Even if you've read it, read it again.

Dig the election officials who were UNINTERESTED in the hacks. WHY? https://www.nytimes.com/2017/09/01/us/politics/russia-election-hacking.html?smprod=nytcore-ipad&smid=nytcore-ipad-share
If you're in charge of securing an election, and somebody tells you about a threat, what reason would you have for not wanting to know more?
1. You're irretrievably stupid.

2. You think that election hacking is a feature, not a bug.

Now, why would you think that? 🤔🤔🤔
Jim Clapper said...very carefully...that the Russians didn't change the FINAL VOTE TALLIES.

He didn't say anything about Americans, though.
And he didn't say anything about Russians hacking machines so that the final tallies were bogus. Or Americans doing the same.
Since their testimony months ago, we've focused on political interference and information ops.

The actual election has been left...open.
SO. Here are the stories that I believe are left to drop, and that will drop soon.

- Manipulation of vote tallies
- Barriers to voting
- Foreign money in PACs made possible by Citizens/McCutcheon
- Knowledge of foreign money by GOP officials
- Release of voter data to RIS
- Coordination of messaging between *multiple* political campaigns and Russian media
- Complicity by US tech companies
- Complicity by foreign officials, (Kushner friend) Bibi Netanyahu in particular
- Moles in key US government positions.
This was an audacious plan, and it took years to accomplish.


It's Friday. Let's loosen up and big picture. 😎
I think that the main driver of this big operation against the US political system is GLOBAL WARMING.
Basically, the power structure (biz, gov'ts, rich folks) is not stupid. They know climate change is real.

But it threatens them.
It ESPECIALLY threatens Russia, because fossil fuels are 40% of the GDP. World GDP growth will be tied to solar and wind and The Grid.
This ain't a debate. The Decision Writ Large was made by the Powers That Be, if you will, some ten years ago. Electricity, not fossils.
How am I so confident of that?

I'm a strategic intel analyst. Ten years ago, I was running scenarios on global warming for companies.
This past week, the world actually saw the trigger event of one of the "disruptive" scenarios we forecast back in '07. Three cities at once.
Based on trends and facts and expert opinions, but still, multiple stories. Because hey, nothing is for sure except TRUMP IN PRISON BWAHAHAA
We were doing a lot of climate work back then. The "low probability-high impact" scenario was "Climate takes out 3 cities at once."
The thinking was that we could excuse a Katrina here and there (this was just after) but if climate got to THREE Katrinas at once, BOOM.
The world would no longer be able to just ignore it. Fossil fuels would become verboten because of millions displaced, cities wrecked.
Liberal conspiracy theory? PLEASE. Tell it to Lloyd's of London and the Pentagon, noted radical socialist Green Party organs. 😂😂😂
So. The more extreme of the scenarios (and I was going easy on my clients as not to spook them) is now coming to pass.

So. It's 2006-2007. The writing is on the wall: the planet is changing. What to do?

Elon Musk gets into the electric car biz.
Musk doesn't care about sports cars. He wants to be in the grid business. Batteries and transmission for home, office, everywhere.
We ain't talking about a product kids, a cool car, a neat gadget - we're talking about how GDP is PRODUCED.

STRATEGIC intel. Not tactical.
Back then British Petroleum was talking about solar, but after the financial crisis, naw, old GDP growth would be just fine for a bit.
Nevertheless, the carbon was increasing, the planet was changing. Trouble.

Especially if your economy, like Russia's, is all fossil fuels.
And Obama, knowing that Russia was setting up for something big - flooding the US, Canada, and Europe with spies - got ready to block.
You know what pissed Putin off the most about Obama? Sanctioning Russia from getting equipment for fracking.
See, America took a ton of capital that had been in (the stupid) housing (bubble) and pivoted to fracking. Flooding the market with product.
Who threatened first? US or Russia?

Did they come for us because of climate change preemptively, or did we just respond?
Because I GUARANTEE YOU - Putin feared the US taking the lead on climate change. It would be the end of his country's tiny, rotten economy.
1. Test out new, sophisticated intel ops.

