Folks, here's a thread on the 'motivated' journalism by #NDTV.
First noticed a distinct 'tilt' some years ago. Chronicled some, missed ..
For all I know, I might be reading a bit too much into it all, but still thought of archiving my thoughts here on my TL. Here goes
'Alleged' is a beautiful word, used with alleged 'care' to ensure the intended meaning is not lost on those who 'matter'
This is not my tweet, but quite a reputation that #NDTV have built.
Then there is the issue of calling Kashmiri terrorists anything but that 'T' word. Happens far too many times to be a mere coincidence
I guess we should just be grateful to #NDTV for not calling them 'Freedom Fighters'.
(atleast not thus far)
But we are getting ahead of ourselves. Getting back to 'alleged' .. apparently #NDTV is allegedly the BEST at use of the word 'alleged'!
God bless the person who came up with this word, 'Alleged' .. a godsend for the good folks at #NDTV!
It's allegedly a way of life there!
Sometimes one wonders if the keyboards at #NDTV offices have a special key to type in 'allegedly' in one touch!
Then there is the 'small' issue of territorial integrity of the Union of India.
Who needs PoK / Aksai Chin, no?
And just in case you missed it, #NDTV will 'remind' you. Over and over again!
So very considerate of them, allegedly! (Map behind anchor)
Let alone maps showing Indian territories occupied by neighbours, even Indian lands within our administrative control are fair game!
IMO, the above isn't a mere editorial error, but in perfect sync with PRC view that Sikkim still doesn't belong to India, 2003 be damned
Of course, then there is the issue of the ONLY Indian (some ppl might use 'allegedly' b4 that) channel that calls it 'India Controlled'
Of course, there is the small matter of Al Jazeera getting banned for depicting wrong maps, while other go away scot free!
Moving on to editorial 'oversights'
He is 'a' VK Singh. Of course, #NDTV won't mention his rank which he carries even post retirement!
THIS I can believe to be a genuine editorial gaffe .. atleast it says 'Indian Air Force' on the ALLEGED chopper!
Then there is another #NDTV editorial 'oversight' in that they choose to use photo of Assam Rifles troops for a report on Indian Army
In this instance of alleged editorial error, no one can better the comment of @attomeybharti right below the alleged #NDTV tweet!
Damn, I missed this one - another #NDTV tweet putting Indian territory up for negotiation. Yup, 'disputed' is the official GOI line, no?
Report on Myanmar Raid. Using a picture of an IA chopper in Kashmir in 2009, possibly a flight carrying mortal remains of Maj Suri, KC(P)
This was tweeted in immediate aftermath of the 2014 General Elections.
Coincidentally,this theme was VERY popular among Paki tweeple too!
And this one too
But this remains an all time favourite
No one can accuse #NDTV of biased reporting,heck,they question the SC too!
Of course, the bread and butter - FACTUAL Reporting - too is sometimes up for 'tempering' (NOT tampering, mind you), when deemed fit
Given the above, can one really blame this handle for tweeting what he did?
#NDTV does have a certain 'reputation' in some circles
Then they give out IAF plans, even if dated. Info which should never have been released as a matter of propriety. https://twitter.com/CestMoiz/status/755423071616372736
The above was a scoop indeed. A scoop worthy of prosecution under the Official Secrets Act, though https://twitter.com/CestMoiz/status/755423416748957700
I would definitely want to know how #NDTV came to know what was written in the Squadron Diary.
Espionage, anyone? https://twitter.com/CestMoiz/status/755431049346154497
^^Sorry, apologies for using the word 'espionage' when the correct word is 'EXCLUSIVE'
So what if it is IAF war plans we're talking about
More inappropriate words, atleast in my opinion
This is it for now, folks
I'm sure there will be enough to continue this thread in future too.
Keeping it open in alleged anticipation
Glad I allegedly kept this thread open!
Refer tweet 14 above. Apparently there has been atleast 1 more instance of 'editorial oversight'
Apparently, #NDTV KNOWS what Indian Map looks like.
They even did a pgme on that!
Yet keep using wrong maps.
I wonder why!
^^Above video grabs from this #NDTV report on 3 Map policy of Google.
Just to illustrate the point - They KNOW how a correct map looks!
More on #NDTV! https://twitter.com/sureshnakhua/status/906504045258403840
Cow -> Buffalo -> Ox
It's alleged MAGIC .. #NDTV Style!!
(Then there is the quintessential 'alleged' too!)
