The corporate media outlets which spread this lie from ex-CIA officials never retracted their pre-election falsehoods, ones used by Big Tech to censor reporting on the front-runner.

This was one of the worst cases of disinformation and censorship in modern US political history.
That the Biden archive revealed by the @nypost was authentic was 100% clear at the start. All metrics used to authenticate large archives - ones we used in the Snowden and Brazil investigations - proved that. But media and Big Tech were so desperate to defeat Trump, so they lied.
Any residual doubts about the authenticity of this archive -- and there should never have been any doubts -- were obliterated when POLITICO's @SchreckReports published a book in Sept. proving they were real. But media outlets and Big Tech united in a vow of silence to ignore it.
Virtually every liberal outlet (except, to their credit, NYT) spread this CIA lie *and* lied about what these officials said (they admitted they had *no evidence* for their "suspicion"). Look at this campaign ad masquerading as reporting @HuffPost did:
This was a gigantic fraud perpetrated in the critical weeks before the 2020 election. Millions of Americans were denied the ability to hear vital about reporting Joe Biden, and instead were subjected to a barrage of lies about the provenance and authenticity of these documents.
Virtually every media outlet — CNN, NBC, PBS, HuffPost, The Intercept, many others -- spread the CIA lie over and over that these documents were the by-product of "Russian disinformation." The Intercept even censored my reporting and analysis of the archive. Now, today, the NYT:
I already know the excuses for ignoring this now. I list them below. But regardless of whether the corporate media will again ignores proof -- now from NYT -- that they printed lies to manipulate the election, this disinformation/censorship campaign is of historic importance.
When your job title in the HR Department of your corporation reads "journalist," but all you really want to be is a partisan spokesman for the DNC:
Now that the NYT admitted what was clear from the start -- the Biden archive is real and corporate media outlets, CIA and Big Tech lied to say it was "Russian disinformation" -- look at what the media did to see why they are so justifiably hated. Watch:
That HuffPost video above -- which looks exactly like what it was: a campaign ad with sinister music about "Russian disinformation" -- is just a disgrace. Same with @amanpour's refusal to let the archive even be mentioned. Watch this from @60Minutes:
There was ample evidence the archive was real from the start. Many of us were screaming from the rooftops about it. The US corporate media lied on purpose because they were desperate to defeat Trump. Big Tech censored it using the CIA lie for the same reason. That's the truth.
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