liam Tabannor. He'd was doing 47mph in a 30 zone. He fled and told police his car had been stolen. 21 mths jail, 2 yr ban
John Searle was hit by a driver in Shropshire, and knocked into the road. Two more cars were driven into him. He died. A man who stopped to help was hit by a fourth car, which broke his leg. Two drivers were charged with careless driving, but after blaming low sun, were acquitted
Callum Hobbs was driving at 92mph in a residential 30mph zone, at night, when he lost control and crashed into a garden wall. A passenger had repeatedly asked him to stop. Another suffered severe spinal and internal injuries. Hobbs was jailed for 18 months and banned for 2 years.
John Gavin already had 12 license points and was unlicensed for driving the HGV he crashed into Charlotte McCarthy, her parents and her fiancé, who all suffered life changing injuries. Charlotte recieved terrible abdominal injuries and now uses a wheelchair.
£1600 fine, 9mth ban
This was Robert Bradley's dashboard. He drove his HGV alongside Suzanna Bull, a paediatric doctor, who was already waiting in a cycle lane at a junction in Birmingham, then turned across her, crushing her to death. He showed no remorse in court. 21 months jail, less than 3yrs ban
Bradley's employer, S&J Transport, was also prosecuted by the Health and Safety executive. It was found that the company knew that drivers were using these cluttered dashboard trays. It was fined £112500, a sum equivalent to just 1% of its 2018 turnover.
Abid Mohmood was uninsured and driving at double the 30mph speed limit when he drove into a family of five who were walking in Coventry. A 2yo was killed, his mother disabled for life, and 3 other children seriously injured. Mohmood, who blamed the family in court, got 7yrs jail
Dr Vincent Cavaleire was killed by Mike Buck, who drove his Land Rover Sport straight into him from behind at 30mph Buck blamed low sun, but other drivers had slowed considerably more than he did (one slowed to 5mph).
6 months suspended sentence, 1 year ban.
Campbell Hutcheson, waiting at a junction on his bike, was hit from behind by a driver, suffering spine&head injuries. No charges resulted. 5 police complaints were later upheld

"I'm not angry. I survived it. You've got to adjust to do things and look at things a different way"
Barry Brettell (centre) was cycling with William "Roy" Higgins in bright sunshine at 10:15am. An HGV driver hit them both from behind at estimated 43mph, killing Barry & seriously injuring Roy. After claiming one rider "wobbled" as he passed, the driver was cleared of all charges
Tom McConnachie on foot when he was hit by a car driven by Lewis Seaman in Plymouth. He was thrown 20 yards. He died of head injuries.
Seaman was drunk, and had no insurance. He drove off and set fire to his car. He was jailed for 10 months, and banned for 3 years 5 months.
Mariah Mabey was seriously injured by Christopher Godwin, who mounted a kerb in his van. Mabey's grandmother was also hit and knocked unconscious.
Godwin was at twice the alcohol limit and seven times over the cocaine limit. He sped off after the crash.
28 months jail, 4 year ban
John Saville's leg was"completely smashed" by a motorcyclist who jumped a red, hit him, and drove off. The initial GBH charge against Danny O'Reilly was dropped after the CPS allegedly forgot to tell the main witness to show up. He instead received a community order and £300 fine
Marek Cook was killed on the A38 in Cornwall by Jack Bright. Bright was driving at 91mph on the wrong side of a solid white line on a winding section of the road, late at night, having been overtaking cars at speed, when he hit Cook's car.
2 years jail, 4 year ban.
7 year old Kayden Dunn was hit by uninsured, speeding driver Shakeeb Zamir. Zamir had taken his father's car without permission and was uninsured. He got out, "calmly" checked the car, then drove off. Kayden died of his injuries 5 days later. Zamir received a 12 month sentence.
Zamir was latterly caught driving during his 3 year ban, and received a further 12 weeks jail.
Sze-Ming Cheung was hit and killed in Swannington in 2018 by a driver who was over twice the drink drive limit. At his inquest, it was revealed that no charges were ever brought by Norfolk Constabulary. The driver answered "no comment" to all questions at the inquest.
Norfolk Constabulary issued a statement acknowledging that "elements of this investigation fell below the standards expected", and that officers had received "management advice"
Thomas Harker's vehicle was hit from behind at 54mph by an HGV driven by Jordan Leonard. Leonard was using his phone to access his bank account and completely missed Harker slowing down to turn off. Harker was killed
Leonard was jailed for two years, and banned for four.
Jennifer Heskins was killed by an HGV while walking in London. The coroner heard that there was "substantive information" about messages and downloads on the driver's phone. However, the case collapsed due to police errors. The driver refused to answer questions at the inquest.
Raheel Mohammed was doing over 70mph in a 30 zone in a stolen Mercedes when he hit Marie Curie researcher Alice Manzini ( @manzini_alice) on a pavement. As well as broken arms, spine, and legs, she suffered brain damage which has left her unable to walk or talk. 2yrs jail, 6yr ban
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