This is a complete summary of “When 6 Colors Combine, “ ” Begins” (blanks on purpose), the main drama track from the Fling Posse Champion album. Please purchase and listen to the track for the best experience, especially that one scene with Gentaro (you’ll know it). Enjoy!
The track takes place in Chuo-ku, at the hotel where the MCs are staying for the 2nd DRB. The track opens with Ichiro entering Jiro and Saburo’s room and saying good morning.
Jiro returns Ichiro’s “good morning” enthusiastically, but Saburo lacks the same spirit. Jiro asks Saburo why he’s looking so glum - it’s early in the day, he should be more cheerful!
Saburo, ignoring all of this, replies, “Aren’t you upset that we lost?” Jiro says that of course he is. Saburo asks why he’s acting the way he is, then - they were so close to winning this time.
Jiro says it’s way better to get over it and start working towards the next battle than to sit arounds sulking that they lost. He chuckles and says surely Saburo knows that, considering he’s so much smarter than Jiro.
Saburo retorts that nothing pisses him off more than getting schooled by a dumbass. Jiro says that if Saburo can come back at him with that, he’ll be fine, and tells him to cheer up.
Ichiro laughs, declaring it’s just as Jiro says. Ramuda’s team won because they put in one extra step of effort compared the Bros. Jiro follows up, saying they just need to get two or three steps ahead of everyone next time, and asks Ichiro, “Isn’t that right?” Ichiro agrees.
Saburo, still in a mood, asks Jiro specifically HOW they’re going to get two or three steps ahead of everyone else for next time. Jiro says he already knows the answer - put in the effort, build up their spirit, and WIN!
Saburo asks Jiro where that “dumber than a grade schooler” answer came from, and demands a more detailed answer. Jiro calls him a dumbass, and says they’re not three brothers working together for nothing.
Jiro’s not good at thinking about these things, so he’s going to leave that part up to Saburo, the smart one. Saburo is surprised at first, but then agrees to take on the task, and says he’ll come up a training plan that will absolutely lead them to victory.
Jiro better not complain even if it’s hard work. Jiro says, “Bring it on!” And again asks Ichiro, “Isn’t that right?” Ichiro agrees again, and says they’ll definitely win next time.
The scene changes to Rio’s hotel room, where he’s thinking about his former commander, Ansho Iojaku. (Context from the previous track: Rio’s goal for winning the DRB was to get access to Chuo-ku and bust Ansho out of their maximum security prison.)
Samatoki and Jyuto enter the room, Jyuto commenting that Rio had been there all along. Rio asks them what’s up, and Samatoki apologizes to him. Rio says he doesn’t recall Samatoki doing anything that would call for an apology.
Samatoki says that even though he promised he’d help Rio fulfill his mission, they lost in the first round. He couldn’t keep his word. Jyuto apologizes as well.
Rio responds that they’re all in the same boat, which means whether they win or lose, they share the sweetness of victory or the bitterness of defeat together. If they apologize to him for losing, that can’t happen.
Rio continues, saying that he wanted to win the DRB as a team with Samatoki and Jyuto, even setting aside the situation with his commander. Next time, they’ll win it all.
Jyuto agrees, saying that while they didn’t achieve the results they were aiming for this time, they’ll win next time. Third time’s the charm, right? Samatoki laughs and says when they get back to Yokohama he’s gonna whip them into shape with his sick rhymes until they cry.
Jyuto retorts by saying Samatoki needs to work on his vocabulary skills. Samatoki asks Jyuto if he’s calling him a moron, and Jyuto says that’s one way to put it. Samatoki and Jyuto start getting into one of their quarrels.
Rio unilaterally decides that their training has already begun, and he’s going to join in. Rio goes into drill sergeant mode and demands that “Horse Boy” and “Bunny Boy” stand at attention. Samatoki and Jyuto are stunned into silence.
Rio asks if they couldn’t hear him, and yells, “At attention!” again. Samatoki and Jyuto do it, and Rio tells them that horse and rabbit are two of his favorite foods.
Jyuto and Samatoki, still surprised, listen as Rio tells them horse meat is delicious raw or cooked, then laugh helplessly as he goes into a lecture about cooking rabbits.
