Heading to bed. There is a nonzero chance I'll die in nuclear fire before I wake up. So, these may be my last words. Let people know:
Fuck Nazis and/or anyone that supports, defends, enables or normalizes them.
No bad day is ever made better by exhaustion. Get to sleep. Even 2 hours will get you some energy.
As SOON as you get a chance, make an emergency kit. Bottled water, blankets, face masks, gloves, batteries, flashlight, whistle. It can help
Standing up to bullies means you might get hurt.
Lying down for them means you WILL get hurt.
Fuck anyone whose greatest joy is trying to squash the joy of others.
Great friends can joke & insult each other. Be sure you're at that level before trying. If you have never spoken to them before,you are not.
Drink more water. Go to bed 30min earlier than you planned to. Be good to you.
Enjoy something. Without mocking it. Or mocking yourself or others for enjoying it.
Allow enjoyment for enjoyment's sake.
Any politician that vehemently fights against an "immoral" activity is found to participate in that activity.

Every. Single. Time.
The people that are told to “be the bigger man” are never the ones that have the lion’s share.
Science should never be feared, but, by god, we should never fail to respect its power, either.
The same effort, funding and time that launched a missile over Japan yesterday could have launched another Cassini into the stars.
"NEVER let your guard down! You expect a battle to be fair! A battle will never be fair!" -Antiope
Don’t ever buy a sofabed. They’re worse than either a sofa or a bed. Just choose one. Believe me.
You can't help normalize a terrible thing/person and then pretend to be angry it isn't gone. Make them seem less dangerous, you're complicit
All I'm saying is, with the rate we dig up fossils, we need to start planting some of our own or future societies' movies about us will suck
When someone is extremely vocal against one side, but shrugs when the other side does horrible things, their allegiances are very clear.
You can’t choose your family, but you CAN choose how involved they are in your life.
Yes, YOUR life. You get to make that call. Not them.
"It's not about what they deserve. It's about what you believe. And I believe in love"
(right before kicking his ass HARD,proving the point)
I mean that fully, btw. If you think Love won’t fight like a force of nature unleashed in order to protect, then you underestimate Love.
Sometimes words change meanings. Clinging to a now-offensive word shows your age more than shaking your fist at young people ever does.
A chain school I once worked at would dock your pay if you weren't wearing a full suit, but never cared how good the lessons we taught were.
They went under. Embezzlement. If you're more concerned about appearance than substance, your facade won't last under scrutiny.
Nobody ever respects or trusts individuals or groups that double down when called out on bigotry.
When it's not about you, pause before randomly interjecting. (Also do be aware of how few things ARE about you.)
If you suspect someone is looking at you, yawn. If they were checking you out, they'll yawn in response.
If there are two sides to a debate, the side not participating in death threats, harassment, and doxing is the side you want to be on.
If the gov't forces you to do something, it's not a "right," it's a demand.
A world leader that wants to save citizens in peril but can't is a shame.
A world leader that CAN save citizens in peril, but DOESN'T is not even human.
Yes, defending or normalizing terrible things, like racism, homophobia, or misogyny, does make you terrible, too.
Can’t shake the Devil’s hand & say you’re only kidding.
Can’t take NRA money & say you’re sad/surprised/going to act about mass shootings.
An asshole that talks down to people in need when he should be helping them will never think of anyone else as their equal.
He IS a moron. And I'll say that to his damn face.
You don't OWE anybody on twitter a polite answer. Rando upset that you're not kissing their ass? They aren't your friend. Screw them.
Sometimes something beautiful is within your visual range, just… needs looking at from a different perspective.
Burritos are proof that there is goodness in the world.

And it comes from Latin America.
No group “gives” basic human rights to another. They already HAVE those rights. Those in power might not recognize that fact yet, though.
Please don't try to commiserate with a friend in poverty about how your middle class expenses are. Even if said in friendship,it's insulting
You know what frightens me more than anything else?
It is totally possible that one day 2017 will seem like halcyon days gone by.
I've learned more in teaching students than I ever did learning as a student being taught. Want to learn? Go teach.
