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taehyung may or not maybe was simping over a person whose profile he saw from his insta suggestions, only later to find out its his ex bf's elder brother.
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• in denial to accept the feelings
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-`,✎ let's start
- ̗̀ะ🌸'༄♡
the noise of water running could be heard from the washroom as a certain ravenette was taking a cold shower bath after returning from gym spending whole evening there, all sweaty .
he was humming a soft tune as the water droplets continued to run down on every inch of his soft milky skin, black curly hair sticking on his forehead.
after getting satisfied with his bath, jungkook finally turned off the shower and came out from the washroom wrapping a towel around his waist .

he was still humming the tune as he went to his closet and grabbed one tee shirt and shorts .
after changing into the tee and pants, he was drying his hair now with the towel when he sat on the bed and decided to check his notifications thinking if he had missed anything important while he was busy with his boxing practice .
he was just scrolling through his phone when suddenly a notification popped up on his phone,
his eyebrows furrowed at the username and decided to check the person's profile.

he blinked his eyes few times when his eyes caught the icon of the profile in his notification box, his breathing becoming shaky as his heart beat started rising up.
‘god please don't play with me! is it really him?’

he finally tapped on the profile almost stopped breathing and next thing he knows he's releasing a loud gasp.
“he followed me? why? isn't he jihwa's ex boyfriend now? i-i will follow him back, i am sure i don't want to be looked like a jerk just because his and jihwa's relationship didn't worked,i—i ugh fuck it”
he thought and tried to reassure himself tilting his head side to side and finally pressed on the follow back button.
he just thought of going through the younger's profile a little. it's not like he's interested in taehyung or something. pfft he just wanted to see how's the younger doing in his life.
he met taehyung only once face to face but he had seen him in the past numerous times when the younger used to visit his younger brother, because jihwa and taehyung used to be best friends.

he still vividly recalled the younger's unique boxy smile, cute giggling noises.
but then he left Seoul and went to Busan, and after one month he got to know his brother is now dating taehyung.

he sighed ,jaw clenching suddenly at the few bitter memories flooding inside his head.
he still has so many questions , and he wished he will get their answers someday.

nonethelessly he shakes his head and tapped on the first post.
he was about to scroll down to another post when he saw his mother was calling him.

he smiled and received the the call.
[ in the first picture, it should be “mom i know jihwa needs you both” ** ]
he had a big smile on his face after talking to his mother, he looked at the clock and nodded to himself putting his phone on the charger.

he arranged his bed to sleep with a small yawn, and laid down on his back hoping the new uni will go well.
[ next day: morning ]

tae was just in his class sitting on his usual seat talking with jimin ,well more like jimin teasing him for the accidentally following jihwa's brother on insta.
“shut up! shut up! stop teasing me” tae whined with a pout and huffed as the orange haired male continued to giggle at him teasingly.
“by the way tae, i head there's a new boy joining our uni from today. namjoon hyung was telling me earlier and that boy will be in football team ,you cheer too! maybe you will find someone finally ” jimin said with a suggestive smirk and tae just shrugged.
they couldn't talk further as the professor soon entered and started their class. but during the whole class tae couldn't seem to focus on the class, his mind was filled with few questions and a certain someone.

tae was changing in the changing room getting ready into his cheer costume , that's when he heard few squealing noises coming from outside.

he furrowed his eyebrows as he with few difficulties zipped the chain of his top.
he looked at his reflection one more time and came out from the room, slowly going towards the field when he again heard some girls and boys giggling to themselves.
“gosh! he's so hot!”

“yeah i am glad he joined our uni, atleast my eyes could be blessed with such a greek god everyday”

tae rolled his eyes as he finally understood that they must be talking about the new senior jimin was talking about earlier in the morning.
he just hoped that jock won't be like some of the other jocks, like total assholes.

he took his pom pom and went to their cheer captain who cooed looking at him,
“so here's finally my best cheerleader huh? let me introduce you with the new player joined today ” the cheer captain, sam said smiling widely at him, making him smile too. he really likes their cheer captain.

sam noona is always so sweet and caring towards the team.
“player number 97! Can you please come here a bit ” sam yelled glancing at tae then at the field again.

and tae finally decided to look at the field and meet the senior everyone is so talking about.
tae suddenly felt his feet gluing to the ground, pink luscious lips parting unconsciously as an inaudible gasp left past from them, eyes going wide like saucers, heart skipping few beats as a faint blush decorated on the apple of his cheeks.
a sudden adrenaline rush flowing in his veins as he took the sight in front of him, as he looked at the new player! player 97, jeon jungkook.

the elder is coming towards his direction while the back of his hand wiping sweat from his forehead, other hand carrying a bottle of water.
and when the elder's eyes finally caught his frame he could see him mirroring the exact same reaction he just had a little moment ago.