The scene changes to Matenro, where Jacket On Hifumi is answering call after call from his fans, thanking them for their support, apologizing for letting them down, and saying he’s looking forward to seeing them again.
Jakurai comments that Hifumi seems really busy, and Doppo says his phone has been ringing off the hook since that morning. Hifumi finally finishes his phone calls, takes off his jacket, and says he’s done for now and will send a few text messages when they get back to Shinjuku.
Doppo sighs, feeling down that everyone knows they lost. Jakurai says that the results of the battle were unfortunate, but they should do their best again next time. Hifumi reminds Doppo to be positive about things.
Doppo reluctantly agrees, saying that if he doesn’t stay positive, the same thing will happen again. He tells Jakurai and Hifumi that he’ll do his best. Just then, Doppo’s phone buzzes - it’s a message from work. Specifically, a message from his boss.
Before he even opens it, Doppo assumes his boss will be trashing him for losing. Doppo opens the message and makes a surprised sound. Hifumi asks if it was actually an encouraging message, but Doppo laughs and says nope, his boss is trashing him as always.
Hifumi asks Doppo why he’s laughing, and says that he’s gotten messages from his customers sending their encouragement to Doppo too. Jakurai tells Doppo to keep it together, and not be bothered by what others are saying.
Doppo laughs and says he’s fine, he’s going to stay positive. He’s positively going to obliterate that bald asshole! Doppo cackles, Jakurai chuckles, and Hifumi comments that Doppo’s emotions are going haywire.
The scene changes to Rosho’s room, where he’s chugging water. Rosho complains that his head hurts from drinking too much yesterday. Just then, Sasara and Rei enter his room, greeting him cheerfully.
Sasara invites him for a morning drink to take the edge off their hangovers, but Rosho reminds them they were out drinking until sunrise. Rei says they’re off work, so they may as well drink!
Rosho retorts that drinking too much is bad for them, but Sasara tells him “don’t sweat the small things” and “let’s go!” Rosho, feeling ill, insists that he’ll pass. Sasara says he’s no fun. Rei notices something, then asks Rosho why he’s looking so grumpy.
Rosho asks, “Aren’t you two upset that we lost?” and points out how trivial they’re being. Rei asks Rosho if you need to openly show it in your words or your attitude in order to be upset.
Rosho hesitates, and Rei says that they should take that frustration at losing and invest it into the next battle. Does that answer his question? Rosho apologizes, saying he didn’t think about it like that.
Rei says no worries, he doesn’t feel like that at all, he was just quoting a line from one of his favorite movies. Rei laughs maniacally, and Rosho, enraged, gets up and tells him to stay still while he punches his lights out.
Sasara tells Rosho, “Whoa boy!” and attempts to get between him and Rei. Rei backs off, saying that rather than talking about how they’ll “absolutely win next time,” they should just do what they can do, and the results will follow.
Rosho agrees, and Sasara says they should go at their own pace. Rei then suggests they raise a glass to a fresh start and starts pouring drinks. Sasara agrees, and Rosho gives up and goes along with it. Dotsuitare Honpo make a toast to new beginnings.
The scene changes to Hitoya, who is walking in a park and internally cursing the fact that he just can’t win against Jakurai. As he’s sulking, Jyushi runs up to him and calls his name, out of breath.
Hitoya asks Jyushi what he’s doing in workout gear, and Jyushi replies that he’s been out running. Hitoya asks what brought that on, and Jyushi says that he couldn’t hold still.
Hitoya says that’s rare for him, but Jyushi replies that he wants to do something good for himself so that they absolutely won’t lose next time. Hitoya says, “I see,” then asks himself why he’s asking the way he is when Jyushi is already looking towards the next step.
Kuko appears and says good morning to Hitoya and Jyushi, and Jyushi greets him enthusiastically, asking what he’s doing. Kuko replies that he’s out for a morning walk, since the air in this park is fresh and feels great. Kuko then notices Hitoya and stares at him.
