Why we call it Indigenous Peoples Day, a thread.
Before colonization, there were a lot of nations here. They were nations with laws, customs, and territory. Thousands of them.
These nations, the ones that existed before colonization, were made up of distinct peoples. Not one people, but many people.
Many of these nations exist today. In the US alone, there are Seneca people, Diné people, Lakota people, and more. All different peoples.
We're talking/writing about different indigenous PEOPLES. Peoples, plural; not people, singular. And not people's, which doesn't make sense.
525 years after Columbus's arrival, it's important to us as indigenous people to still be recognized. That's kinda what today was about.
When you write Indigenous People's Day (with the apostrophe) instead of Indigenous Peoples Day, you're signaling that you don't see us.
I feel happy about Indigenous Peoples Day. But also impotent as an unemployed journo, while non-indigenous journos getting the basics wrong.
Anyway. That's your free thread from me today. Please don't steal it from me like you did our land. Thanks :)
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