How we are losing Maharashtra!
*The information I got on Mumbai was very shocking
& was stunned to think how the ideology of a political party completely changes,*
You can do a survey of Mumbai yourself, where u will find tea,breakfast, omelet,water,etc.on all
the beaches & streets of Mumbai city,they belong to a particular community & all of them are either
from other states or Bangladeshi or Rohingya.Even if there r coconut carts sold on the side of the road or vegetable carts,gradually it has been occupied by a particular community
*Entire business of Manish Market, Crawford Market,Grand Road which was once occupied by
Marathis & Marwaris,today you will hardly find any merchant Hindu in this entire area*
Actually,this change of demography did not happen suddenly, before this Islamic organizations &
leaders like Abu Azmi & Nawab Malik have worked hard for vote bank.
These people have formed an organization, any peacekeeper from Uttar Pradesh,Bihar,Bengal, Bangladesh or any R0hingya comes to Mumbai,goes to the nearest m0sque, from there he is taken to
the NGO's office of Nawab Malik & Abu Azmi there.But their people do a complete survey
all the areas of Mumbai and the suburbs, in which area, whose business will be run.
Then that person is sent to do business at one place by giving handcart & complete equipment.
Abu Azmi & Nawab Malik keeps giving money to the NGO,
then with this money they bring one after one after the other,one after the other,lakhs of peacekeepers are being shifted to Mumbai.
Complete preparations are being made to change the demographic of Mumbai & almost have been
changed* Mira Road,Nalasopara, Bhiwandi,Mumbra, Bandra East,Khar, Grant Road, Byculla,

Abdul Rehman Street, Mohamdali Road, Bombay Central, Crawford There are many such areas including Market, Santacruz,Andheri West, Jogeshwari,Oshiwara,Ram Mandir Station,Goregaon West,
Malad West,Malwani,Charkop,
which have gradually become one community strong hold.
And today there are many such areas in Mumbai where no Hindu person can win the election.
*Nawab Malik & Abuazmi have launched a special drive under the leadership of NCP to recruit
people from a particular community in Mumbai Police,various coaching centers in satara,Kolhapur,Sangli,Raigad, Ahamnagar,Pune,Nagpur,Mumbai
It has been opened so that the Mujlims of UP,Bihar & Bengal can learn Marathi well because the police recruitment paper is in Marathi,they
have been given free accommodation &
coaching facilities in all the cities, not only that they will were given 8K Per Month. A Letter revealed that Nawab Malik wants more than 30% of people belonging to this particular community shld be recruited in Maharashtra Police before 2023
*Poor common Marathi Manus is roaming on the streets raising slogans of Zindabad Murdabad.
The masala is being consumed & he is unaware of how slowly entire demography is changing & Shiv Sena {Jai Maharashtra}is unaware of this whole conspiracy!
How do we stop this?
South - Kerala occupied
TN - on Fast pace
EAST - West bangal occupied
North - Delhi, Punjab & Kashmir
West - Maharashtra & soon Gujarat
All sides we will be occupied by the dreadful community & we don't realise they are here to finish us..
We still chant secular mantra !
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