We have a serious problem which must be addressed. And it's a lot of what I believe @tedcruz is really getting widely criticized for -- which I agree with btw, despite considering him to be a friend -- but it's broader than just Ted.

I will address it in this thread.
First, let's stipulate to an undeniable truth of history -- whoever has control over the flow of information in any society ultimately has control.
To that end, see this tweet from my buddy @kylamb8 who works for @GovRonDeSantis, in response to what he's seeing this morning from the SCOTUS hearing on evil and unethical Covid jab mandates: https://twitter.com/kylamb8/status/1479473368181137409
Furthermore, I did a Twitter poll recently which almost 10k people voted in, asking how many people believe Trump is even aware of Covid doctors/experts/sources independent of the corporate narrative, given Trump's continued support for past lockdowns and repeated jabs now?
80% voted they don't believe Trump even knows who doctors/experts/sources like @P_McCulloughMD are, and I wholeheartedly agree with that majority sentiment. Or, at the very least, Trump does know and has willfully chosen to ignore them.
Every day for almost two years now, I get feedback from listeners/viewers who cannot believe what they hear other alternative media people say about Covid. With questions like do you know these people, how can they not know this stuff, etc?
Frankly, more people need to learn the lesson I had to learn the hard way the last few years, and become more radicalized informationally. I get this comes with a danger, or the ultimate danger everyone in this business fears -- being de-platformed, shunned, ostracized, etc.
Unfortunately, we are in an era now when simply providing an alternative take on corporate media's spin, while still assuming corporate media largely provides correct information, is null and void.
We are beyond bias to full-throat Spirit of the Age deception/delusion now. And that means the ground is bad. It doesn't need a new or better fertilizer. It needs to be razed. The water table is contaminated. The source is corrupted.
Therefore, we can no longer as a movement/industry/party/etc continue with a paradigm of providing an alternative take on agreed-upon information. THE INFORMATION ITSELF IS BAD.
Thus, it is no longer enough to create streams of alternative analysis. We must now create reservoirs of alternative information. If you are simply analyzing corporate media information, you are doing the intellectual equivalent to helping to spread Zyklon B.
There is no there, there. There's nothing righteous there. Those are dry bones. When they tell the truth, it's either accident, mistake, or to set up a different lie later. There's no information in corporate media anymore, only intent to deceive. It's not news, only narrative.
I understand accepting this reality makes our jobs harder. My job is easily more stressful than ever, and of course rival gaslighting will emerge to compete with the established variety, which makes the truth more elusive. Tribalism begats tribalism.
Some will demand their untrue narrative is now pushed in response to the other's untrue narrative, and attempt to justify it because accepting one sector's gaslighting is too much to bear.
However, zero times zero is just zero. A dueling lie never leads us to the truth. At the same time, accepting the premise of unfiltered and unapologetic propaganda, and then explaining yourselves from there, doesn't make you reasonable. You're a mark. You've been had.
And I get this, because I had previously been had. I couldn't believe they would just make up Kavanaugh as an undiscovered marauding gang rapist allegations out of thin air -- but they did.
Then, I couldn't believe a decorated veteran and patriot like Robert Mueller would allow himself to become the useful idiot/wanton tool of an obvious coup attempt, so there had to be something there.
There wasn't, and I was wrong about that, too. Dead wrong, in fact. At this point now, I have a choice to make. I can hold on to my self-righteous assumptions and continue to be self-deluded, or admit a difficult and very inconvenient truth.
I admitted the latter, that I'm not the smartest guy in the room. That I don't know better. That I can't just assume things anymore. And it was that admission that prepared me for the greatest delusion still to come -- Covidstan.
I believe Cruz accepted the premise of the enemy's January 6th narrative because that's where he gets most of his information. And if it can happen to arguably the most conservative member of the U.S. Senate, it can happen to a lot of big names.
And I have previous exchanges with Ted and his office on the topic of Covid, that reinforce my conclusion. If you accept the information premise of the enemy, you will eventually disseminate it. Bad information corrupts good character.
I cannot tell you how many name conservative figures/politicians/etc I have shared factual information with on Covid with they had never heard before. Including people in the Trump White House. How could I know of studies/data before they did?
I have a successful show, but I'm no big name superstar. Hell, I've been on Fox News primetime a grand total of 5 minutes once my entire career. So it's not like people are coming to me with this information. I had to go and find it.
If your name is Senator so-and-so people will come to you with good information. If your name is President Trump, they will do it all the more. The question, then, becomes about you.
Will you continue to check the Politico tip sheet first thing in the morning, Senator, or will you listen? Will you fire Fauci, Mr. President, or will you let him wreck you presidency?
More folks with serious platforms are going to have to give up the assumption that every time their base comes to them with something that totally contradicts the established narrative, it's because they're crazy.
Instead, they need to humble themselves and realize they're crazy for continuing to accept the established narrative. And then putting your conservative spin on it doesn't make you smart, but a conserver of a lie. Again, you're the mark, not the man.
Otherwise, we're going to continue to see more unnecessary self-immolations like what happened with Ted this week. For the same forces lying in our media are lying in our government -- because they are one and the same, and colluding with each other.
Which brings me back to my buddy Kyle. Do you know why he's working in DeSantis' office? Because Ron understood that if he was going to challenge Covidstan successfully, he needed real data. He couldn't just do it on a pro-liberty instinct.
Because while Americans care deeply about their liberty, they care even more about their health. So the question is it safe had to be answered just as much as is it constitutional? Kyle is part of Ron's effort.
It's why the governor has hosted @MartinKulldorff and @DrJBhattacharya for events. He hasn't avoided experts, he's actually sought them out. DeSantis has followed the data, which folks like Kyle analyze and share, not just an alternative spin on the Covidstan narrative.
DeSantis has made Florida free by freeing it from the Covidstan information delusion. Floridians know they're free AND safe. As do DeSantis' political opponents, which is why so many of them still hypocritically vacation in the state he governs.
He didn't just act on constitutional instinct, but realized if he can't trust these people on the law of the land, he probably can't trust them on public health or anything else for that matter.
What DeSantis has done is a political prototype for how we need to deploy in the future. It's not enough to assume the information is biased anymore. Start now with assuming it's actually disinformation and go from there.
I know this thread is long, thank you if you got to the end.
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