You know, the nice thing about the Jan 6 Committee is that it can generate reports and criminal referrals without disturbing the MOUNTAIN of counterintelligence that FBI and DOJ has to manage.

Thus, y'all get why some of this had to go slower than you wanted, right?
Congress doesn't collect intel. It doesn't have a "National Security Division" like DOJ. It can just gather evidence via subpoena without dipping into classified intel.

Makes it's reporting to the public faster and its criminal referrals way cleaner - and quicker.
Another aspect that the stampede of knuckleheads yelling at both Merrick Garland *and* the Jan 6 Committee keep missing:

Because the Jan 6 Committee is doing its own investigation, it has nothing to do with the speed of DOJ's - which could start indicting at *any moment.*
Counter to the bleatings of faux experts, there's no ESPN for grand juries - you're not going to get a chryon with every DOJ indictment filed. Nor sealed. So there's no warning.

Also, Garland's DOJ could unleash hell on the main traitors at basically any moment.
Moreover, it's to DOJ's advantage to let the Jan 6 Committee handle its *separate* duties in public - yet still under oath, still compelled by a government entity with subpoena power.

All the lies told, all the 5th Amendment's invoked...count at trial for whatever DOJ does.
BUT THAT'S NOT ALL! Of course, the main traitors are almost certainly under some pretty serious Title III warrants. When they call their idiot traitor friends about how to handle the Jan 6 Committee's questions - to get their stories straight - those transcripts will sink them.
Not to mention, lawyers who can handle Congressional inquiries are *not* the same hourly rate as the guy who did wrote your will. Those dudes are $1000/hr.

If any foreigners launder money in to pay to defend these traitors from Congress, THAT evidence is fun, too!
All of that investigation transcends anything that was in the Mueller report. This escapes the morass of the insider threats who likely tainted a considerable number of investigations under Sessions, Whitaker, and Barr.

The Jan 6 investigation is fresh, clean, and fatal.
Just the Congressional part of the Jan 6 investigation is the stuff of nightmares for democracy's enemies. They all lunged at America at once - from multiple nations - all to prevent Joe Biden and Merrick Garland from taking the reins.

And they exposed every possible asset.
The assets, the agents, the handlers, and the ringleaders of that attack (tied, of course, to endless numbers of other bad acts) left, apparently, every form of forensic evidence in the history of man.

Phone calls. GPS location data. Texts. Signal. Cryptocurrency.
Not only with the number of criminals exposed by the January 6 investigation number in the thousands - that number may be indistinguishable from the Federal, state, and international prosecutions started by what is exposed.

So there's only one goal: VOTING RIGHTS.
The assault on democracy is going to accelerate because if we keep having the rule of law, every criminal network on Earth will be burned to the last ember.

So we have to stop the scumbags from stealing our right to vote. Which they will try. In increasingly obvious ways.
Now you know. Want to defeat the traitors? Run for school board. County council. Be a poll worker.

Run this Republic like it belongs to the people.

It's up to all of now. 😎🇺🇸
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