American Horror Story: Illuminati
Imagine if that was the premise of the next season of AHS though
a whole ass season about rising hip hop/r & b artists selling their souls to be indoctrinated into the illuminati for success and fame
cast Missy as a high ranking demon in the Illuminati who guides inductees down their paths of fame and damnation
cast Rihanna as Missy's rival, a demon whose petty ambitions and lust for power threaten to expose the secret society
cast Donald Glover as an artist struggling to reconcile his rising status with the hellish sacrifices he must perform to maintain it
toss in Ice Cube as a hip hop mogul trying to protect his son (an aspiring rapper played by O'Shea), from the dark truth behind his success
Ariana Grande as the lead singer of a girl group trying to break off into a solo career who becomes Missy's latest protege
sprinkle in the usual suspects: Sarah Paulson as Ariana's drug addict mom who resurfaces following her fame.
Evan Peters as a Kurt Cobain type ghost trying to ward off people from the Illuminati
Dylan McDermott as a Harvey Levin type who runs a notorious tabloid site and has his own twisted agenda
and Beyonce as God. Bye.
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