both are surprised to meet each other, hearts beating erratically the more they came closer to each other.
and finally when jungkook stood in front of him, they both couldn't take their eyes from each other. sharing an intense stare in between them.
they finally came out from their small staring contest when sam cleared her throat and coughed beside them.

taehyung and jungkook both turned their gazes from each other on the floor , cheeks flushing bright red .

they looked at each other and immediately looked away.
“Uhm so tae meet player number 97,jeon jungkook.he joined our uni from today. he's a great player i must say just by watching him playing for some time here! And jungkook meet taehyung! our best cheerleader”
sam introduced them to each other who nodded their heads a little shyly.
both of them were confused why are they so nervous or the weird feeling they're feeling right now when they shared a glance at each other. both were confused for different reasons.
nevertheless they decided to shrug off the feeling and focus on the present, on themselves right now.
“hello taehyung! nice to meet you” jungkook said stretching forward his hand, breaking the silence first.

the younger glanced at his hand timidly biting his bottom lip and stretches his own hand forward too to shake their hands with the others.
“nice meeting you too hyung”
taehyung said with a soft smile and he felt something shifted inside jungkook's eyes, iris darkening before the elder's lips twitches into a bright grin again.
they both smiled and then bid each other,so jungkook will focus on his practice while taehyung on his new cheer performance.

of course sneaking glances at each other in between very often.
- ̗̀ะ🌸'༄♡
taehyung felt like he can breath finally when the practice finally finished. for the first time, he felt so much difficult to focus on his performance .
he for the first time made few mistakes too and he clearly remembered sam's slightly disappointed look at first but then again she cheered him up.

he wants to bury himself on the ground at the moment for losing his focus.
he can't help but grumbled under his breath as he watched the new player, player number 97. sweat tickling down his body, hair sticking on his forehead.

he knows it's stupid and childish but still he blamed the elder for distracting him.
his throat grew dry the more he watched the player pouring the cold water from the water bottle on his whole face, the jersey he was wearing now sticking to his skin so closely that he can see the elder's well built body through out the wet cloth.
he averted his gaze from the other when he felt he's looking too much at him. he had been ogling the elder through out the whole practice session yet he was feeling he can't take off his eyes from the other. clearly mesmerized by the other.
heat crawled up to his cheek at the realization ,a tingling feeling rose up in his tummy which he brushed off harshly and decided to go and change into his formal clothes.

after changing , taehyung was coming out from the room when he bumped into someone. he immediately bowed murmuring sorrys while he heard the other person doing the same.

and then his eyes widened realizing who's voice is it.

the person he badly wants to avoid.
he immediately straightened his posture and faced the ravenette who seemed to be looked like that he also took a shower recently and now changed into new fresh clothes.
both of them smiled a little yet there was an awkwardness lingering in the air, both of them don't know how to or what to say right now.
jungkook watched the younger slightly fidgeting on his spot, he couldn't help but chuckled mentally at the younger's cuteness.

everything taehyung does, jungkook finds it so endearing.
he knows the younger was looking at him when he was practicing today, he tried to hide the smugness somehow.

well taehyung wasn't the only one who was watching him. he was sneaking glances too. the younger has changed so much from when he last saw him, in a good way of course.
he wants to talk to him but he don't know how to approach the other cutting the awkward tension between them, he and taehyung has never really talked heck they only met each other once face to face!

maybe some day he can finally will be able to talk to the younger but not today.
he still needs some time to adjust in the university for someday and maybe slowly both he and tae will start talking .
he looked at the younger who was still standing in front of him, the soft features on his bare face made him want to coo loudly but he controlled when he noticed the other's cheeks puffing out a little.
“i think you should go right now! almost everyone left the uni ”

jungkook's voice brought taehyung back to his senses who looked at him with wide puppy eyes before nodding his head vigorously.
“uhm yeah! I think you too! so bye hyung?”

taehyung uttered hurriedly and it sounded more like a question than a statement.
and jungkook?

he couldn't control the small hearty laugh that escaped pass through his mouth watching the younger amusedly before he shakes his head to himself.
hands hesitantly placing on taehyung's shoulder watching sneakily at the other's face to notice if it made him uncomfortable or not and he muttered with a smile,

“calm down taehyung! i will go after collecting a book from the library. and yeah! bye! see you tomorrow”
taehyung restrained the urge to close his eyes when the elder's fingertips touched his shoulder, slightly brushing on his bare skin that brought an electrifying spark in his spine, his heart started beating faster, the tip of his ears and his neck suddenly started heating up.
the soft warm touch seemed to ignite a sudden heat across his whole body.

