The Smithsonian Secret: The Smithsonian Institution’s involvement in biological weapons research, social engineering and the MK-Ultra project.
“Deception is a state of mind and the mind of the State”

— James Jesus Angleton, Head of CIA Counter Intelligence 1954-74
There’s been many claims and conspiracies of scientific and archaeological discoveries being lost and in many cases suppressed, whether this be due to a slow degradation of knowledge,
Or a subversive effort to suppress certain anomalies and information by networks of clandestine, and often occult, organizations.
We can look to the story of Troy, one of the most intriguing mysteries in the historical record that captivated the hearts and minds of the Western world for millennia.
The first book printed in English being a recount of the saga from Homers Iliad, ‘Recuyell of the Historyes of Troye’ by Raoul Lefèvre, translated by William Caxton.
Yet coming into the Modern era our understanding of all things related to Troy changed completely. Homers account and his credibility was called into question. Until eventually, the events and even the city of Troy itself was believed to have been just some fanciful fiction.
Until in 1871, Heinrich Schliemann, discovered the ruins of what is now widely presumed to be the lost city under the Hisarlik hill in Çanakkale, Turkey. But still in our present day, a majority of Western society have little to no understanding or interest in Troy.
What of the many anomalous discoveries, which number in the hundreds, if not thousands, and seem to be more connected to ancient myth and legend rather than mainstream academia? Most of these usually relegated to obscurity, fiction and urban legend.
One of such stories, featured in the Arizona Gazette on April 5th, 1909, where it’s alleged an archaeologist working for the Smithsonian found an ancient cave-like structure in the Grand Canyon with hieroglyphs reminiscent of those found in Egypt.
However the Smithsonian has vehemently denied these claims.
We can bring up an endless amount of examples but let’s delve into the credibility of an organization that constantly pops up in relation to these ‘rumours’.
The Smithsonian Institute, the world’s largest museum complex, with approximately 155 million artifacts and specimens in its trust, 200+ affiliated museums, educational and research complexes.
Founded in 1846 with funds from James Smithson, born Jacques-Louis Macie (1765-1829) the illegitimate child of Hugh Percy, the 1st Duke of Northumberland.
An interesting individual who was highly educated and reminiscent of an erudite alchemist, if the story of his life is believed to be true. Smithson, dying childless, left most of his wealth to his nephew Henry James Hungerford.
When Hungerford died childless in 1835, the estate passed "to the United States of America, to found at Washington, under the name of the Smithsonian Institution, an Establishment for the increase & diffusion of knowledge among men", in accordance with Smithson's will.
When you look deeper, you’ll realize this organization, this story, is quite spurious to say the least. Though the facts of Smithson’s life are somewhat irrelevant, what’s really of importance is what happened after his death.
The Smithsonian was instituted as a Federal Government organization by President James K. Polk, a Master Mason, exalted as Royal Arch Mason in 1825.
In Polk’s career as President he oversaw the opening of the U.S. Naval Academy and the Smithsonian Institution, the groundbreaking for the Washington Monument, and the issuance of the first postage stamps in the United States.
George M. Dallas, Vice President during the Polk administration, and also a Grand Master Mason, being the first Chancellor of the Smithsonian Board of Regents.
Polk was only a one-term President, but he is often regarded as one of the most successful Pre-Civil War Presidents. At the start of his Presidency, he put forward four Presidential goals.
First, to establish the Independent Treasury System; second, to reduce tariffs; third, to acquire a portion of or all of the Oregon Territory; and finally to acquire California from Mexico. Polk was successful in all of these endeavors.
Current and former members of the Board of Regents seem to be more connected to government, intelligence, military, finance and entertainment rather than fields one would expect for top positions in a leading archaeological establishment.
Here’s a list of the current members of the Board of Regents.
Forming parallel structures within institutions, they are part of an invisible hand that is not poised for battle against a hypothetical invader but rather one prior to the fact.
The main presumption on the topic of suppressing history can be summed up by the term ‘social engineering’.
While scrubbing through the CIAs FOIA archive, I found some interesting connections. The Smithsonian has a history of having its hands in the Military-Industrial Complex cookie jar.
The Smithsonian involved in biological weapons research for the Department of Defense:
The Smithsonian involved in CIA MK-Ultra research:
More on the Smithsonians psychological and biochem weapons research for the Navy, NORAD, DoD and the CIA:
The Smithsonian contracted by NASA and the DoD for the collection and analysis of “Space Vehicle Fragments”:
Dr. Charles William Bray of the Smithsonian Institue, according to CIA documents, was “the director of some Department of Defense contracts in the social sciences areas”.
He was involved in “research that can be done in the areas of motivation, conflict, psychological warfare, persuasion, etc”.
Charles Bray and Ernest Wever, both being highly influential psychologists that expounded on our modern theories and concepts of hearing, proposing the ‘Volley theory’ in the 30s.
Other than a few mentions of his research, it’s hard to find any information about Charles Bray. I’d say that’s because the nature of his research was focused on the applications of these theories in psychological warfare.
His son, Charles W. Bray III, was the State Departments chief spokesman during the Nixon administration and seemed to be involved in one of Henry Kissinger’s scandals, carrying on daddy’s work.
Furthermore, we can look to the works of Lt. Colonel Michael Aquino, Psychological Operations for the US Army, also an ex high-ranking member of the ‘Church of Satan’, who eventually formed his own Satanic order, ‘Temple of Set’, for an idea of how this research is applied.
Enter MindWar operatives:
These celebs that are “based and redpilled” are full of shit. Just another net to incorporate dissidents who’ve strayed too far.
To be reliant on such institutions in any way is to be a slave. A cuck dominated by the ruler of this world. Our eternal adversary, Satan.
Organizations like the Smithsonian are government entities, veiled as scientific and educational institutions, publicly shaping culture, forming scientific theories and educational curriculum,
But used clandestinely for psychological and biochemical weapons research and social engineering.
These institutions have been poisoned since their inception, their employees are nerds with no spine. The reality is they’re slaves themselves, constrained under the aegis of their benefactors. Working in highly compartmentalized groups. Initiated through the academic hivemind.
And socially, there’s the risk of being ostracized, discredited and blacklisted by these bugmen networks of sub(human)culture, academia and the media. Or even worse.
One only needs to look to the life of Nikolai Tesla to see how true this can be, where in life, he was ruthlessly discredited and a large fraction of his life’s work was ultimately “lost” to the wheel of dharma.
Or today, the swarms of unhinged “cancel culture” Pfizer junkies with nothing better to do but chat waste and cope. Anything that doesn’t fit in their narrow mundane scope regarded as stupid, unserious or “problematic”.
And the average modernist? They are mostly blind. This info is utterly useless to them, as they don’t understand what it implies. It sparks little to nothing in their vapid mind.
Or they just see it as pure fiction. Replaced/subverted by cheap literature, degraded Hollywood-Netflix rot and mundane sub(human)cultures. All deemed ‘safe’ for public consumption and discussion. Warped into MindWar content for the pests to consume.
The Smithsonian, being a Government controlled entity, commanding a network of museums, which has considerable and powerful influences at its helm in entertainment, media, finance, politics, military and intelligence sectors and leading scientific and educational institutions…
Of course there’s a vested interest to suppress any information from the public that could expose and disrupt their modern systems of social control or “national security”.
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