The first satellite images of Russia's attack on Ukraine:

Planet imagery of Chuhuiv Airbase outside of Kharkiv – captured three days ago and today, respectively.

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Planet imagery of Mikolaiv Air Base in Ukraine appears to show a Russian strike:

First image from Feb. 21, second (and crop) are from today.
Maxar satellite imagery of damage to fuel storage areas and airport infrastructure at Chuhuiv Airbase: $MAXR #Ukraine
Maxar imagery shows heavy armor and artillery in more than 50 heavy equipment transporters (HETs) assembled at the Brestsky training area near Brest, Belarus: $MAXR
Maxar imagery captured a large Russian military convoy near Sergievka, which is ~6 miles east of the Ukraine border, and heading in a westerly direction toward #Ukraine: $MAXR
Capella synthetic aperture radar (SAR) imagery shows numerous vehicles near the Belarus-Ukraine border, as well as four “probable” S-300 surface-to-air missile systems staging outside of Belgorod, Russia:
BlackSky imagery captured on Sunday shows shelling damage and craters near residential areas north of Ukraine city Kharkiv:
Planet imagery taken on Saturday of the destroyed Kamaryn Slavutych Border Crossing Bridge, which connects Belarus and Ukraine across the Dnieper River:
Planet imagery captured on Sunday of a fire at Ukraine's Vasylkiv Air Base outside of Kyiv:
Planet imagery captured on Feb. 20 and Feb. 28 shows the effect of strikes at the Antonov airport in Ukraine, with the An-225 Mriya relocated into a now damaged hangar:
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