Starting with famine. British policies and inaction led to numerous famines in colonial India. Millions died in each famine+
1773: Bengal famine, ~10 million dead.
1783-84: North India, ~11 million dead.
1791: Madras Presidency, ~11 million dead
There's more
1837/1860: Agra region, 2.8 million dead
1865: Odisha, 1 million dead
1868: Rajputana, 1.5 million dead
1876: South India, ~10 million
1896: countrywide, 5 million dead
1899: middle/south India, 1 million dead
1943: Bengal, 5 million dead
~58 million dead in 170 yrs due to colonial fucking benevolence
1.3 million Indian soldiers fought in WW1. 74,000 died in service of colonialism. 2.5 million fought in WW2, about 87,000 died.
Millions of people died in the Bengal famine because Winston Churchill did not want to help them, that old racist fuck, but sure, benevolent
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