🧵/ Since I get asked very often by Elon's critics what good @elonmusk has done, I thought I'd share a thread w/links.

Aside from his work with Tesla and SpaceX, I'll focus on what he has done to help our world and people in need.

3/Flint Water Crisis & Flint Schools cont.

It was just announced this year that students at Flint Schools will be able to drink clean water from the water fountains thanks to Elon's donations.
4/Flint Water Crisis & Flint Schools cont.

“This means a lot. Water should not be something that we have to pay for — water is a necessity of life. It should not be something we have to fight for.” https://www.yahoo.com/lifestyle/flint-schools-clean-water-first-200528805.html
5/St. Jude’s Children’s Research.

Elon Musk donated $50 million to St. Jude’s Children’s Research but altogether the Inspiration4 launch raised a total of $243 million for the cancer research hospital.

7/Helping The Homeless In Brownsville, TX

The Musk Foundation donated $200,000 to The Good Neighbor Settlement, a soup kitchen in Brownsville, TX to help fund their expansion.
9/Unicef & Giga Connect

Giga Connect is an initiative aimed at connecting the world’s schools to the internet. Unicef is partnering with the United Nations’ ITU to ensure that every student has access to information and the internet.
10/Unicef & Giga Connect cont

The initiative was born as a solution to the problem caused by the Covid-19 pandemic that forced schools to close down around the world. Over 91% of students’ education was interrupted https://twitter.com/UNICEFUSA_CEO/status/1359923348348805125
13/Khan Academy

In January 2021, the Musk Foundation donated $5 million to Khan Academy.

Founder, Salman Khan said that the funds would enable the organization to accelerate all sorts of content for its 120 million users around the world.
14/ Hurricane Laura Disaster Relief.

I was not impacted by this storm but SWLA was. After it passed, the mainstream media moved on and ignored the humanitarian crisis.

Many ppl were on Twitter crying for help and trying to raise awareness--myself included.
17/ Hurricane Laura Disaster relief cont.

The charities that Elon and the Musk Foundation donated to were:

-Northshore Foundation
-SWLA Community Foundation and Baton Rouge Area Foundation
-Cajun Navy Relief
19/ Helping Severely Underpaid Teachers

The Musk Foundation helps teachers by funding projects through DonorsChoose., a nonprofit funding site that helps US public school teachers get access to learning materials and resources they need. https://www.donorschoose.org/classroom-support/elon-musk-foundation/21715360/
20/ Ukraine

Elon Musk sent thousands of Starlink satellites to Ukraine and has even been threatened by Russia's space dude, Rogozin who said

"And for this, Elon, you will be held accountable like an adult — no matter how much you'll play the fool." https://www.space.com/russian-space-chief-rogozin-threatens-elon-musk

There have been many reports of Russian soldiers raping and killing Ukrainian civilians. Ukraine needs all the support we can give them.

Starlink is saving lives. https://twitter.com/fedorovmykhailo/status/1499091570292834304?s=21
22/Wanting To Solve World Hunger

I'm addressing this because I've seen a lot of misinformation.

Elon said that he would donate $6B to the UN WFP if they give him a detailed plan on how the money would be spent. https://twitter.com/elonmusk/status/1454808104256737289
23/Wanting To Solve World Hunger cont.

Once Elon made that offer, David Beasley said that $6B will NOT solve world hunger and that the headline Elon was replying to was inaccurate. https://twitter.com/WFPChief/status/1454883966071230472
24/Wanting To Solve World Hunger cont.

There were a few reports claiming that the UN WFP came up with a plan and you can see that here.

According to the plan, 42 million people will be helped. https://www.wfp.org/stories/wfps-plan-support-42-million-people-brink-famine
25/Wanting to solve World Hunger cont.

It would be great if Elon is helping & he could be. He doesn't advertise his giving. But since we don't know, I think it's wrong to automatically assume that he is not helping.

I've seen a lot of ppl saying "well he didn't keep his word"

Elon Musk is doing a lot of good. It's important to recognize this and I hope this thread will help debunk a lot of the misinformation being put out there.

I'm sure I didn't get everything he's ever donated to or everyone he's helped.

However, to say that Elon Musk doesn't help people is an outright lie.

And for those of you who say "well it's tax-deductible,"

So are your donations to any 501(c)(3) nonprofit. It's how the system works.
Also for those wondering why I support Elon Musk you can see this tweet which is also my pinned tweet.

He has a good heart and he cares for people. I genuinely don’t understand the hate. https://twitter.com/johnnacrider1/status/1472255920629596164
Correction. I mistakenly said Eva wrote two of the Tesmanian articles. It was not her but @JaneidyEve who wrote them in thread numbers 12 and 18. Sorry for the mistakes.
A lot of folks are pointing out other things Elon has done that I didn’t add into the thread—I forgot. But feel free to go thru the comments and quote tweets. And add to this with the ways he’s made a positive impact.

Goal here is to combat misinformation.
I wanted to bring this up because Elon and Tesla helped make ventilators when there was a shortage in 2020. The claim was that Elon lied about helping or didn’t deliver when this was clearly not the case.
This was sent to me by @WillFealey to add to the thread. In 2018, Elon donated several Radio Flyer Teslas to a children's hospitals hospices in the UK. https://twitter.com/teslaownersuk/status/1067090380074684416?s=21&t=dF0hw67qkKG1SfI5fxU6KQ
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