At times when th 'alleged' key on keyboards is stuck due to overuse,'single quotes' come handy
'Molested' & Molested-guess the difference
Offered without comments, except for just one word in single quotes - 'SECULARISM'
Internationally Renowned reputation when it comes to gaffe's .. oops .. 'editorial oversights' of #NDTV!
You know what, GOI can save a TON of money by disbanding its intel agencies & relying on #NDTV instead!
(Oh, and SC too! (ref tweet 24))
So, continuing this alleged thread from where I left it about a week ago.
Here goes again ..
'Technically', #NDTV is correct.
Factually too.
That said, folks, this is the very PINNACLE of 'secular' reporting, don't you think?
'Reputations' are built not on a one off event, but on 'consistency' ..
THIS is where the good folks at #NDTV trump everyone else
Yet another piece of a genuine editorial error from the #NDTV stables .. damn those innocent mistakes!
Talking about 'secularism', internationally so!
Uncanny resemblance, no?
So PROUD .. and deservedly so
After all, which other news channel has the 'distinction' of airing such a 'World Premiere', hain?
'Innocent' wordplay? Or is it 'brilliant' editorship?
Why does it seem to me that someone is NOT happy with the wisdom of the courts ..
Spreading Secularism!
Oh, and in case you wonder what a mirror looks like, just check out the responses to this tweet.
'nuff said! https://twitter.com/Nidhi/status/874165921853579264
Talking about 'mirrors', here's a classic!
Signing off on this 'alleged' thread for the time being, on a VERY serious note.
#NDTV, you aren't just secular, but so sexist too!
Fact Checking? Ye kis chidiya ka naam hai, hain ji? https://twitter.com/BhaavnaArora/status/912670130441666560
Wondering why @republic on a thread 'dedicated' to #NDTV?
Well, there's only one way to find out - CLICK on it!
Folks, we don't have details right now.
But if it is a lynching, it HAS to be beef related. Take our word for it!
We'll apologize later!
Our heart goes out to the poor 'members' of this 'exclusive club' that found themselves on the wrong end of the stick!
Double Standards? Ye kis chidiya ka naam hai, hainji??
We at #NDTV have only ONE standard!
Another innocent mistake ..
I'm sure the good folks at #NDTV must be very very sorry for talking about the PM's samadhi
They had SOOO MANY details on the incident, except for the fact that he was a Police Officer. Not even AFTER the JKP tweeted about it.
Pakis and Separatists refer to Anantnag in South Kashmir as Islamabad.
Oh, and #NDTV too
Haters gonna hate .. our courage of conviction stays strong .. WE DON'T RUN FAKE NEWS!

(PS: Pl ignore the 1000+ replies to this tweet!)
Recycling is good for the environment .. THAT'S why we do it, even with old, unrelated visuals!
Step 1: 'Create' fake news .. that too in the thick of election season.
Step 2: Apologize
Step 3: Move on!
Even Prashant Bhushan has apologized and issued a clarification. Yet this report keeps insinuating something that is factually incorrect
Who needs fact-checking when you can simply apologize later on!!
Ah, when decline in growth RATE become decline in growth!
And then they take offence to the word 'AGENDA'!
Well well well!
Who needs editors who can verify news when all you need to do is apologise & delete it later!
So what if stats don't agree with us .. we'll MAKE them agree!
The numbers indicate an increase, but the graphs disagree!
गिर चुका है ये चैनल!
Oh, and how can anyone forget the #NDTVGirl ask the IMF Chief .. yes the IMF CHIEF .. whether Hindu Males alone benefit from India's growth!
Yup, 'Legally Vetted' indeed .. if only some fact checking had been done b4 actually publishing it .. but then, you can always vet it later!
Godawful &repulsive indeed .. esp the way the insult is turned on its head
Oh, the outrage!
Especially since Heckling = Terrorizing!
Oh, btw there are no terrorists in 'India Controlled' Kashmir (refer tweet No 14), merely 'Separatist Guerillas', allegedly!
This one is awesome!
Pic 1: Get called out for what might have been a genuine mistake.
Pic 2: Refuse to acknowledge & offer gratuitous advice
Pic 3: Get called out for the liar that you are
Pic 4: STILL refuse to see reason and offer a juvenile excuse!
Welcome to #NDTV, folks!
This one is unique NOT because of the wrong mathematics (aisi galtiyan to hum se hoti rehti hain 😇), but for the fact that the tweet is still there as it was, un-amended, and more importantly, RT'ed by the @ndtv handle as well!
Ye kaisa 'Leaving' hua bhai?
