I’ve gotten a lot of bad advice in my career and I see even more of it here on Twitter.

Time for a green tea and some truth you probably don’t want to hear:
You should care what people think about you.

Your family. Employees. Business partners. Customers.

Impress all of these people. They matter.
Stop playing small games.

Coupon-cutting.Returning things worth $20 is useless. Driving out of your way to save $ on gas is a waste of time.

Spend that 20 minutes getting your next customer worth millions of dollars.

And then buy a Tesla so you don’t have to pay for gas.
Don’t be friends with people that hold you back.

You have to ruthlessly cultivate your tribe. This sometimes means letting past friendships go.

And especially eliminate the negative people.
Extremely intelligent people should not go to college.

They should go apply for the Thiel Fellowship.

Also, college is not for education. College is about learning how to make friends and (kind of) learning how to be an adult.
All advice should be taken with a grain of salt.

Advice is contextual. What worked for one person may not work for another.

And always understand incentives.

Your barber always thinks you’d look better with a haircut.
Television is toxic.

The average American spends 4 hours per day watching TV.

That’s almost another full-time job every week!

People spend 8 hours a weekend watching sports and then wonder why they’re not successful. Get off the couch and go do something useful.
Most people should not buy Real Estate on their own.

You have no idea what you’re doing and it will end bad (especially in this market).

If you want RE exposure invest in REITs or with a GP that you trust deeply. REITs are less risky.
Work 60-80 hour weeks in your 20’s.

It makes the rest of your life much easier.

Hustle culture is great for young people.
Who you marry is the most important life decision you make.

Be worthy of a worthy spouse.

Don’t screw it up.
For males: don’t think with the wrong head.

No matter how wealthy/successful you are, men still aren’t smart enough to learn this lesson.

Just look at Jeff Bezos.
Focus on the long-term.

Cheating on your spouse may give you short-term pleasure.

What about when you’re old and alone because your wife left you and kids hate you?

Think long-term.
The meaning of life is life itself.

You won’t be happy when you achieve “X” goal.

Be Happy now!

A trick to get there: when you wake up everyday, say to yourself: “This is going to be the best day of my life!”

After enough days, it’ll become your new reality.
My best mentors are dead.

Ben Franklin, Rockefeller, Krishnamurti, the list goes on. Read everything about them and others.

I’ve learned more from dead people than I ever could’ve imagined.
None of us are truly free.

We all have commitments. To our family, investors, partners, employees.

This is a positive thing for society. No one should be 100% free.
You don’t need a federal minimum wage.

You need to learn a specific skill + work hard & focus + use leverage.

Minimum wage is society telling you that’s all your worth.
Live close to your family.

One of the modern day tragedies is we’re not near our families.

This is a new phenomenon and is not healthy for humans.
You can be the next Elon, Gates, Musk.

You just can’t get there the same way they did.
Have no identity.

Labeling yourself as being part of a certain group funnels you into an ideology that you must always agree with. This is toxic.

Have no identity and you can be a free thinker.
Service-based businesses aren’t that great.

Low cost labor is a pain to deal with. Showing up late, quitting when you need them most.

If you have no money, it’s a great place to start. If you have money, it’s a hassle.

Software is much better.
Stop spending so much time thinking about your business idea.

You’re overthinking.

Go get customers. That’s it. That’s all that matters.
Lay another brick.

Don't think about building the house or the wall. Just lay another brick as best you can.

When life gets you down, lay another brick.
Be very interested in other people.

We all love talking about ourselves. Why? We already know ourselves.

The only way you’ll learn something new is by asking others about themselves.
Alcohol is holding you back.

Drinking every weekend is a weird cultural thing.

I’ve seen so many people live unhappy lives because they drink rather than do something worthwhile to achieve happiness.
Chase your passion.

People say your passion is overrated. I don’t think so. If you can make money with something you’re passionate about you are in a unique position.

Anyone can turn their passion into an opportunity to make money with the internet.
The internet can make anyone an entrepreneur.

I think most people still don’t realize this yet.

Riches are found in Niches.
It’s riskier to be a W-2 employee than it is to be an entrepreneur.

You have 1 customer (your boss).

I’ve seen Silicon Valley dudes “fail upwards” for years. The reality is they took chances, gained skills, and cultivated amazing networks.
Most people shouldn’t be entrepreneurs.

Be prepared for financial struggle, anxiety, mental health problems, etc.

If you want to survive you have to create an extremely resilient mindset.
The 3 most harmful addictions are heroin, carbohydrates, and a monthly salary. (h/t @nntaleb)

A salary is a life-long addiction for most.
The rent is due every. single. day.

Success is not owned, It is leased and rent is due Everyday.

So every day, get up, and pay the rent.

Inspired by @TheRock
Bitcoin isn’t a traditional investment.

It’s a hedge against the collapse of the US Dollar and the potential downfall of the US.

Learn how self-custody works (it’s risky) and don’t hold your crypto on an exchange.

Few understand this.
The Left and The Right don’t care about us. It’s not about Red vs. Blue.

It’s about the People vs. the Establishment.
You should have changed your mind on a deeply-held belief in the past 12 months.

If not, you haven’t gotten smarter.
Reading comprehension is a great superpower.

It’s completely meritocratic. A kid from a village in India can become a Billionaire by learning how to read.

You can learn anything.
You’re not fat because of your genetics.

You’re fat because you don’t workout or eat right.

Everything is in your own control.
Extreme ownership is a mindset that everybody should have.

Society would be in a much better place.
You need to learn how to sell.

Everybody is a salesperson. Convincing your kid to do something, Asking your boss for a raise, or Negotiating with a vendor.

Everything is Sales.
Ego is the enemy.

Your ego holds you back from understanding things from 1st principles because you’re unwilling to say “I don’t know”.

Eliminate your ego and be curious.
Intellectual Curiosity will get you far.

Always ask “why” 5 times if you want to learn this skill.
Don’t talk about people. Talk about ideas.

Talking about people (even businesspeople) is just gossip.

@friedberg embodies this.
Stop giving advice and spend more time asking questions.

Great mentors ask questions rather than giving advice.

There is a subtle, but HUGE difference.
Stop asking for advice and go build things.

I see a lot of people DM and email others to meet for 15 minutes.

You don’t need 15 minutes. You need to go get customers.
1 + 1 = 3.

Increasing the income of an asset by $100k, can increase the VALUE of the asset by $10M.

This is a very powerful lesson. Once you learn it, the world looks different.
Focus on Enterprise value.

Stop only looking at your company in terms of Revenue, Profit, or Cash Flow.

Understand the Enterprise value of your business and how to grow it.
Self-sabotage is the most common impediment to success.

I’ve seen too many people get held back because they couldn’t get out of their own way.
Find a personal hobby that challenges you.

Since I picked up golf, I have a way to constantly challenge myself in something that isn’t work.

This has been so tough, but extremely rewarding.
This thread shouldn’t come off as me being virtuous.

Most of this is advice I’ve been given or I’ve continued to give myself.

Your Mileage May Vary. Take it for what it’s worth. I’m just a dude on the internet.
Thanks for reading!

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