1. Misogyny is so ingrained that an army of media consultants can prepare million dollar campaigns and not see that no women were invited.
2. Misogyny is...that a writer can spill tons of ink complaining about a woman's actions one day only to praise a man for the same the next.
3. Misogyny is...that a bunch of white guys think it's appropriate for them to make decisions about women's health with no input from women.
4. Misogyny is being inspired by the "authoratative" voice of a yelling male speaker but being annoyed by the "shrill shrieks" of a female.
5. Misogyny is entertaining the idea that a country might not be ready for a woman to lead.
6. Misogyny is putting the same product in pink packaging and charging women 25% more.
7. Misogyny is when erectile dysfunction medications are covered by medical insurance but women still pay full price for tampons.
8. Misogyny is allowing that for a boy to "run like a girl" is to mean something derogatory.
9. Misogyny is believing and teaching and expecting that girls are bad or uninterested in math or science.
10. Misogyny is thinking the woman is the nurse and the man is the doctor.
11. Misogyny is calling more than 50 women liars while giving one man the benefit of the doubt.
12. Misogyny is believing that "cunt" or "whore" is ever an appropriate rebuttal to a woman or about a woman in a public forum.
13. Misogyny is not being outraged when you find out that women in your company make less than men for doing the same job.
14. Misogyny is telling a brilliant 69 y/o woman in good health to retire while encouraging a 76 y/o to run for president when he's 80.
15. Misogyny is this:
16. And this...
17. Misogyny is referring to Amal Clooney as George Clooney's wife.
18. Misogyny is our entire fucking culture of rape.
19. Misogyny is voting for someone who bragged to a reporter about his history of physically assaulting women aka "grabbing pussies."
20. Misogyny is not understanding why there needs to be a Women's History Month.
21. Misogyny is not seeing misogyny when it's right in front of your face...
22. Misogyny is everyone being ok with Vladimir Putin, Donald Trump, Julian Assange & most U.S. male pundits joining forces to stop HER.
23. Misogyny is wrapped in pink, but it's also present in the blue too.
24. Misogyny is when you hear somebody say "she asked for it" and you just laugh along with the group.
25. Misogyny is the Republican Party.
26. Misogyny is having lunch twice a week at Hooters then being outraged when your daughter wants to work there.
27. Misogyny is turning feminist and feminism into swear words.
28. Misogyny is thinking that women who have an abortion should be subject to criminal prosecution.
29. Misogyny is found everyday on the TL's of @joanwalsh, @vabvox, @neeratanden, @Shakestweetz and most prominent women on Twitter.
30. Misogyny is telling her to shut up and sit down.
31. Misogyny is used in combination with racism and homophobia to defend and fortify the dominant white male supremacist paradigm.
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32. Misogyny forces many women to choose to pit themselves against their own gender.
33. Misogyny is spending more public funds to support male athletics than female athletics.
34. Misogyny dominates our entire cultural narrative.

35. Misogyny is any dress code demanding women wear skirts or dresses.

We see you: @SpeakerRyan and @SenateMajLdr
36. Misogyny is learned, but it can also be rejected. It. Can. Be. Unlearned.
37. Misogyny is a part of any attack on so-called "identity politics," or what I like to call "politics."
38. Misogyny is all of these and more...please fill my comments thread with all of your own #MisogynyIs tweets.
39. And #MisogynyIs thinking that in any world, having a man, any man, open a Women's Conference is at all acceptable.

Any man.

40. Misogyny is after everything that's happened, and all we know, that so few are standing up and saying out loud that #SheWon.

Because, #MadamPresident.

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