he blinked his eyes few times and nodded his head watching the other smiling at him. he gulped and bid his good bye and left from there hurriedly, not wanting the other to see him flustered.
when taehyung was returning from the uni in his car, eyes wandering outside watching the various scenarios.

he could still feel vividly his heart beat rising up whenever the elder's face flashing in front of his eyes or +
+ the mere touch for few seconds was still bringing a new foreign feeling inside his tummy.

the same feeling he badly wanted to feel when he was dating jihwa few years back, but he never experienced.
suddenly his face paled remembering some not so sweet memories from his past that made his eyes sting with unshed tears with a sudden thought,

“does he—does jungkook hyung also felt the same way after watching me like jihwa felt few years back?”
sudden rush of insecurities started to build up in his veins and he decided to plug in the headphones and listen to his favourite playlist.

the best way to distract him right now from the unwanted memories and thoughts.
maybe he's over thinking? jihwa and jungkook aren't the same person, maybe they're brothers but maybe their personalities aren't the same.

and maybe he wished he's right in his heart.

jungkook looked at the ceiling, a bright bunny grin was playing across his face as he remembered the small conversation or how his first day he spent today at the university.
when he went to the uni, he just went there casually and will complete his degree bla bla bla.

but now there's a excitement playing in his heart after meeting taehyung. a feeling he can't explain was settling in the pit of his tummy making him beam in joy.
jungkook studied a little for tomorrow's class then noticed the time and decided to sleep for now ending the studies for today.

he was drinking water while scrolling through his insta, for may or not maybe certain someone's post.
he choked on the water he was drinking when he finally came across that certain someone's post, his mouth hung open and eyes wide as he watched the picture with slightly hooded eyes.
he tugged on his bottom lip a little harshly, watching the younger's post in a loop with a frown now etched across his face, eyes darkening with mixed emotions and tongue went inside his mouth and poking his inner cheek.
he doesn't like the feeling he was feeling right now thinking about thousands of other people seeing the younger's those soft plushy thighs and ogling him , his perfect body proportions throwing filthy comments in the comments section.

a nasty feeling rose up in his tummy.
- ̗̀ะ🌸'༄♡
jungkook knows he has know no right to behave like the way he's behaving right now. it's the younger's life and he can do whatever he wants in his life.
he switched off his phone putting it on charger and decided to sleep. probably he should start avoid thinking about the younger for somedays.

yeah that would be better for now.

one week passed and it seemed more like taehyung started avoiding jungkook after that day.

they only talked when it's needed apart from it they almost didn't talked or taehyung recognized the other's presence.
and jungkook felt mixed emotions suddenly, he was relieved one side that he got some space for himself because of the younger's ignorance .

on the other side, he was afraid. afraid if he did something that made the younger avoid him suddenly?
never in his dreams he will want taehyung to feel uncomfortable in his presence so the thought sure made his stomach churn with few emotions.
though he reassured himself that it's nothing probably the younger also need some space because maybe his presence reminds taehyung about his younger brother.
he would still sneak few glances of the younger during their practices and he noticed if their eyes made contact then taehyung will break it immediately throwing a small smile towards his direction.

it's tuesday and his football practices got cancelled today due to some announcement the uni will be announcing today.
he looked at his side towards his seatmate, namjoon, in a small amount of time they became really good friends. the elder is very intelligent, smart, caring also quite funny.
“ namjoon do you have any idea what's the principal can announce today?”

he asked in between their class. the class was so boring that jungkook fell almost sleep but restrained himself hardly.
whereas namjoon was writing down the notes the professor was lecturing in concentration.

he stopped writing for a moment then looked at him and nodded his head and again started writing.
“oh? and what is it?”

jungkook asked and namjoon replied in a hushed voice ,

“art festival! don't ask me now much about it! i have to write these notes down. and you will know soon more eventually later after this class ends”
jungkook pouted a little but nodded to himself nonethelessly before giving his attention to the class too.

jungkook's mouth formed a shape of 'o' when he entered the auditorium, almost all of the seats are filled with students and the room is filled with their loud chattering.
his eyes scanned the rows and they finally stopped on one familiar face who had a big smile on his face and talking to an orange haired male .
after one week jungkook finally witnessed the younger smiling so bright and beautifully. he could tell the younger is somehow excited by the enthusiasm swarming in his eyes which made a smile spread across his own lips unconsciously.
he don't know how much time he was staring at the younger, before he snapped out of his thoughts by a tap on his shoulder.

he flinched lightly and turned around to face namjoon who was motioning him to follow so they can find a place to sit .
jungkook nodded and followed the other and soon they sat on a gallery which was right opposite of taehyung's .

