Trump to Biden:

First Trump:

In January 2017, Trump inherited a multi-year Obama-Biden recovery that was on track to become, by July 2019, the longest U.S. economic expansion in history. (1/x)
But three years into his Presidency, despite—or because of—all his best efforts, Trump had brought that record-breaking expansion to a screeching halt.
The preventable Trump Recession, which began—pre-Covid—in February 2020, would have been bad enough… (2/x)
But February was also the month that Trump, fully briefed on the coming pandemic, went missing in action. Instead of putting a plan in place to stop #COVID19 spreading unchecked from coast-to-coast, Trump golfed, held rallies, flew to Hollywood & Las Vegas for fundraisers… (3/x)
… In February 2020, Trump even took an ego-stroking trip to India.

Meanwhile, as Trump ignored all the warnings & the news reports, the virus “seeded” in NY & California and all points in between, setting the stage for unprecedented death, despair and devastation. (4/x)
Trump’s complete dereliction of duty in early 2020 turned what could have been a mild Trump recession into a full blown Trump crash—one that in his tiny, useless hands would have likely lasted many years... (5/x)
After losing the 2020 in a crushing defeat to @POTUS Joe Biden, Trump spent the next two and a half months planning a coup and otherwise acting like a whiny little baby. He was more interested in stealing classified documents than tackling Covid. Cases and deaths soared. (6/x)
Now Biden:

In January 2021, Biden inherited not just the worst pandemic in 100 years, but an economy that had just seen the worst year for jobs since World War 2 and the worst GDP plunge ever measured. (7/x)
Biden focused immediately on getting America vaccinated.

Soon, America led the world in vaccination rates and by the summer things were getting back to normal.

The economy boomed. In 2021, Biden created more jobs than any President ever in his 1st year in office. (8/x)
In his first year in office, Biden created 6.4 million jobs and reduced unemployment from 6.7% to 3.9%—the sharpest one-year drop in US history.

Plus, more than 4.6 million people gained healthcare.

Without a doubt: Bidenomics trumps #MAGA-nomics (9/x)
And the best is yet to come. After Trump’s humiliating failures on infrastructure, Biden is creating an “infrastructure decade.”

Republicans across the nation are celebrating the benefits Bidenomics will deliver to all Americans for years to come. (10/x)
The only problem: From the outset of Biden’s Presidency, Fox News and GOP Governors have been determined to sabotage Biden by any means possible.

This sabotage can be seen most clearly in the body count they caused during Year 2 of the pandemic. (11/x) 
In summary: Going from Trump to Biden restored the US economy & gave all those who wanted it a better chance to survive the pandemic.

Biden continues to succeed despite the efforts of GOP Governors determined to spread disease, disrupt the supply chain & cause inflation. (12/12)
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