2. Weaponize climate skepticism - particularly in US conservatives.

3. Just be dicks.
3. is STRICTLY A PROFESSIONAL OPINION, but otherwise, the ClimateGate op was a two-fer: practice these kinds of ops, and discredit science.
The 2016 US election op was what they were practicing for: use subversion to position assets to make the US 1 insane and 2 carbon friendly!
Because check it out. After a few years of the US fracking, remember how petroleum got SOOOOO cheap? And do you know how that hurt Russia?
Saudi makes money on roughly $20 a barrel of WTI crude. They say Russia is closer to $65-ish per barrel.

Wanna see US output under Obama?
Three years fracking investment in the US, then BOOM up goes crude production and DOWN goes price.

In about 2014 or so.

Quite a year.
That was about when Putin goes into Crimea. Shoots down passenger aircraft.

Goes into overdrive.

Heads for the Final Operation.
My current theory? This whole election hacking thing was a Hail Mary pass for Putin and Russia.

They were going down. This? A final punch.
Russia always has assets and agents and f**k they're the Russians! Chess, vodka, pickles.

Can I stop to say, after all of these months...


Except we're better.
But forget that for a moment! JESUS! All the assets and techniques and long plays and one-time-use agents they brought in on this? Amazing.

But awesome. Russia? Take a damn victory lap. This was pretty wicked.
By which I mean fuck you, but still, respect. As you know, those aren't actually mutually exclusive.

Really great Hail Mary pass here.
Putin knows the fossil fuel game is dead, and Russia has little else. So he moves to put idiots, nazis, and oil and coal barons in power.

Evil. Fuck that guy. But you know, on the merits, best move on the board.
So, bottom line, before everything goes all solar and wind and electrical grid (cc: @GregorMacdonald thanks) you make one last push.
(PS. There are no better energy futurists that @GregorMacdonald and @chrisnelder. FOLLOW THEM AND LEARN)
The last great push was for Putin to try to line up 10 years worth of operations into getting America run by fossil fuel lovers.
Ahem. Please note our Exxon CEO SecState and coal-loving prez. Nice move! Fuck you, Vlad, but nice!

Worth a try, right?
So Putin pulls out every stop, makes more stops, pulls them out too. ALL THE ASSETS!!! DEPLOY AND BURN.

And what risk was there?
Get your coal-humpers in there? PROFIT!

Make the whole thing a mess? CLASSIC!

Except, ooh, sorry Vlad...there was a third risk.
Don't let me mainsplain it, sorry. You know what the third risk was: the end of your reign, the destruction of the Russian economy.
Vlad, you're smart. You knew that NATO wouldn't just lay down. You're too good at this shit not to know.

It was a last-minute risky op.
Mr. Putin, you know this photo. This is our president - who will go down next to Lincoln and Washington - telling you: Bitch, try it.
Bitch, you tried it.

And see where it got ya.

You know. You got bots, busted assets, some teen gymnasts, and fuck-all else.

Told ya.
See? You should have known America better than that. We're a democracy that has been through ugly shit before. We're tougher than you knew.
After how many ever HUMINT operators, сука, you should have known us better.

We're not one of the 'Stans. We have strong institutions.
сука, you came for us and learned that we can reach across the ocean, across the pond, across all the great divides and work together.
сука, NATO came through for us (heyooo @StollmeyerEU_). The Special Relationship came through BIGLY for us. (HEYOOOOOOO UK!)
сука, you tried it. You tried it with NATO, you tried it with #FVEY. You tried it with the EU.

All you got? Turkey.

And they are great people, the Turks. We will support Ataturk's dream forever, no matter what people as low as you try.
Back to the central point:

1. Climate change is real and terrible.

2. RU's oligarch network ends now forever.

3. сука сука сука сука!!!
4. We'll be transitioning to renewable resources.

5. Science and democracy will prevail.

6. The co-conspirators are already finished.
7. The Rule of Law will prevail, in America and elsewhere. We will improve it, invest in it, and distribute it.

8. сука сука сука сука сука
9. The West will secure its internet for the future of culture, society, democracy. Individual rights will reign over autocracy.
10. Democracy shall prevail. The arts and sciences and love shall prevail. Humanity shall prevail. We will not be fooled or ruled.
September 1, 2017 was a new beginning. For America. But should we take up our proper mantle, more than America.
And that's all I got. I hope everyone in range of this transmission gets laid tonight and has a great weekend.

One Love.

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