Hitoya asks Kuko what he’s looking at, but Kuko says “nothing special.” Kuko asks Jyushi if he’s been out running, and when Jyushi says yes, Kuko says that exercising until you’re exhausted is a great way to get rid of all of your pointless worries.
Jyushi says he’s going to run every morning from now on, and invites Hitoya to come with him right now. Hitoya retorts that he can’t run in what he’s wearing, but Kuko tells Hitoya it would be good for him, considering the state he’s in right now.
Jyushi invites Hitoya to run with him again. Hitoya asks if he can at least go buy some sneakers, but Kuko calls him a dumbass and says the secret to running isn’t in your form, it’s in your soul. Hitoya says he doesn’t get it, but Kuko tells him not to overthink it.
Hitoya smirks, then says he’s in and tells Jyushi and Kuko to follow him before running off. Kuko laughs and chases after him, saying “That’s how it’s gotta be!” And Jyushi brings up the rear, crying for them to wait up.
The scene changes to Fling Posse, where Ramuda is gleefully telling Gentaro and Dice that they won. Gentaro says that there’s no need to say it again - they celebrated plenty last night.
Dice disagrees, saying it’s fine to celebrate these things as much as you want, “right Ramuda?” Ramuda happily agrees, saying that when you celebrate, you need to go all out - when they get back to Shibuya, he’s throwing a huge party!
Dice gets excited because this means he’ll have plenty to eat for a while. Gentaro, on the other hand, warns them that if they relax their guard too much after this victory, it will be hard to go back to where they were before.
Dice calls Gentaro dumb and yells at him not to be so serious, and that at times like this he should just let loose and and party hard. Gentaro repeats, “I’m dumb?” Then agrees to Dice’s suggestion, and says he’ll totally let loose.
Dice says, “go for it,” and Gentaro, after clearing his throat, goes wild and starts shrieking “I’m HAPPY HAPPY HAPPY!” (In English) Among other nonsense while bouncing around. He eventually starts imitating a frog, and Dice, terrified, declares, “Gentaro’s cracked!”
Ramuda, on the other hand, laughs at Gentaro, and joins him in making frog noises. Ramuda and Gentaro jump around imitating frogs, and Dice, saying this was his fault, begs them to go back to normal. Ramuda and Gentaro completely ignore him, and Dice shrieks in despair.
The scene changes to Chuo-ku and Otome’s office. Otome, drinking tea, congratulates Ichijiku on a job well done with the second DRB. Ichijiku thanks her, and reports that the 2nd DRB was even more successful than the first, and the Party of the Word’s ratings went up even more.
Otome replies, “Is that so,” but sounds unenthusiastic. Ichijiku indirectly asks what’s going on, and Otome, standing up to throw something in the trash (a tea bag?), says that ratings are just numbers. No matter how much they rise, they won’t lead Otome to her ideal world.
chijiku asks what that means, but Otome changes the subject and asks Ichijiku when the True Hypnosis Mic will be able to be used the way it’s meant to be. She’s not happy that every time the True Hypnosis Mic is used, it leads to a loss of life. There are only three Ramudas left.
Ichijiku says they’ve run into trouble while analyzing the True Hypnosis Mic, but now that the 2nd DRB is over, Jinguji Jakurai will be working with them. Otome again replies, “Is that so,” and says that she wants to get away from relying on Rei Amayado as quickly as they can.
Ichijiku asks for a little more time, promising she will succeed. Otome says, “Of course you will,” since there’s no point in having the True Hypnosis Mic in the form it’s in now.
Ichijiku asks what that means, but Otome simply says she’ll tell her someday, and asks her to be patient until then. Ichijiku says she understands, then changes the subject to Honobono. Before Ichijiku can continue, Otome tells her to wait, and removes a device from her office.
Ichijiku recognizes it as a bug to eavesdrop on their conversations. Otome says she has no proof, but is certain that Honobono is the only person who would do something like this. Otome says she left it there while she kept an eye on Honobono, but this is where it ends.
The scene changes to Honobono, who is listening to Otome and Ichijiku’s conversation up until Otome removes the bug. Honobono realizes she’s been caught, and comments that while it seems Ichijiku doesn’t realize what Otome is attempting to do, she herself has it figured out.