Staying silent while your boss threatens lives or harasses makes you complicit.
Trying to silence victims makes you just as evil as him.
Anyone who runs for public office but lacks basic political knowledge absolutely deserves to be mocked when they say something stupid.
If helping the poor, being charitable, & caring for those not as well off offends you, stop calling yourself a Christian. You're not one.
I've never encountered someone that claims to perfectly know God's will that didn't have the exact same goals/desires.
While a sofabed is worse than either a sofa or a bed individually, honey mustard is better than either honey or mustard individually.
Find the thing. That one thing that gives you the strength to get by just one more day.
Then find it again tomorrow.
It is very possible to agree with someone on an issue and yet still feel they are a terrible human being that you want nothing to do with.
People that victim blame are planning on or have already done the action the victim suffered, they just want indemnification.
Breathe. You can get through it.
You owe your job your time, your effort. You do NOT owe them your health or well-being. Take care of you first. Find a stress outlet.
Being well rested, well fed, & pain free do not guarantee you clarity of thought, but absence of any of them sure as hell clouds thoughts.
Anyone that insists you can trust them is not to be trusted.
Anyone who insists they're a nice guy is not.
The true ones never need say it.
Take selfies. Post pics of food. Chainblock hate groups. Your social media is yours. If you’re not harassing, then screw any whiners.
If there are 2 sides to an argument, the side using threats, cruelty and hate is the wrong one to be on. Always.
That person that gets under your skin on twitter is baiting you. Curse them out, block them, move on. Not worth any further effort.
I hope your feet are warm and your brow is cool. I hope you get a hot, filling meal for dinner and a soft, comfy pillow tonight for sleep.
Hoping that, in his anger, DJT doesn't nuke anybody.

God, I wish these were still times where that would be an obvious joke.
"Well, but they did a worse thing a different time!" is the worst possible defense from every guilty bully, but they all try it.
Judge a person by their smile, their laugh, and what elicits either one.
If your job allows/requires you to carry a weapon, the burden of making people feel safe around you is on you, not the unarmed civilians.
If the only people in favor of a thing are old, rich white guys, that thing will only benefit old, rich white guys.
If someone looks around before telling a joke, it’s not a harmless joke and they know it.
There is still joy, happiness and beauty out there. They're just a bit more fleeting nowadays. They require effort to find & enjoy.
There is nothing more cowardly than knowing there is a lethal problem you are supposed to fix, and have the capability to, but ignoring it.
"Who died and made you [position]?" is a HORRIBLE thing to say when PEOPLE ACTUALLY DIED. Fuck you for arguing against life.
It makes a difference. Show up. Be counted. It can and will change the world.
Find an outlet. Catharsis is not healthy when done solo for extended periods of time.
Hardest thing for white guys to do is shut up, listen and not offer their opinion on things. Practice.
Find somewhere you can go and exhale. It helps so much.
If you don't respect a person's choice to not speak to you again, you don't respect them as a person.
Learn how to cook a few basic dishes. There’s no excuse for being totally ignorant of food preparation anymore.
If you’re silent when someone’s being harassed, they’re not going to listen when a reckoning comes & you whine that you’re innocent.
Hug your pet.
Things that should not have to be said, but apparently need to be said:
Don't sexually harass
Don't be a Nazi
Don't hunt endangered species
Forgiveness is not absolution. One is asked for, one is worked for. You do not necessarily deserve one simply because you have the other.
You own your fandoms, not the other way around.
Participate as you choose & no more, have fun with whom you choose, leave if it gets toxic.
If you're only going to do something decent if people kiss your ass for it, you are not a decent person.
This applies to presidents.
There is nothing wrong with not having money. It does not make you less of a person or mean you have failed at life.
Nobody is entitled to have you argue with them. You are free to ignore them forever. No reason not to.
Telling someone what they should have done to prevent a crisis is less helpful than saying nothing during the crisis. Assist or shut up.
Given two sides, I'll believe the one that doesn't ally themselves with people that engage in doxxing, harassment.
