It is time for a thread on traditional urbanism, or town planning 13th century style. I will dispel some myths of modern dis-urbanism.
Traditional urbanism has short blocks. No building takes more than 3-4 seconds to walk past, providing interesting colors, shops, textures.
Modern dis-urbanism means massive buildings, long block: takes minutes to walk past with nothing to distract or relieve the tedium. (Zürich)
Traditional towns built with terrain: hills, valleys, stairs, steps, corners, odd squares. Landscaping unnecessary/uneconomical. (Stockholm)
Modern dis-urbanism has buildings/houses separated, apart, at best standing-off across wide streets, making community impossible. (Hamburg)
Traditional urbanism means buildings are tight, close, interlocking and over-looking, often built right into their neighbors. (Colmar)
Traditional urbanism naturally limited the number of floors rather than the height: variation. More sun means possibility of denser cities.
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