Honobono addresses Otome, saying that what she’s planning to do would be utterly boring to her, and she’ll be making sure to get in the way. Honobono giggles and walks away.
The scene goes back to Otome’s office. Ichijiku is enraged, but Otome calmly continues their conversation, asking Ichijiku what she has to say about Honobono. Ichijiku declares that she’s out of control, including the fact that she bugged Otome’s office.
Otome says that they still need Honobono on their side, but Ichijiku is correct. When Honobono no longer has any value to them, she’ll give an order to have her “taken out.” Ichijiku says she understands, and Otome says that’s all, and asks Ichijiku to leave.
The scene changes back to the hotel where the MCs are staying. Kuko and Sasara have just run into each other, and exchange awkward, “long time no see” greetings.
Sasara says he wants to ask Kuko about something, and Kuko says that’s a coincidence - he wants to ask Sasara something too. Sasara says it’s about when he and Ichiro had their falling out …
The scene changes again to Ichiro complaining that it costs 220 yen to buy a cola from the hotel vending machine. He buys one anyways. While Ichiro is enjoying his cola, Samatoki approaches him and calls his name.
Ichiro turns to look at Samatoki, who immediately asks what that look in Ichiro’s eyes is - is he mocking him because he lost? Ichiro says no way, Samatoki is seeing what he wants to see. Samatoki says Ichiro is irritating as always, and Ichiro throws it right back at him.
There’s an awkward silence, which Ichiro finally breaks by asking if there’s something else Samatoki wants to say. Samatoki says no, but flashes back to the time Ramuda admitted to him that he mind hacked Nemu into joining the Party of the Word, and that Ichiro wasn’t involved.
Ichiro asks, “What?” But Samatoki replies “Nothin’” and turns to leave. Before he can, he and Ichiro are approached by Sasara, accompanied by Kuko.
There’s more awkward silence, until Sasara, as always, breaks it by saying it’s been a while since the four of them have been in one place like this, right Kuko? Kuko chokes, but agrees.
Samatoki interrupts to ask why Sasara can behave so normally after what he did to him. Samatoki explains he just talked about that with Kuko, and that when he tries to remember that day, his memory goes foggy.
Samatoki asks what the fuck that means, but Kuko says he’s the same - like he wasn’t himself. All he can remember is his hatred for Ichiro, but he has no idea what caused it.
Ichiro is at a loss for words, and Samatoki thinks to himself that this might be the work of the True Hypnosis Mic that Ramuda had talked about. Ichiro finally speaks and interrupts Samatoki’s thoughts, telling Kuko not to fuck around.
Does he think Ichiro would actually believe a messed up story like that!? He asks Kuko if he has ANY idea how he felt at that time, then swears and runs off while Samatoki shouts after him.
The scene changes to Jakurai, who has found Ramuda outside. Jakurai addresses Ramuda, and Ramuda, noticing Jakurai, asks what he wants, not even bothering with his cutesy voice. Jakurai hesitates, and Ramuda says that if Jakurai doesn’t have anything to say, he can buzz off.
Jakurai says it’s about Yotsutsuji, and says that, in the end, it wasn’t Ramuda who put him in a coma. Or, to be accurate, it both was and wasn’t Ramuda. Ramuda realizes Jakurai knows who he really is, and Jakurai confirms he knows.
Ramuda says that, in that case, Jakurai is misunderstanding things. If the order to take out Yotsutsuji went to him, then he did it. He’s just a simple puppet like all of the others. Jakurai says he disagrees. Ramuda asks what Jakurai knows about him.
Jakurai replies that he doesn’t know everything, but he knows about the time he spent with Ramuda after they met. Jakurai tells Ramuda that he thinks before he acts, which means he has his own intentions. The other, fake Ramudas didn’t have that.
Ramuda retorts that, even so, he did horrible things to Jakurai and everyone else. Jakurai replies that all human beings make mistakes. He, himself, has made more mistakes than he can count.
Human beings learn and grow from those mistakes. What’s important is what Ramuda wants to do from now on. Ramuda carefully says, “Human?” Then, “I …” Jakurai pauses to listen.