You know those people that have never supported you, comforted you, tried to help you? Yeah, those are neither friends nor family. They are acquaintances.
He has lied nonstop. He will continue to lie. At this point, anyone that believes anything he says is either dumb or lying to themselves.
I hated vegetables, all vegetables, until I got a little money and had frozen. Cheap canned is horrible. Poor people are even robbed of taste.
A general rule- if you can KIND OF smell yourself, everyone around you can REALLY smell you.
You'll never be this young again, but you'll never have as few experiences again, either.
Always nice to wake to no new missiles.
Do what you can with what you have where you are.
You are here. You have the internet... for now... you have the ability to contact your reps.
I will always be on the side of science, art and humor.
Science that we may understand the universe
Art that we may express that understanding
Humor that we may laugh at the absurdity of it all
An ideology built on hate cannot last. It must always have a target, or it withers.
But really, after you've accepted that the top of your political party openly supports child molesting racists, how far down is there left to go?
Don't demean someone expressing a healthy love for a thing. It makes you so petty.
Sever ties to toxic people/groups. It can hurt, but you know they’ll hurt you more in the long run if you don’t.
Make an emergency kit. Now. Keep it next to where you sleep. Plan for an emergency before an emergency hits.
When you refuse to take down offensive imagery, it's not just a joke. It's your stance. And you will be judged by it.
Enjoy snow. It's a beautiful, silent, hexagon crystal miracle.
You don't get the benefit of the doubt if you were working for/a member of a hate group. Apologize, show how you've changed. Accept that not everyone will accept your apology.
Snow and a rainbow all in one day. That was nice. Maybe there are good things to hope for. Maybe.
Again, I sleep, not knowing which world I will wake to.
I hope it’s a decent one.
I woke to a decent one. I hope that continues tomorrow.
I enjoy giving presents much more than receiving them. If you do give gifts, give them with sincerity, or just send a card. Empty gifts only matter to empty people.
Spoiling. It's not cute, not funny, not ironic. If you do it, you're an asshole that is taking pleasure at taking away others' pleasure. Why be that person?
There are people that believe that every conversation is a debate they must win.
Don't converse with these people.
Not every problem has an easy solution, but every easy solution creates more problems.
You owe yourself a nice day. Be slightly kinder to yourself today. Mentally compliment that thing you did.
Young students, you know how you look forward to the holidays so you won't see your teacher for a few weeks?
We look forward to them even more for the same reason.
Sing a holiday song. Any one. The one that you hear 500 times every season? Do it. If it makes you happy, do it. Forget people that get angry at others' happiness.
When literally every person involved in the creation of a show says it is about love, feminism, and innocence, you are wrong if you disagree
Love, hope, peace.
They can exist in the world. They can.
Silly things are good.
Find a place where you can exhale.
No mind or body is operating at 100% if it has not had a chance to rest.
Few things show off a person's pettiness like getting angry that someone likes something they don't.
Once you get that good food + good food does not always equal better food, you’re started cooking for yourself.
The same applies to people.
May 2018 give us all a chance to breathe.
You made it to a new year. Whatever your resolve, don't beat yourself up if you don't do it. The whole point is to better yourself. Self-hatred is not bettering.
You have every right to express your emotion (so long as doing so doesn’t hurt anyone). Don’t listen to people who tell you to not express your anger, sorrow, joy or even ennui.
I'm here. So are you. We exist. We think, therefore we are. Nobody can change that. You are.
A pebble in your shoe. An ant in your ear. A hair in your eyelashes. A... small crystal in your urinary tract. A pinpoint of light in a dark sky. A snowflake drifting past you. One smile in a crowd of nonchalant faces. One memory of a million you keep.
The small things MATTER.
It's so very hard not to take "not being in pain" for granted until you are in pain for an extended period of time.
Compromise with a hate group, and you've only pleased the hate group.
In pain? Remember it. Use the memory next time you are feeling fine, not to bring yourself down, but to let yourself enjoy "baseline" so much more for simply not being in pain.
Somebody that mocks handicapped people behind their backs will mock you behind your back when you need help.
