I'm really tired of my bitch ass racist ass school bro
So I tried to be nice but now I got something for they ass on Monday. I'm gon take time out of my weekend and make my own poster.
yall wasn't fucking with my little ass post it note? ight cool. but I'm gon walk around on Monday with a BIG ASS POSTER
we have this positive banner that's outside the cafeteria & at lunch you can write somethin positive on a post it note & put it on the wall
so yesterday after lunch my few black friends and I were walking out of the cafeteria & decided to put stuff on the wall
skrrrrrrrrrt I BRING RACIAL DIVIDE TO THE SCHOOL? so those kids that wear confederate flag shirts & call us niggers are doing what?
so every time I'm in honors/Ap classes(being the ONLY BLACK PERSON) & i answer a question & the teacher has to double check is what?
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