I was having a conversation with a Member of Congress the other day. She is the type of person Washington needs an infusion of; smart, normal, accomplished, smart, decent, patriotic, hardworking. She used a phrase I had not heard before that stopped me in my tracks because it is
2/the singularly most precise explanation for how the overwhelming majority of Americans feel in this moment which is exhausted. The “Exhausted Majority” is made up of Democrats, Independents and Republicans. It includes people of every race, creed,religion and sexual orientation
3/ The singularly greatest cause of this is a politics of division, malice and stupidity that has merged with a completely broken Political news media like a Mogwai with water. Everyone in the Exhausted Majority knows who the people are that exhaust them. Last night many of them
gathered in Washington. @Trevornoah asked a profound question at the end. There is another question that arises from the WHCD. Does that look like a group of people who is connected to what is happening in America 🇺🇸?
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