You cannot arrest/intimidate teachers and think that mistrust of law enforcement will not be learned by students.
Being a teacher is being an important part of kids' lives, but never a permanent one.
Speak up against terrible things. Some might stop paying attention to you b/c they don't want to get involved, but those people will be remembered as allies to the terrible things.
“Oh, so I’m a racist just because I support one?”
Yes. That’s how it works.
There needs to be a word for, "So delicious that when you belch later, you try to savor the taste's brief return."
If you’re more upset at being called a racist than at people acting in a racist manner, guess what? You were labelled accurately.
There will come a time when young people will ask us how we let it get so bad. Remember to hammer in them that it was complacency against hate, contentment to live with hate, and compromise with hate.
If you think it's the specific word itself that's the problem, more than the racism, misogyny, or bigotry behind it, then you are no ally to anyone in danger.
I’m gonna freaking dance in elation when this stone’s finally out of me.
If you'd hold lives in peril as bargaining chips, you're not a health care worker, you're not a humanitarian. Hell, you're barely human.
Do not attempt a compromise with people that don’t believe all people are humans. There is no acceptable halfway point from there.
Life wants your genes passed on, that's it. Life personified is violent, thoughtless and uncaring, so long as the genes move on. Be better than that. Think. Feel. Care. Observe. Exist beyond.
There are 2 types of people whose opinions are important-people who reliably recommend good things, and people who reliably recommend terrible things. One whose advice you follow, one whose advice you follow the opposite of.
“If we don’t play by my rules, I’m taking my ball and going home. Also, 9 million kids can’t go to the doctor anymore.”
-when the playground brat grows up into the GOP
Today, take the time to check on your (or create an) emergency kit. Just having one and a basic plan may amount to nothing, but it could save your life.
Nothing like being in pain for an extended period to let you appreciate how good "not in pain" feels.
Allowed enough time, carbon may become a diamond.
Rushed, just coal.
Give your talent time to develop at its own pace.
Don't post art that isn't yours without an artist's permission. Link to their page if you get permission. Don't RT accounts that don't link to artists.
There are 280 characters now. No reason to not link to the artist.
Your age, intent, background, mental health, all of it become meaningless to me when you post a death threat. I no longer wish to interact with you in any amount.
Hatred never cares about being accurate, but gets angry if you don't treat them "fairly."
Even the biggest idiot can read a teleprompter and sound semi-normal.
Well, let's see if he can, actually.
Life itself is the biggest asshole ever. We, ourselves, are the ones that have to rise above it. Be better.
The celestial bodies don’t care what we name them, or if we find their shadows and reflections beautiful.
But they don’t mind, either.
Stress can and will eat you up from the inside. Find a release. Talk to a friend, vent online (without being abusive), exercise, hug a pet or plushie. You need a way to release stress.
Turns out, the phtbpthbpthbpbth raspberry sound is a cultural thing. Few kids in Japan can make it.
It's easy to remember a pain we once had, but not easy to remember the specific intensity of that pain, just the vague notion of having had it.
That's probably for the best. It keeps us brave if it ever returns.
Few things scare me as much as the idea that, some day in the future, we may look back upon these times as idyllic.
Some things/people from your past are sources of strength. Others are emotional lampreys. Identify which ones are toxic, sever them from your life.
Speak it into existence. Speak that goal that you've kept in your mind. Giving it sound makes it more likely, even if it's just motivating you.
If kindness isn't a part of your worldview, you're not viewing the world others live in.
If you're not listening to someone, it's dumb to get angry when they stop talking to you.
Some things never change. Babies, on the other hand, need changing frequently.
If you only defend the actions of terrible people, you're not in favor of equality, you're just trying to make it seem like you are.
If you only speak out against injustice when it affects you personally, you're not interested in equality. You want it better than others.
It takes a truly insecure asshole to believe that educating kids is expendable.
You’re not obligated to donate your time/effort/attention to anybody you don’t want to.
Only one month till White Day, fellas. You have 28 days to prepare those reciprocal gifts for the girls that got you something for Valentine's. Man, don't you love living in a culture that doesn't require guys to do ANYTHING of importance on Feb. 14th?
