I've combed through 1,000+ interview questions.

I took the best and tried them out.

After my first call, I was shocked when the candidate said:

"This was the best interview I've ever been on."

Steal the full 20-question interview template below: 👇
First, a special shout out to the folks below who inspired a lot of these questions:


Now on to the questions: 👇
1. Why do you want to leave your current job?
2. How would you rate your [job-relevant] skills on a scale of 1-4 (4 being the highest)?
3. What are a few overarching principles about [relevant topic] that you think are extremely important?
4. What does your ideal working relationship with your manager look like?
5. Tell me about your process for [job-relevant task] from start to finish?
6. What’s the biggest win you had at your last two jobs?
7. If I had dinner with your 3 best friends and asked them to describe you, what would I learn?
8. What’s the biggest misperception people have about you?
9. What did you do to prepare for this interview?
10. Tell me about a time you failed.
11. How do you take on things you don’t know much about?
12. Why do you think you’re a good fit for [your company]?
13. What ideas do you have for growing the business?
14. What is something you are learning right now?
15. Why do you want to work at a startup vs. an established company?
16. Tell me something about you that isn’t on your resume.
17. Why will people follow you here?
18. What are your key metric(s) for understanding performance?
19. You have a tight deadline. What do you sacrifice first when executing [job-relevant task]? Why?
20. Am I missing anything? What’s a question no one ever asks you, but you wish they would?
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