Or are they implying that the PM is a fan of Swargiya Shri Michael Jackson's ulti chaal wala moonwalk?
#NDTV - Where middle school mathematics makes our brains hurt!
Or are they finally making an effort to improve the mathematical skills of their employees so that 26*2=62 doesn't happen again (Refer tweet 77)?
Looks like I broke this thread last evening.
Here it goes again!
British MPs are passe (Refer tweet 24) .. with a former POTUS himself insulting us, we are in a league of our own!
Now, if only the current POTUS would oblige us ..
And who'd have thought we would have the grace to accept the free 'publicity'.
No way!
How can we not let the whole world know what our agenda .. err .. question was?
Oh no .. I should have avoided the word 'agenda' in the above tweet.
On that note .. plz DON'T pay any heed to this video, I implore you!
In fact, as per a commentator on YouTube, #NDTV themselves too have taken down this video!
Oh, and btw, we WILL question constitutional authorities that have been entrusted as the custodians of this great democracy of ours .. no bias here, mind you .. so what if there exists no solid evidence of that!
While we are on the topic, what is a zero between friends .. that too on an election morning, hain ji?
Fact checking is secondary .. 'breaking news' is what we live for!
Then there is the quintessential editorial 'oversight' .. or maybe they think one of these two gents is a PM / CM in India by day and a minister in Sri Lankan govt by night!
(Screenshot from @ARanganathan72's TL)
The interesting thing about statistics is that they can tell just about whatever you 'want' them to tell .. 'single quotes' and U-Turns et al!
And in the quest for 'victimhood', what is a few crores here and there?!!
Oh, DAMN the mirrors that ppl keep shining in our faces!!
And this one I leave here without any comment :)
Looks like it is time to move this thread on #NDTV forward!
This reminds me of a dialogue from the game GTA II which I used to play sometime in the last decade - 'REMEMBER, RESPECT IS EVERYTHING'!
Oh, and the single quotes for 'respect' .. if that cannot make you fall in love with the good folks manning the #NDTV offices, nothing will!
Sometimes I wonder would an allegedly renowned media house so proudly quote 'Foreign Media' in the main headline IN ADDITION to the usual disclaimer at the end of the report.. But then I tell myself, it is #NDTV!
Disclaimer: The screenshot on left on 'Abusive Handles' is in no way related to the screenshot of a couple of tweets of the #NDTV anchor.
I just felt I should post them here together, on a whim.
Facts are facts .. however, what is a few words in Queen's English here and there if it suits our narrative, this time about the role of the State as represented by it's police force, hainji?
If only 'Jumping to Conclusions' were an Olympic event, we'd never have any dearth of medals!
This screenshot, I'll just leave over here in this thread without any comments
Ah, this one reminded me of the hashtag #HafizKiBarkha, and the outrage it caused - both secular as well as communal!
Thank God for Twitter!
Aise editorial errors ho jaate hain kabhi kabhi!
A brutally polite lesson in tolerance!
Incidentally, I'm unable to find the original tweet of Barkha Ji that triggered this convo .. it might be my browser, or the tweet might have been deleted for all I know!
I wonder what triggered this hashtag about #NDTV .. but some of the responses are truly 'hilarious'!
It is no secret that the Pakistani establishment is not very happy with @TarekFatah, but #NDTV too???
But, trust @TarekFatah to give it back in his own way!
It was allegedly a bug which caused this on the #NDTV website!
(PS: Click on the screenshot to see the full story)
Damn those 'editorial gaffes' .. they never stop!
But the best part is that this tweet by #NDTV STILL hasn't been taken down and amended!
Well, atleast they give image credits at the end of the tweet!!
The #NDTV tweet quoted by @muglikar_ might indeed be yet another 'innocent editorial error' for all we know, but then, he is not the only one calling it otherwise!
PAID audience?
Now whoever heard about that!
Sab miley hue hain ji .. this is not fake applause .. there is a perfect explanation for it given more than a century ago by Shri Hermann Minkowski Ji.
THAT is how the fellow is asking the ques & clapping at the same time! https://twitter.com/moronhumor/status/968018313723957248
Fetish with single quotes is quite understandable, but the word 'suspect' in any case means things are not confirmed. Why put that in single quotes?
Chalo, small mercy that the word 'alleged' didn't figure in this report!
For the nth time .. #NDTV has NO double standards whatsoever .. they have just one standard .. Got that??
If there is one thing you can't blame the good folks at #NDTV for, it is CONFIDENCE!