When I was in school, our biggest fears was the shop class dropout returning to try and beat up the security guard. It is not fair that today's kids' real fears are worse than banned movies.
Doing nothing to prevent deaths when you can do something without any risk to yourself is the height of cowardice.
If you mock mourners, you're betting on never dying.
For those bad at math, that's a bad bet to take.
There is no right of a person that outweighs the right of a different person to live.
If you’re terrified of talking to a high school constituent face to face, you don’t deserve to govern them.
If you're comfortable that your political party is mocking shooting survivors that are minors, then I don't know what else you wouldn't be okay with.
With laws and situations as they are, 17 kids dying was the BEST POSSIBLE OUTCOME for that situation.
If you find that acceptable, I cannot believe you have any soul left in that husk.
When the youth of an entire nation get angry enough to protest, they are almost never on the wrong side of history.
So... choose your side carefully.
How a winner treats the person in 2nd place. How a customer treats an overworked waitress. These are prime examples of a person's character coming through.
Not only do you not deserve the horrible things toxic people do to you, they don't deserve the decent things you to for them.
Sever them from your life.
Try to give yourself a day of nothing, even if you have to plan it. Recovery is hard if you're going at full speed nonstop.
If other people getting equal rights makes you feel like you’re getting less, ggguuueeesss who was benefiting from the old system?
You want to keep bad guys with guns out of the schools?
If you're saying it's okay for ANYONE to bring guns into a school, you ARE the bad guy.
March comes in like a lion.
Just let it be that, man. Lions are cool.
When everybody at your work is being fired and having to take the blame for a horrible boss, WHY would you ever think that he'll somehow stand up for and support you?
He. will. not.
If you're encouraging boys to literally fight each other rather than having fun doing something "girly," then you are ACTIVELY making it harder for any man to ever show emotion.
Exactly 6 months ago, NK shot a missile over Japan. The threat of war has not gone away. I started making this "last words" thread in case nuclear fire consumed me.
177 replies later, I'm still doing it. I missed a few days (overnight at the hospital), but have kept it up.
So, thank you to the few of you who have not muted me, abandoned your account, or perma-ignored my tweets.

I do appreciate it.

Here's hoping the next 6 months will see the threat of war fade.
It is not completely necessary to love yourself to love someone else. However, hating yourself does make it hard for any love that is not dependence to flourish.
If a group tries to sweep a legit harassment claim under the rug, it doesn't matter what reason they use later- they knew they were guilty and feared getting caught.
Nobody respects a man with a gun. Oh, they might fear the gun, and act out of self-preservation, but nobody respects the man.
Easy way to spot a bigot- they only complain about unfair things the moment they are unfair against them personally.
Anyone getting defensive about it being #InternationalWomensDay is no ally to any movement that they are not directly benefited by.
Feed a cold, starve a fever, stop returning rash’s texts, give gift cards to The Gap to influenza, only give regifted items to runny noses, tell allergies you’re totally going to hang out next month but never call them.
Not a joke. Please. Please be careful driving this week. That hour you lost in sleep means less mental awareness for you and everyone else. Traffic accidents soar this week. Be careful.
In 15yrs of teaching, I’ve encountered many bad kids.
Only one has come from good parents.
An unintelligent person might resent education, but it takes a true idiot to think putting someone with no concept of education in charge of schools is a good idea.
Nobody should ever trust a group that has a higher turnover rate than McD. And an administration with one? Pfft. Not a chance in hell.
Students angered enough to protest have never been on the wrong side of history. #NationalWalkoutDay
Like a cherry tree in the middle of a concrete neighborhood, be yourself. Bloom though nothing else around you does.
Something I have to relearn often- Liking something cheap, or of low quality does not need to be a bad thing. Heck, you aren't even required to like the same thing of higher quality. Like what you like.
“If you really love an animal, you must love it for what it is, not for what you want it to be.” -Ron Whitfield
You ever see it snowing and wonder if it's the last snow you'll ever see?
