1. Let's talk about #Trumprussia and the CNP, again.
2. Paul Weyrich - founded CNP - opened heritage foundation office in Moscow after Soviet Union fell - opened the Krieble Institute for
3: Freedom and democracy. Went to several Lozansky Forums on US-Russia relations. Signed name to many papers on the topic.
81: the other host was the Russian Union of right forces
82: now, the URF was founded in 1998, and Sergei Kiriyenko was put in charge of it immediately. This is important for two reasons
For you to understand the council for national policy, you need to understand Dominionism https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Dominion_Theology
There are those within that movement that believe "end times" are com8'h when we go to war with Iran (backed by Russia) in Jerusalem.
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