I will sign off on this thread for the time being with this VERY interesting conversation that a star #NDTV anchor had with @amritabhinder
I am assuming there were no lawsuits filed, though!
I cannot believe that this is not a photoshop.
I would think that even #NDTV journos would know that a person named Mary Kom actually exists beyond the cine world as well!
But well, #NDTV doesn't surprise me any more!
Here in #NDTV we very strongly believe that behind every silver lining there is a dark cloud! https://twitter.com/ndtv/status/1077255386502053888
I can almost see the next headline - 'Banana Planters Go Out Of Business After Bridge Connects Village To School'!
(Refer tweet number 113)
Yo NDTV so patriotic that they don't give a damn about Chinese boatsmen!
Their concerns only concern Indian boatsmen!
We in #NDTV will go any lengths to get you a breaking story .. Heck, if we are unable to find one, we will CREATE one!
Even if it comes at the cost of our reputation .. because .. well .. What Reputation?!!
Talking about reputations!
Btw, you might want to go thru the replies to the tweet quoted below https://twitter.com/RadhikaIyer_/status/1096941782124900353
Moving on with this thread.
To be fair, #NDTV probably wouldn't be the only one that confused 'Osama' with 'Obama'.
But that doesn't mean I'll not put this 'editorial gaffe' here for archival purposes!
Our editors have managed to defeat the Matrix by successfully introducing a 'glitch' that converts a drug addict into a drug addiction!
Here's proof!
Refer tweets 5 and 6 of this thread, and possibly another one or two apart from these.
Whenever we type the word 'TERRORIST', our computers automatically change it to a more 'humane' word.
In this case our computers chose to convert Terrorists into Citizens!
This one is offered without comment, our of sheer respect for their allegedly unbiased reporting!
Talking about inadvertent editorial gaffes .. THANK HEAVENS they only made him 'Sardad' Patel and not 'सरदर्द' Patel!
Because had they done it, one can only imagine the kind of reactions they might have received!
Shukr hai bach gaye!
Kasam Se!
Oh, btw, wrt the above tweet, I'll just copy and paste part of the text from tweet number 93 of this thread to save time!
"Sometimes I wonder would an allegedly renowned media house so proudly quote 'Foreign Media' in the main headline .. But then I tell myself, it is #NDTV!"
Further to tweets 5, 6 and 121 of this thread ..
This time a guy trained to kill Indian citizens gets branded a Worker!
Looks like the message that the 'T' word will NOT be used has really tickled the creativity bug in some good folks!
Btw, such a glamorous 'representative' photo of the alleged 'worker' made me do a google search.
Sure enough, the report on a terrorist's arrest carries a cropped / photoshopped photo of police officers!
Ah, Statistics!
We love them soooo much, 'coz they can always be suited to tell what we have on our alleged agenda!
Over here, #NDTV seems to be implying that govts in India are formed / felled based on vote percentages and NOT the absolute numbers of MPs!
Yo #NDTV so secular that a Pakistani Flag automatically changes to a flag RESEMBLING Pakistani flag!
This, when their OWN report says it is a Pakistani flag in the VERY FIRST SENTENCE!
Heck, even the headline of the report says Pakistani Flag!
But, looks like the worker bee sitting on the twitter handle of our dear #NDTV didn't get the 'correct' message, Allegedly!
Btw, ANI tweeted two pics with their report on the incident.
Guess which one did #NDTV choose to use for their own report!
(With due attribution to ANI, of course!)
VIRAL indeed!
Aud iss desh ke baaki maa baap toh apne bachchon par sirf chaabuk hee chalaate hain!
How in the world did the good folks at #NDTV manage to do this still baffles me!
My alleged conspiracy theory begins with the sentence, "One night an NDTV intern was feeling bored, so he went online and .."
God bless the person who allegedly created the word 'ALLEGED'!
Even @KanchanGupta ji agrees, allegedly!
BREAKING NEWS IS OUR DHARMA .. Fact checking comes secondary! https://twitter.com/car_1953/status/1104209050215026688
Somehow, I have my doubts the 'govt hand' actually used that word.
But then, he is and will always be anonymous, no?
Talk about reputations!
While we are on the subject of reputations, I guess this thread too has earned a bit, allegedly .. or would you say purportedly?
To be fair, she wasn't the only one who celebrated the deaths of soldiers, in their blind hatred of a certain group of politicians.
But what are the odds that having served her two weeks of penance, she is back working for #NDTV?
Just for the sake of archiving, here are the screenshots of what Nidhi Sethi, Deputy News Editor at #NDTV said in the aftermath of the #PulwamaAttack.