Ramuda says he wants to live. He wants to laugh and cry and get mad about trivial things, and see a new day with his friends by his side. Jakurai says Ramuda can do it, if that’s what he wants to do. Ramuda yells at Jakurai not to say that so easily, and that if he could …
Before Ramuda can finish his thought, he collapses and starts coughing up blood. Jakurai rushes to his side, asking if he’s okay, and Ramuda gasps that he doesn’t have much time left. That’s why he’ll never see that new day.
Jakurai says that’s not true. Jakurai’s power is limited, and he can’t save millions of people, but he will absolutely save Ramuda. Ramuda, crying, shouts at Jakurai not to fuck around, and that there’s no way he can trust his words.
Ramuda yells at Jakurai to get out of his sight, pushing him away. Jakurai says, “Amemura-kun,” but Ramuda yells at him to disappear again, and Jakurai does so, leaving Ramuda cursing at himself in his own misery.
The scene returns to Chuo-ku. A Chuo-ku employee calls out to Honobono, telling her she’s not allowed in the area she’s just walked into, but Honobono brushes her off and waltzes in anyways. The employee tries again, saying Honobono entering the area is against regulations.
Honobono giggles and tells the employee she’ll share something with her. Regulations cause people to despair, second only to love. She confirms that the employee doesn’t want to “despair,” correct?
The employee doesn’t reply, and Honobono giggles and says she’s happy the employee got the message. Honobono enters the area where the Ramuda clones are kept and tells the “puppets” that it’s time to go to work.
One Ramuda comments that a different “oneesan” than usual has come to see them. The second Ramuda says it doesn’t matter which “oneesan” it is, and the third Ramuda finishes by saying the three of them just do what they’re told. Honobono giggles again, ending the scene.
The scene returns to the hotel, where Samatoki is chasing after Ichiro, who’s still running away. Samatoki finally catches up to Ichiro and grabs him, but Ichiro yells at him to let go. Samatoki yells at Ichiro to calm down, but Ichiro asks HOW he’s supposed to be calm.
Samatoki pauses, then admits that if these were usual circumstances, he wouldn’t be calm either. Ichiro asks why he wants him to calm down then, but Samatoki continues that it’s possible these AREN’T usual circumstances.
Samatoki explains to Ichiro that Sasara and Kuko may have behaved the way they did due to something called the True Hypnosis Mic. Ichiro repeats, “True Hypnosis Mic?” And asks what the fuck that is.
Samatoki says he doesn’t really know either, but Ramuda told him about it. Off track, Samatoki fills Ichiro in on the details. After Ichiro is caught up, he asks if what Samatoki’s saying is true. Samatoki says he still doesn’t totally believe it.
Ichiro says he can’t believe that there’s a Mic that can actually control a person’s mind, but Jakurai joins them in the scene and says that there is one - the True Hypnosis Mic is real. Samatoki asks Jakurai what he knows, and Jakurai says he’s seen it with his own eyes.
Ichiro asks Jakurai what happens to people who are attacked with the True Hypnosis Mic, and Jakurai explains that the user can brainwash the victim into doing whatever they want them to. They can make someone hate a specific person, or make them sleep forever.
Ichiro can’t believe something like that exists. Jakurai continues that, however, because the True Hypnosis Mic is so powerful, it’s still incomplete, and whoever uses it does so at the expense of their own life.
Samatoki asks about that part, pointing out that Ramuda said he’s used it (and he’s still alive). Jakurai takes this opportunity to (conveniently ignore that point and) say that he wants to save Ramuda. Samatoki repeats, “Save?” And Ichiro asks what’s up with Ramuda.
Jakurai starts to talk, but before he can, the other three Ramuda clones make their entrance. The first Ramuda laughs and says that “good-for-nothing” Ramuda isn’t worth saving. The second and third Ramuda give their own unique greetings.
Ichiro and Samatoki are shocked to see three Ramudas in front of them. Jakurai warns them that these aren’t Ramuda, they’re clones, leading to even more shock. Honobono giggles and makes her entrance as well, saying she’s here to “play.”