I hope you get some good news today. Something small, even. Just to ease a little of the pressure.
If you're not planning to die in it, you're a hypocrite for claiming we need to go to war.
I’m so proud of everyone marching. I hope this brings about real change. #MarchForOurLives
Because I know it's coming- the kids in the march- THEY ARE HUMAN KIDS. There will be something dredged up by angry entitled butthurt people that will show they did something bad at one point. It does not change the message of the march. At all.
Reminder that, so long as you're not hurting anyone, you're not required to follow anyone else's rules of social media. You do not have to debate, interact with, use vowels with or like any others here.
As I've said before, I'll accept that guns don't cause deaths when Japan has 5% of the deaths from guns that the US has.
Pretty sure that's not gonna happen for a long, long time.
High quality kitty pic.
If this is not your thing, you are following the wrong damn person, end of.
Some people celebrate cherry blossoms by going out with a group and drinking beer, eating snacks, and chatting on a picnic blanket in the park. Some take photos and share them. Some sit quietly and watch.
Provided you're respectful, there is no wrong way to enjoy beauty.
Friends in the US- because Japan has universal heath care, prescription costs are SO low, even without insurance. And this spills over. Vet bills are reasonable. Very much so. Push for this in your area.
If the police in an area do not treat people as humans with rights, they should not be treated as respected public servants.
When you/your group compromise(s) with horrible people/groups, you have not made them less horrible. They have made you/your group more horrible.
It's not always the loud people you appreciate. It's often the ones that silently support you.
...but it is nice to hear it audibly from time to time.
I don't think the people who complain about twitter getting "too political" understand how much I would LOVE to go back to being ignorant & complacent. But I cannot. None of us can. Things have gotten too bad for that. It is costing some people their lives.
I am not a fan of the shrug emoji, but I admit there are times that it is damn apropos.
If your movement is literally only white people, there's a DAMN good chance it's racist. anti-vaxxers, DJT supporters, most police forces
It’s not bad to step back and breathe, take a break.
It kinda is if you’re telling others they have to do it.
Anyone who promised to stand up for their friends after voting for DJT, but didn't speak out/act against him and the GOP? You failed. If you're not liked now, it's not b/c of politics. You broke your promise.
-were illegal last time, still are
-didn’t work last time, won’t work this time
-killed innocent people before, will do so again
-failed to create any human empathy from any GOP member, won’t this time, either
If I have to choose between compromising with hate groups or leaving something I enjoy, I will leave. Every single time. And I have.
Literally every DJT policy boils down to: "Hate the women/POC/foreigners/poor/LGBT people." Every single one.
I'm against him, anyone that has enabled him on the way, and any of his remaining supporters.
Silence from the majority when others are being treated criminally is no longer just aquiescence, it is participation.
If your mandate involves harassing shooting survivors that are minors that just want to be safer in schools, and you don't see how that's a triple terrible thing MINIMUM, you don't care about human rights.
What DJT/North Korea says is unimportant. I’m watching what they do. Nobody that has done that many awful things gets the benefit of the doubt.
If racial profiling was ever about safety, every white dude with a confederate flag & chanting white supremacist slogans would have their home searched by the cops. Often. Mass shooters are rarely anyone but white dudes.
A silent majority does not mean they are either for or against you, but it does mean you don’t have to pander to them.
Thank god there are always white people to tell everyone else what is and isn't racist. *explodes from sarcasm*
Fair warning, any Avg Inf War spoiler, even a joke one, is an insta-perma block. I WILL enjoy this movie spoiler-free.
I have hope.
I don't feel perfectly safe from war, mind you, but...
I have hope.
I still have hope, but the danger level has risen again.
Hope is the best thing we can create, but it's irresponsible to believe that hope alone will change things for the better.
Make your pet proud of you.
If your reaction to a girl that says, "no" to you is to hurt/murder her or anyone else, you do not deserve to have love from another human.
As usual, his promises mean nothing. He backs out of agreements on whim, and no sane person should ever trust he will hold to his word.
The fact that this sentence applies to the leader of both the US and NK is a horrible thing.