A truly sick mentality, this.
And then there was the time when the good folks at #NDTV turned Robert F. Kennedy into a Chinook helicopter!
Sheer magicians, I tell you!
Agenda ooncha rahe hamara! https://twitter.com/Satyanewshi/status/1088730760993886209
But I have a confession to make .. I sometimes stay awake at night wondering if I am wasting my time chronicling the allegedly 'unique' brand of journalism of #NDTV, esp when NO ONE watches it in the first place!
Further to Tweet 26, I'll leave this thread for the time being with a screenshot of this tweet by @shivanginipatha!
Jai Hind!
Oh the mirrors that people keep shining right in our faces!
ANYTHING but the 'T' word will do .. heck, let's go a step farther - let's call them 'Activists' in the main header and 'Workers' in the ticker below!
Damn, are we smart or what!

But, dear #NDTV, if it is mere 'activists' visiting, why the hell is Kerala on alert, hainji?
Btw, the self styled Sherlock within me went a step further. I searched who all does #NDTV refer to as 'Activists'.
The results were SHOCKING!
Pic 1: Kavita Ji
Pic 2: Shehla Bibi
Pic 3: Naqvi Saheba
Pic 4: Nobel wale Kailash Ji

Is there a hidden message somewhere?
Sigh .. If only jumping to conclusions were an Olympic sport .. #NDTV would be the world champion!
If it doesn't become an Olympic sport, then one of these days, we at #NDTV are going to STOP jumping to conclusions .. Sachchi!
But till the time that happens, our 'star' anchors will keep on advising our Courts how to go about their business, facts be damned!!
Btw, talking about 'star' anchors, we NEVER claimed maths was their strong suit!
They have one & only one purpose in life - Journalism. Now what kind of journalism, that we'll leave for you to judge!
What we don't understand is why people keep shining mirrors in our faces ..
What we at #NDTV fail to understand is why slogans of 'Pakistan Hai Hai' get corrupted to 'NDTV Hai Hai', and that too in London!
Thank God our 'star' anchors are so adept in showing their disdain to people who critisize our brand of 'Journalism'!
Oh,and this one will surely get us a Pulitzer!
We manage to get an 'exclusive' bite (no pun intended!) with a potential Prime Minister of the country on the campaign trail, and what does our fawning reported ask him?
Samosa kaisa tha?
Jalebi bhi khayi?
Refer tweets 5, 6, 43 and a few others in this thread.
Personally, I've never been clear about what is the difference between militancy and terrorism.
But #NDTV 'allegedly' seems to be CRYSTAL clear as to what is what!
Hats off to them!
Moving on, I'll just leave a screenshot of this tweet by @Iyervval without adding any comments of my own!
Ah, the perks of being the daughter in law of a famous economist .. free advice as to how to run large businesses!
Btw, while we are on the subject of free economic advice, this reply by @yogye to the above tweet makes a LOT of sense, no?
ANYTHING but the 'T' word!
So ISIS wala = 'Activitsts'
Arre bhai, Lakshadweep ja rahe thhe bechare, kam se kam 'Tourists' hee likh diya hota .. Oh wait, that too starts with 'T'!
Talking about the 'T' word, it isn't as if the good folks at the #NDTV don't know that such a word exists.
Heck, they've actually been known to use it once in a while too!
And then there are some jokers who accuse them of having an 'agenda'!
(Source: https://www.ndtv.com/world-news/man-in-isis-video-could-be-sri-lanka-suicide-attack-mastermind-2028022)
So Shri Zakir Musa failed in his Engineering and became a terrorist.
Fair enough.
I wonder how long before we see a headline - Osama bin Laden's engineering degree was fake, he also became a terrorist after failing in his studies!
Rebel Group ya Terrorist Organisation .. ki farak painda ji?
So what if the GOI has OFFICIALLY declared them as a terror organisation way back in 2015?
Hain toh bechare rebels hee!
We at #NDTV will NEVER back down from highlighting that terrorists too are normal human beings after all.
Talk about reputations!
Here we at #NDTV are just doing an honest day's reporting, but even then people just won't stop mocking us .. and then there are some people who are even replying to this tweet saying we are sending out messages to them as to how to live longer ..
It must indeed be a matter of pride for #NDTV that a 'generic' statement by JKP about false news includes ONLY ONE private media house - #NDTV!
Reputations et al!
Oh, and do you remember the 'NDTV Girl' and her 'Brilliant' question to the IMF Chief? (Refer Tweet 72 above)
Apparent that 'brilliance' was pre-scripted by the good folks of #NDTV!