he almost started zoning out again if the principal's voice didn't prevented him. they all stood up and bowed to the principal who just entere the room.
“good afternoon students! please sit down”

the principal said with a warm smile and everyone obliged to his words.
“so i think many of you know why we're gathered here today and you guys are correct. our university is going to organize an art fest like every year. rules are simple one junior year student will be paired with a senior year student from art department and they +
+ have to work on two assignments for the fest. your HOD will give the assignment subjects so after pairing, everyone of you should meet him.
+ you guys have 3 weeks to prepare everything and then submit one copy of your work to your respective teacher and on the fourth week the teacher will tell you if there's anything you need to change or add. +
+ and next month the fest will be held where you will able to exhibit your arts. the best three of them will be choosen by professional artists and will be given scholarships.
for further details you may can check the notice board or our university website. and for doubts and problems consult your teachers.


like every year the students apart from art department who are willing to volunteer in helping the other teachers in the decorations or food section, you may can meet mrs.lee and mr.kang after this session.
+ that's all i had to say. best of luck everyone and now students you may can meet your HOD and others can leave too”

with that the principal finished his words and left the podium while the student's clapping noise echoed the room .
soon everyone started leaving the room, the students making their ways towards their respective department teachers or some making their ways for their home.
jungkook bid good bye to namjoon for the day and he also made his way towards the art department as he hoped he will be paired with a decent junior student as he's still new to this uni.
though he was excited for the fest, he was a little tensed thinking about his football practice and fest schedule overlapping. he really wished his fest partner's schedule won't mess his own schedule too.
he found almost everyone is paired up and now he's feeling awkward because he knows none of them from the junior department.

though he soon came out of his thoughts when the professor called him and said,
“oh jungkook i hope you haven't choosen your partner yet! i have one student in my head with whom i would like you to be paired. he's my best student in junior department's class while your painting really amazed me too. just wait a little, he's not here still yet”
jungkook felt a relief washed over him as he don't have to choose his partner and whatever the professor said, he doesn't have any problem with that even he will be honoured to work with someone talented who's his equal competition.
withing few minutes there's taehyung who entered the room panting and murmuring sorry to the HOD showing his puppy eyes,

“sorry professor! i had to meet sam urgently”
the professor nodded his head and motioned him to come towards him where jungkook was present too.

both taehyung and jungkook stole few glances from each other and averting their gazes immediately with rapid heart beats.
“taehyung i don't know if you have met jungkook yet, he's a new student here and i want you guys to be paired with each other for the fest. the way you use the drip technique while jungkook paints in his acrylic style . i would love to see a set of each combination from you”
the professor said . jungkook and taehyung looked at each and then at their professor before nodding their heads and muttering in unison,

“sure/okay professor”
the professor smiled at them and continued,

“so your subjects will be, 1) youth like our childhood memories! the paining's name is upto you of course.
2) young love or like the feeling of falling in love , and again the painting's name is upto you.

you may can add few lines of your own thoughts underneath them,it'll be better. i hope i am clear”

taehyung and jungkook smiled at him and nodded their heads.

“best of luck you may can leave now like others” the professor said and they bowed before left the room.


both of them muttered lowly in unison and immediately glanced at each other. the elder scratched behind his ear shyly and taehyung held himself back from cooing at the elder, his face breaking into a soft grin,
“let's meet tomorrow so we can talk about the fest yeah?”

jungkook looked at him and nodded his head,

“sure partner ”
and the younger break into a fit of laughter before nodding his head, “p-partner! yes partner!” then added, “see you tomorrow then? ”

and jungkook smiled sheepishly , with that they separated their ways.

after returning from the uni jungkook still had a small smile on his face. he don't know why but he was really excited to work with taehyung.
maybe because finally he will be able to know the other more closely. and will make sure to notice if the younger is uncomfortable around him.
though he still recall the younger's pretty face and the beautiful smile he just witnessed few minutes ago.

he feels oddly content just by watching the other smile so beautifully.

taehyung deserves to be the happiest person in the world.
and after the ignoring each other for god knows why was really getting on his nerves too.

instead of getting the needed space, taehyung's thoughts were more wandering inside his head .
so what today happened he was really happy with the turn of events.

he looked at the clock and pouted after noticing it's too late to go sleep tonight.

well he couldn't help but visited his gym room today after returning from uni ,don't want to abandon his gym schedule.
he hummed to himself when a thought suddenly erupted in his head and a frown etched across his face.
“we're meeting tomorrow but i don't know anything about his schedule so does he. so how are we going to know that which time both of us will be free”

jungkook muttered to himself and took his phone in his hand as he knows the only place where he can talk to the other.
but he wasn't sure if the younger is still online at this hour.

but soon he got his answer and his eyes sparkled.
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