It takes a hell of a lot of nerve to support a group that loses 1400 kids.
But we’ve seen how little others’ lives mean to them, so it’s hardly surprising.
When two spoiled, petulant, greedy kids are in the same room, there will be fights.
while I do hope for peace, I am also hoping that DJT and Un do not meet.
Being more positive by being hopeful is a great thing.
Being more positive by not talking about terrible things is just willful ignorance at best.
Telling people that have legitimate things to be negative about to be more positive is attempting willful suppression.
Hoping everyone that is able to vote will be allowed to.

It hurts me that I have to type that about my home country.
It’s not about you.
Failing does not mean that you are a failure. Being unable to ever do a thing correctly does not mean you're stupid. Feeling lost does not mean you're worthless.
Two habitual liars getting together and saying they're going to make sweeping changes means nothing.
But be sure to bring it up every chance you get so they don't live it down.
The only way to justify ripping children from their parents' arms is if you don't believe they're as human as you. Which, ironically, makes you an inhuman monster.
Fight. Resist. Make them regret it. But don’t push till it hurts you. We need you. Do what you need to stay safe, alive and here. It’s not selfish.
A jerk changes the rules so they can win. A true sonofabitch will change the rules so you can't win, then ignore the changes so they can win.
Do what you can with what you have where you are.
Marching? Great.
Not able to march? Support those that are.
Against people marching? Fuck right off and go back under that rock you climbed out of.
Children in cages, private meetings with the world leader that meddled in our election, quitting every national organization that (tries to) promotes peace, environmentalism and fairness, whining like a child when people think less of him.
And every GOP member supports him fully.
Record heat in many places. Over 35 dead over the past week, tens of thousands hospitalized. Heat not expected to subside until mid August.
Climate change is real, and it is lethal.
And it is only going to get worse.
If every photo taken of you looks bad, it's probably not the cameras' fault. You're not cute.
If every person working with/for you is indicted on criminal charges, it's probably not the law's fault. You're not innocent.
I have yet to see someone that wants forgiveness for their harassing who works 1/10th as hard at earning forgiveness as they worked at harassing.
And they all get angry when you point this out.
They don't want redemption. They want immediate, effortless absolution.
One year ago a missile capable of carrying a nuclear payload flew over the country I live in. I started this thread in case these were my last words. I stand by them all.
"All's well that ends with a good dinner."
"All the miles of a hard road are worth it for one moment of pure happiness."
"Wishes, on their way to coming true, will not be rushed."
-Arnold Lobel
Been some time since I added to this thread.
Missiles have not flown overhead for some time. But horrible things are not always glaringly obvious acts of violence. Racism, bigotry, refusal to grant another human their human rights, including dignity and equality. All threaten us.
Wish I could have not added to this thread any more. Alas, such is not to be. https://www3.nhk.or.jp/nhkworld/en/news/20190505_14/
Screw every hate-based world leader and their entire frothing following.
I am too tired. I can't think of anything exemplary, inspirational or hopeful.
Fuck every hate-based, misogynistic, racist, anti-Semitic, Islamophobic, homophobic, small-minded person and their actions, words, thoughts, followers and defenders.
I hope this quote still rings true in a decade. I hope there will be something left to save, or worth fighting for, by then. I truly do.
Sending good thoughts out there. For whoever needs them. Because I don't know what else to do right now.
The missiles continue, so this thread continues.
Trans right are human rights. You are either for trans rights or against humanity. It's as simple as that.
Some selfish megalomaniacs fire missiles. Others rip their country from a beneficial union. Others declare themselves God.
Their aims are all the same. Themselves as supreme leader, everyone else either bowing down or dead.
Screw anyone that uses guns, missiles, bombs or any other projectile designed to kill. All cowards, every last one of them. https://www3.nhk.or.jp/nhkworld/en/news/20190910_15/
I’m sorry if I did not support you enough.
I think I tried.
I hope the world is a little bit easier for the next generation. I hope worries like this never cross their minds as possibilities. https://www3.nhk.or.jp/nhkworld/en/news/20191002_26/
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