Heck, she even had another 'brilliant' question about mixing political science with economics!
Folks, welcome to #NDTV - Where 7 seats out of 7 in Delhi 'magically' morphs into 7 seats out of 542 Nationwide!
Sometime it brings tears to my eyes - So much love for a democratically elected representative of people!
This was tweeted when this lady was allegedly working at #NDTV
I never knew about the existence of this hashtag - #fakeitlikeNDTV
Let me sign off on this thread for the time being by leaving this screenshot of a tweet by @MinhazMerchant here without adding any comment to it!
So many days since revocation of Article370, & I was wondering why NDTV hasn't yet caught an udta teer.
Well, der aaye durust aaye!

Yo NDTV so patriotic, that it is THEIR coverage that Pakistan chooses to air in order to tell the 'truth' to its awam! https://twitter.com/PTIofficial/status/1159573230052683793
As far as disclaimers go, this one by #NDTV takes the cake!
Yo NDTV so serious that they didn't even use 'ALLEGEDLY'!
But, the vid shared above doesn't seem to have any 'malicious' edits.
Or are there other vids from other channels too?
Then why is only NDTV condemning it?
Yo #NDTV so unbiased that they even send a cab to someone who DOES NOT subscribe to their point of view!
Of course, sometimes they cancel their appearance because .. well .. they don't subscribe to their point of view!
Objective reporting be damned!
Agenda Parmo Dharmah Baby!
Of course at times they get the person all the way and record him too, only to .. well .. do what they do best - stick to 'objective' reporting! https://twitter.com/SureshNakhua/status/1159550639342407680
Refer tweets 169 and 170.
This allegedly puts the 'malicious editing' crap to rest! https://twitter.com/erbmjha/status/1159788789973209089
KISI chor ki maa ye nahi kehti ki mera beta chor hai .. usko andar daalo!
Har chor ki maa ka beta 'halaaton ka shikar' hota hai!

Rest, you can fathom by the replies to this tweet of my FAVOURITE channel!
Allah Khair Kare bechaaron pe!
🤣 https://twitter.com/ndtv/status/1159832354459799552
When the Chandrayaan 2 mission suffered a setback in the very final stages of the attempted landing, Pakis started disparaging the ISRO and their scientists. This comes naturally to them.
And this #NDTV journalist too.
#NDTV selects & trains them well.
Q: Which Indian News Channel is allegedly the darling of Pakis?
A: Who knows!

(Disclaimer: This video below of a Paki Mohtarma quoting #NDTV is allegedly unrelated to the question above!)
Reputations et al!
(This was tweeted in the context of Imran Khan's call to all Pakis to stand for 30mins in solidarity with Kashmir!)
This one is BRUTAL!
As are the replies to it!
#NDTV https://twitter.com/Poojamadan17/status/1163496669222068226
Once upon a time Shri Aurangzeb Ji wanted to see all Sikhs converted to his religion.
Then, a few centuries later, the good folks at #NDTV made this allegedly inadvertent editorial error!
BTW, it is actually a 3yr old story.
Do notice the judicious use of the 'crop' feature!
For all you know, this might just be another innocent editorial error. But nonetheless, I'll still leave this screenshot here for archival purposes
Yup. #NDTV .. Of Course!
They were a bit late in deleting this video, I'd say!
Why late, you asked?
Well, because some good folks already downloaded the clip showing the 'inadvertent editorial gaffe'.
FACTUAL REPORTING, folks, doesn't take much, esp when it comes to personal life of a Chief Minister, no less!
But then .. #NDTV!
Offered without comments!
Oh, and I'll leave this totally unrelated tweet out here, because .. well .. I just feel like it!
While we are on the topic of trust, this screenshot just screams to be included in this thread before it is too late!
#NDTV .. 'nuff said!
Might be an interesting exercise to see how many kids of martyred soldiers have had their academic results similarly covered by #NDTV, no?
Oh, btw, Afzal Guruji is apparently just another convict, God Forbid if we describe him with the unmentionable 'T' word!
I bet the 'source' is still awaited!
#NDTV https://twitter.com/swati_gs/status/1121467885229150208
Statistics, I tell you!
They will show you whatever you tell them to show!
In this case, it looks like the good folks at #NDTV failed to even quote the ANI report properly!
Glad that they issued a correction in less than two hours, though!