Jakurai asks her why she’s here, but Honobono replies that she just told him - she’s here to play. Samatoki asks Honobono who the hell she is, and Honobono says he’s being “scary” (not unlike the way Ramuda does), even though she’s friends with his precious, precious sister Nemu.
Ichiro says she isn’t acting like she’s just here to hang out, but Honobono says she really is just there to play with them, although she might be the only one who enjoys it.
The clones take out their mics, and Jakurai warns Ichiro and Samatoki to be careful - they’re True Hypnosis Mics. They need to finish this off before they get hit with the clones’ attacks. Jakurai asks them to activate their mics, and the rap battle begins.
In the meantime, Ramuda has recovered, and runs into Sasara and Kuko. Kuko says it’s been a while, and he and Sasara try to recall the last time they met, but they can’t.
Ramuda recalls to himself that Kuko and Sasara were able to use their rap abilities in the 2nd DRB, which means his mind hack wore off. Even so, their memories haven’t returned completely.
Ramuda flashes back to the words Jakurai told him earlier - all human beings make mistakes. Human beings learn and grow from those mistakes. What’s important is what Ramuda wants to do from now on.
Ramuda addresses Kuko and Sasara and apologizes. Sasara asks why, and Kuko doesn’t recall Ramuda needing to apologize to him. Ramuda says he has something to tell them, and asks them to listen. The scene skips forward, and Sasara says, “The True Hypnosis Mic?”
Kuko says he can’t believe it, but he also doesn’t think Ramuda has a reason to lie. Sasara agrees, then asks Ramuda if they’re still under the effects of the mind hack. Ramuda says no, he’s heard people with particularly strong wills like them can break free of it.
Kuko says that, if they’re to believe all this, then Ramuda is the reason he and Ichiro had their falling out. Ramuda says yes, and that he probably can’t be forgiven even if he apologizes. He tells Kuko and Sasara to do what they want to him - punch him, kill him, whatever.
Sasara repeats, “Kill you? That’s pretty violent.” Kuko tells Ramuda that he thinks he’s a piece of shit for causing an unnecessary rift between him and Ichiro. However, no matter how shitty someone is, there’s value to be had in a genuine apology. Ramuda repeats, “Value?”
Kuko says that Ramuda has admitted his wrongdoings and given a true apology. There’s value in that. Sasara says that he has one, two, three, four, actually many many things to say about all this, but there’s no point in complaining about the past.
Ramuda is amazed at their responses, but before their conversation can go further, they hear the rap battle start up outside. Kuko says it doesn’t sound like a typical rap battle. Sasara says they’re done talking for now, and they all run outside.
Back outside, Ichiro, Samatoki and Jakurai take their first turn against the Ramuda clones. The main theme of the rap is to get the clones to put the mics down and save themselves. Unfortunately, their attack doesn’t do much.
The clones mock the MCs about not taking them down in one shot. Jakurai warns Ichiro and Samatoki that the True Hypnosis Mic attack is incoming, and a clone tells them to “brace themselves.” Their rap is pretty empty, mostly about turning the three MCs’ brains into mush.
Ichiro, Samatoki and Jakurai are hit hard. Ichiro says that he hears their voices in his head, and Samatoki swears and implies his consciousness is wavering. Jakurai thinks to himself that this is the power of the True Hypnosis Mic.
At this moment, Ramuda, Kuko and Sasara arrive on the scene, and Kuko realizes that the clones are using the True Hypnosis Mics they just learned about. Ramuda says they have one shot - they need to use their mics to get Jakurai’s attention.
Kuko asks what he means, and Sasara says he doesn’t really get it, but they should direct their raps at Samatoki and the others, right? They do just that, encouraging the other three to come back to their senses.
Kuko, Sasara and Ramuda rap about their past teams and experiences, and say that while they can’t go back to where they were, they’re all still connected. (I’d like to note that Ramuda low-key disses Jakurai twice in his verse.)
Ichiro, Samatoki, and Jakurai recognize Kuko, Sasara, and Ramuda’s voices and come back to themselves. Sasara calls out to Samatoki, and says it looks like he’s okay. Kuko praises Ichiro, saying that’s what he expects from one of the few men he considers worthy.
