jeon jungkook, who came to seoul at the age of 13, jeon jungkook who didn't have confidence within him at the beginning💕
just let it sink in? jungkook.. at the age of 13, a mere teen, came to seoul alone to chase his dream. how brave was that?
jungkook who came to seoul to chase his dream at such a young age, giving up a normal life and decided that at such a young age :((
im so proud of jungkook, how he managed to go through all stages of his life, the puberty, and many of hardships far away from his parents
how jungkook was such a shy person inside, not letting ppl in and would handle everything by himself
but now he has this confident within him and how its been his pride since long ago. jungkook has grown up very beautifully
jungkook who has so many talents within him, how he always worked so hard to safisfy himself
im happy he got to grow up with his brothers, they might not be brothers by blood but they shower jungkook endless love since the beginning
i am so happy they found their way to each other and create such a beautiful family called bangtan
jungkook who doesnt have any burden in himself and feel so sad and useless when his brothers are down instead
jungkook grew up with his 6 brothers he loves them unconditionally, he loves them way too much that it drives him crazy to see them sad
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