Ghar Se Nikalte Hee Kuchh Duur Chalte Hee
Pic 1: NDTV, Nov 19 Pic 2: NDTV, Nov 20
Kuchh bhi keh lo, lekin confidence ke poore number hain bhai!
Btw, V.E.R.Y interesting replies to the tweet in the screenshot!
Talking about confidence, it takes a special kind to use double quotes while tweeting the word "journalism", no?
Using double quotes for "journalism" is for minnows (check above tweet).
Pros use SINGLE QUOTES, especially while giving out certificates as to who is a good 'journalist'!
Like I said two tweets above, confidence full hai #NDTV walon ka!
Pic 1 - A really 'clever' graphic by our editorial team, totally 'hiding' our biases!
Pic 2 - Reaction across social media to our 'clever' graphic
Pic 3 - Cursory and 'sincere' apology and another 'clever' graphic that isn't a similar graphic at all!

ढीठ hain, ढीठ rahenge!
Btw, this is NOT the first time such 'cleverly' deceiving graphics have been put out by the good folks of #NDTV. Just scroll through this thread and be 'pleasantly' surprised!
Dear #NDTV, I really do hope that the young lady is back in the safety of your studios since it has been over a year since here 'inadvertent' celebrations at the martydrom of the CRPF boys in Pulwama, 'coz I really didn't see your disciplinary committee taking any further action.
Aap #NDTV ki chronology samajhiye:

1988: NDTV was born (Source: Wikipedia)
1971: Bangladesh was born
1947: India became independent
1908: This lady was born

Toh hui na wo Bangladeshi, nahi?
Aise hee bechare #NDTV walon se tweet delete karwa diya intolerant logon ne!
One thing STILL baffles me - How can the good folks at #NDTV allegedly be SO callous when it comes to the maps of their own country.
No, don't answer that.
Oh, the mirrors that these intolerant people keep showing us!
(Check out the replies to the tweet quoted here) https://twitter.com/SreenivasanJain/status/1225259777673924613
Btw, the MP himself too shoved a mirror in front of the gentleman of #NDTV who asked the 'innocent' question!
Ah, that magical word - ALLEGED!
What would our alleged journalism be without this alleged word!
Here's a prime example - THRICE used in the same tweet!
And this, when the 'alleged' remark was on Video!!
Who the hell are UP Police to tell us how many of their personnel got shot, hainji?
We found only one.
So only one got shot.
Official records don't matter.
#NDTV ne bol diya toh bol diya!
Who needs to go out and actually do 'journalism' when you can allegedly randomly come across the same lady, Saima Khan for each and every report!
Woh hamein India India kehte rahenge ..
Hum unhein Hindu - Muslim dikhate rahenge!

(In this context, also do check out the tweet about the 'NDTV Girl' and her question to the IMF Chief, above in this thread!)
Woh FAKE Journalists batayenge ..
Tum sirf Journalists batana!
Aur hathiyaron ke baare mein toh bilkul bhi nahi bolna!!
But the one thing that you cannot blame the good folks of #NDTV for lacking, is CONFIDENCE!
Doesn't matter who endorses them, though!
Odd - Even formula of Journalism, pioneered by the good folks of #NDTV!
This one's motto: NEVER judge a book by its cover .. unless I tell you to!
Spreading lies, that too internationally!
Getting called out by none less than the White House itself!
Let me cap this thread for the time being with this report from The Newsroom that calls out #NDTV for spreading fake and absurd news!
I wonder what are the odds that this is not the only handle who read 'International Press Institute' as 'International Presstitute'!
🤣 https://twitter.com/Gajaakesari/status/1236107835370397696
The good folks at #NDTV, when not outrightly twisting facts and statements, also specialize in cherry-picking from them in their eternal pursuance of 'sensational' news!
Here's the latest example!
So what if they are PROVEN RIOTEERS, our heart says that they were doing a very important social service!
That's why we at #NDTV refer to them as 'Social Workers'!
Btw, folks, do notice the SHOCKING absence of one of their favourite words - 'Alleged'!
Oh, and we at #NDTV are so deeply invested in bringing you the news that we are even one-to-one with propaganda spewing handles!
We even wish them good luck at times, for their endeavours!!
So what if they are later found out to be handles being run by ISIS terrorists, hainji?
And here was yet another rioteer .. oops, sorry .. 'social activist' caught on camera FIRING his weapon as also pointing it at a cop, threatening him.
But we at #NDTV saw no such thing!
We only saw him FLASH his weapon, aka, Shri Shahrukh of Bollywood fame does in his movies!
Oh, and did we tell you that we at #NDTV are time travellers as well?