Ramuda tells Jakurai to take responsibility for his words after that lecture he gave him earlier. Honobono, observing from the sidelines, wonders if this is what’s meant by “passionate friendships between men” and seems impressed.
At that moment, the three Ramuda clones scream and collapse, much to Ichiro’s shock. Honobono emptily remarks, “Oh, they broke.” Jakurai says that this is the price paid for using the True Hypnosis Mic. Honobono says there’s nothing to be sad about, they’re all just puppets.
Kuko mutters something that indicates he’s not impressed, but Honobono says that they’re done for today, then. She was amused by it all, so she’ll be on her way. Before Honobono can leave, Samatoki stands up and yells at her to wait.
Honobono asks if he’s sad to see her leave, but Samatoki VERY threateningly asks her if she really thinks she can just walk away from all of this. Jakurai tells Honobono she’s wicked, and he’s taking her down right here.
Sasara chimes in that it would be shameless of them not to accept the fight she’s challenged them to, and Kuko adds that he’ll send her to hell to greet the devil himself. Honobono giggles, and asks Ramuda if he’s planning to threaten her too.
Ramuda hesitates, then says he fears Honobono. But more than that, he fears not taking action here and now. Honobono comments that Ramuda seems different from the other puppets. She giggles again, then agrees to play their game.
Honobono powers up her mic and takes her turn, hitting the 6 Division Leaders hard. Honobono asks if this is the end, but Ichiro says no, and confirms with Kuko that they can keep fighting. Kuko says of course, and tells Ichiro to keep up with the fight himself.
Samatoki says he won’t be taken out so easily, and calls out to Sasara. Sasara laughs, saying Samatoki’s being way too rough with him like always.
Jakurai addresses Ramuda, saying he knows he’s not so weak he’ll falter here. Ramuda laughs and said this battle might be rough on an old guy like Jakurai, but it’s not going to take him down.
Honobono laughs and asks how the Division Leaders will amuse her next, and Ichiro starts their turn. We get a rare rap with all 6 Division Leaders cooperating against Honobono, who gets hit, but still doesn’t fall.
Honobono goes to take her next turn, but before she can, Ichijiku appears on the scene with several other women from Chuo-ku. Honobono sighs, grumbling that things were finally starting to get interesting and it was all for nothing now.
Ichijiku tells Honobono not to think she’ll get away with what she’s done, but Honobono cheerfully replies that actually, she will. Ichijiku tells her not to mess around, but Honobono brushes her off, then says she’s off to go write an apology note for her actions and leaves.
Ichijiku, frustrated, tells the Chuo-ku staff to collect the fallen Ramuda clones. They do so and leave. Ichiro mentions that he and the other MCs didn’t even fall into Ichijiku and her team’s line of sight.
Kuko mutters that they’re a bunch of nasty people as always. Sasara flops down on the ground, saying he’s exhausted and that Honobono is way too powerful. Samatoki agrees, but he doesn’t want to admit it.
Ichiro says that the True Hypnosis Mic is really something else, and Samatoki says they would’ve been in deep shit if Sasara and the others hadn’t shown up.
Ichiro calls out to Kuko, and tells him that if he was hit with a Mic like that, it’s understandable that he would lose hold of himself. Ichiro apologizes for how he behaved earlier in the day.
Kuko tells him not to worry about it, and that he was the one who did what he did, even if he wasn’t really himself. He’ll make it up to Ichiro someday. Ichiro says he knows he will, and Kuko laughs.
Samatoki tells Sasara to stand up. Sasara asks what’s up, and Samatoki tells him to brace himself. Sasara asks why, and the next second Samatoki punches him in the gut. Sasara demands to know what the hell that was about, and Samatoki says, “Now we’re even.”
Sasara is confused, but Samatoki laughs and tells him to be grateful for his kindness. Sasara says that Samatoki’s punch hurt enough that he’s expecting some change back.
Samatoki addresses Ichiro next. At first he’s at a loss for words, but eventually says that it seems like he misunderstood things. He thought that Ichiro was the reason Nemu - no, that’s just an excuse.
