Solar farms require 300-400x more land than nuclear plants
California is planning on shutting down this nuclear plant in 2024-25 and replacing it with solar farms and fossil fuels. In the name of the environment
The excuse given is that the slightly warm (clean) water that leaves the plant might hurt the wildlife, but there’s no evidence of that, and every time I’ve visited, the area around the plant has been thick with humpback whales and sea lions:
80% of solar panels are made by Uyghur Muslims drawn from concentration camps under conditions the State Dept calls “genocide”
To build solar farms on deserts in California & other states you have to kill a lot of endangered desert tortoises. To save the environment.
How it started How it’s going
Solar panels will never be recycled because doing so is far more expensive than just buying new raw materials

And so disposing of them will increase the total cost of electricity from solar panels *four-fold,* according to a recent study published in Harvard Business Review
Rooftop solar costs 50% more than tortoise-killing solar “farms,” & increased the price of California electricity 7x more than rest of US, and so California has decided to kill a lot more tortoises.
Yes, nuclear is the safest way to make electricity. Yes, people were killed by Chernobyl, but just ~200 total over ~80 years. No, people don't have to wait 10k years to return to Chernobyl & Fukushima. Many & most already have, they could have sooner, had they not panicked.
Yes, it sounds crazy, but it's true. Fear of nuclear power stems from a) fear of nuclear weapons, which really are the most dangerous things in the world, but are not the same as power plants, b) a fossil fuel-financed war on nuclear, c) Malthusian hatred of high-energy planet
And no, batteries don't solve it, bc they're ridiculously expensive at grid scale, and yes, the people who draw a red box on a desert and claim it could power the USA/world are indeed lying to you, and have been lying about solar and batteries for 50 years
Actually, some people have been lying about renewables for 200 years, but the modern-day lying dates back to the sixties, naturally
And, yes, nuclear waste is the best kind of waste. It should be stored above ground, like they do in Netherlands, & the reason people want to bury it is because they're a) paid off b) in the grip of a superstition & trying to return it to the underworld
Isn't there some free, entertaining video you could watch about renewables/nuclear rather than have to read all this?

There is!

Now with 3M views! 😅
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