How, you asked?
Well, the internet shutdown happened nearly 18 months after the Kathua case. YET, it posed us so many difficulties!!
Btw, Kathua is in Jammu, not Kashmir.
But then, minor details never stop us!!
In this world of 'Fastest Finger First' and 'Breaking News', fact check hardly matters. Even if it involves extremely sensitive topics such as communal riots.
So what if some folks take us at #NDTV for a ride, huh?
We can always apologize .. sorry .. 'clarify' later!!
Btw, the original #NDTV tweet with embedded video from the 'alleged' landlord STILL hasn't been deleted!
I can only guess where all it must still be in circulation, inflaming even more.
Interestingly, the pgme that aired this lie is called 'Reality Check'! https://twitter.com/ndtv/status/1235990003101995008
This, when the Chief Justice of India, quoted in this very #NDTV report never used this word!
Icing on the cake - This, when the very transcript quoted in this very #NDTV report makes it amply clear that there is no need for 'allegedly' in the title!
Sometimes it looks like 'Kiska naam likhna hai aur kiska sirf gender', this depends upon which part of 'Amar Akbar Anthony' they fit into!
This tweet about yet another #NDTV celebrity reporter, I leave here without adding any further comment to it! https://twitter.com/iAnkurSingh/status/1234042378111143937
The photo of this innocent Russian Matryoshka Doll of Osama Ji on Vishnu Ji's table, and the reactions it generated, reminded me of a मुहावरा - "ताड़ के पेड़ के नीचे बैठ कर दूध भी पियो तो लोग समझेंगे ताड़ी पी रहा है"
Under normal circumstances, this would not raise many eyebrows, but then, refer the मुहावरा in the tweet above.
I'll not say anything more https://twitter.com/AskAnshul/status/1233445641851940865
National Parliament .. State Assembly .. Ki Farak Painda Yaaron?
Ho jaati hai aisi chhoti-moti alleged editorial oversight kabhi kabhi!
Yakeen nahi ho toh ye thread shuru se dekh lo!!
And then they wonder why people call #NDTV as an unreliable media house!
God knows what sources they rely upon.
So much so that not only do they tweet wrong news even AFTER it has been debunked by official sources, but won't even find it necessary to delete it once proven wrong.
Social Media is a crime scene which is open for all to 'investigate'!
Yo #NDTV so thorough that even movie reviews carry details of criminal backgrounds of the leading stars!
She said Pakistan Zindabad.
Then she said Hindustan Zindabad.
The video tweeted shows the same


The good folks at #NDTV heard .. 'Long Live All Countries'!

MAGIC, I tell you!! https://twitter.com/ndtv/status/1230768132240760832
Can you really blame this handle for tweeting what it did? https://twitter.com/hujodaddy1/status/1230807093877202951
Or for that matter, this handle for what it tweeted? https://twitter.com/centerofright/status/1230805098072199169
Want to see another instance of #NDTV MAGIC??
Over here, 'Pakistan Zindabad' MAGICALLY gets translated to 'Long Live India'!!
Either they have made India into Pakistan, or vice versa, or .. they are really scraping the bottom of the barrel to find half educated interns / editors!
Agenda Ooncha Rahey Hamara!!
And then they wonder why some folks refer to #NDTV at PTV, or PiNDTV!!
(Btw, NDTV finally seems to have edited this report to include the omitted fact, a full nine hours after this tweet) https://twitter.com/MinhazMerchant/status/1229495890412539905
This tweet I leave here without any comment! https://twitter.com/TheDailySwitch/status/1228996973186826242
Oh, and talking about facts .. they ALWAYS agree with us!!
Why wouldn't they, when we have the BESTEST of all fact-checkers in the world!
But PLEASE don't go around looking at the replies to this quoted tweet!! https://twitter.com/iAnkurSingh/status/1210146982540369921
चोट बहुत गहरी लगी है.
अब तो बस full stop ही समझ लो!
Welcome to #NDTV, folks!
Here we play Badminton with balls .. Tennis Balls .. Oh, and Tennis Racquets also!!!
Of course, it all happens on tennis courts!!
Btw .. can anyone recommend to us some good interns who know the difference between tennis and badminton, PLEASE??!!
#NDTV Editor: Need a graphic for this report.
Young 'upcoming' #NDTV intern to herself: Hmmm .. Sir has asked for a graphic for a report that talks about airline. Hmmm .. let me just pick up a 'random' pic of a Japanese Airlines plane at Osaka. Kisko pata lagega, hainji?
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