there is my tl. there is a tweet about
older woman in Irpin. her daughter and granddaughter were raped and killed. russians who did this told her "you'll live and respect us"

and then there is a tweet about how russians hang their flags abroad. and they're not punished for it.
daughter and granddaughter of this woman were 35 and 8. this woman is in hospital in Irpin. she screams endlessly, screams and cries, they give her sedatives, she falls asleep. she wakes up and starts screaming again. her daughter and granddaughter were raped in front of her.
and russians hang up their flags in EU, Israel, the US, everywhere. they arrange rallies in Germany. German minister says that Germany has freedom of expression. German minister says Germany will do everything to not bring not only a real war into their country, but a "moral" war
German minister is not willing to ban russians from organizing z-rallies. maybe, German minister believes in russian ballet, beauty that should unite the world. the same as that peaceful concert where they forced to children wrapped in ru and UKR flags to ring in that bell.
too bad a woman from Irpin can't watch russian ballet. this woman, the same as many people like her, might flee to the EU in search of safety. and there she and they will see: russian flags, russians pro war rallies, russians who actively hunt people like them and attack them.
and nobody will do shit about this, right? there is just a genocide on one hand and gas and ballet on the other. the choice is obvious.
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