No matter what Samatoki was thinking, it doesn’t change the fact that he left Ichiro’s younger brothers for dead. Samatoki apologizes. Ichiro takes a breath, and says that he still can’t forgive Samatoki for what he did.
However, he may have done the exact same thing and left Nemu for dead instead. So that makes them even, doesn’t it? Ichiro finishes by saying they should just let bygones be bygones. Samatoki agrees.
The scene switches to Jakurai and Ramuda. Jakurai says that they’re out of the woods for now. Ramuda addresses Jakurai, brings up Yotsutsuji, and apologizes for what happened. If Ramuda hadn’t existed, Yotsutsuji wouldn’t have ended up the way he is.
Jakurai, completely unexpectedly, slaps Ramuda, and tells him never to say “If I hadn’t existed” ever again. Jakurai says that if Ramuda hadn’t existed, he wouldn’t be where he is today. Ramuda is the reason that Jakurai has what he has today.
Ramuda tries to respond, but Jakurai continues, saying that a person’s fate is made up of encounters and connections. No matter what the reason, once you’ve met someone and made that connection, your fates are entwined.
Ramuda asks what that means, and Jakurai reiterates that it means he will absolutely save Ramuda’s life. Ramuda, crying, asks if Jakurai forgives him, and Jakurai says, of course. Ramuda, still crying, thanks him.
Jakurai chuckles and says that, in order for Ramuda to live, they’re going to start with his eating habits. Ramuda stops short, surprised at the sudden change in tone.
Jakurai continues that healthy eating has a positive impact on your body. If Ramuda eats healthy, he’ll grow taller, and he’ll develop a more age-appropriate personality.
Ramuda, shocked, asks if Jakurai’s calling him short, and tells “gramps” not to think he’s hot shit just because he’s so tall. Jakurai points out this is EXACTLY what he means. Clearly he needs to start by teaching Ramuda how to speak to people with higher social status than him.
The scene goes back to Ichiro and Samatoki. Samatoki says that, putting everything they just talked about aside, it doesn’t make up for the way Ichiro’s been talking to him for the past few years and he’s not about to forgive it.
Ichiro says that was Samatoki’s fault and he owes him nothing, but Samatoki says “This, this is what I’m talking about!” And demands Ichiro stop talking like that and show him some respect.
Ichiro calls Samatoki a vulgar nickname and asks why he needs to show him any respect, and they get into one of their fights. Kuko runs over to break them up, telling Ichiro to back off before things get ugly, but Ichiro yells at Kuko to let go of him.
Ichiro ends up punching Kuko, and Kuko says it hurts and there’s no reason for HIM to get punched here. Ichiro apologizes, saying it was an accident. Kuko still isn’t impressed. Meanwhile, Samatoki isn’t done with Ichiro and yells for him to come at him.
Sasara tries to stop Samatoki, telling him to stop messing around with the brats and calm down, but Samatoki isn’t having any of it and Sasara also gets punched. Sasara gets angry with Samatoki because he was just trying to be nice, but Samatoki isn’t hearing any of it.
We go back to Jakurai and Ramuda, and Ramuda tells Jakurai that he really DOES hate him after all and sticks out his tongue. Jakurai says, “is that so,” and that he also doesn’t think they’ll be able to get along after all.
Ichiro says that he’ll settle this with Kuko the next time they meet. Kuko says that’s his line.
Samatoki tells Sasara he won’t forget that he treated him like a kid and he’ll crush him the next time they meet. Sasara retorts, “What’s wrong with treating a kid like a kid?” And promises the same.
Ramuda tells Jakurai to be careful walking alone at night, and Jakurai says he’ll turn the tables on him. All 6 MCs shout “Hmmph!” and walk away, ending the scene and the track.
Apologies, the tweet above is NOT the end! The actual end:

The scene changes back to Honobono, who is struggling to walk and nowhere near as lighthearted as she was earlier. Honobono comments to herself that the six division leaders were much stronger than she expected.
If she doesn't do something, things could go wrong. She needs to find more pawns, and thankfully has an idea where to start. She giggles, and the track REALLY ends.
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