izuku, suddenly, pointing somewhere: aaahhh!

katsuki & the guard : *looks*

izuku : *grabs kazuma and runs*

katsuki, chasing him : deku, goddammit!!!

kazuma : daddy who's that guy?

izuku : uh.. my friend?

kazuma : why are we running from him?

izuku : ...cause it's fun? https://twitter.com/damareizuki/status/1446139511218458627
kazuma : is he my other daddy?

izuku, gasp : why would you think that, kazuma?!

kazuma : daddy, i look like him.

izuku :

kazuma :

izuku : uh...

kazuma : lying is bad, daddy.

izuku : i didn't say anything!

katsuki, still chasing them : deku, i swear to god!
izuku, still running : we'll talk when we get home!

kazuma, looking at katsuki chasing them : hey! you're my other daddy right? *shouts their address* see you there!

izuku, horrified : kazuma!

katsuki, smirking : thanks, brat!

kazuma : i am not a brat! see you there!
the two got home

izuku, holds both his shoulders, teary eyed: kazuma, why would you do that?

kazuma : *doesn't want to answer*

izuku, sensing his distressed : i am not mad, i just... want to know.

kazuma, fidgets : well, you are having problems with paying people, right?
izuku, surprised : how d-did you know that?

he makes sure kazuma doesn't hear his troubles with bills and work

kazuma : he's my other daddy! and he needs to help us!

izuku : kazuma...

kazuma, close to crying : if he helps us then you won't have to always work.
izuku, hugging kazuma : thank you. thank you for worrying about me but baby, i am fine. i like working. i like being able to provide for you. yeah, it's hard but i also enjoy it.

kazuma, crying : b-but i heard hikari's mom collapsed from working and working.
kazuma, sobbing while holding on to izuku : what am i going to do if that happens to you?

izuku, wiping his tears away : i am fine kazuma. i am strong! and i wouldn't just collapse. do you understand?

kazuma, nodding : yes.

izuku, hugging kazuma : good.
katsuki, knocking at the door : deku, you better open this door and talk to me.

izuku : shi— *sees kazuma* pbuildings. shipbuildings.

kazuma, looking up to him : did my other daddy do something bad to you that's why you're running from him?

izuku : ah, no, no. he didn't!
kazuma : hmmm then did you do something bad to him that's why you are running?

izuku : *hit by an arrow of truth* uhh, it's not like that...

kazuma : daddy, you are clearly lying.

izuku : i am not!

kazuma : you look away and sweats when you lie, like right now.
katsuki, still knocking : i will fucking kick this door, don't test me!

izuku, panicking cause he can't afford to be penalized for property damage : ahh, hold on, kacchan!

kazuma : what did you do to him?

izuku : uh, kazuma, can you go to the room and stay there?

kazuma : no.
kazuma, holds his hand : i'll stay with you and protect you. so don't be scared and just say sorry, he'll understand.

izuku, scratching his cheek : i really don't think he will.

kazuma, patting the back of his hand : it's okay, i am here, daddy. just talk to him.
izuku, sighing : okay, thank you, kazuma.

they both walked to the door with kazuma holding izuku's hand.

katsuki, breathing heavily : fuc—*sees kazuma, clears throat*—finally you opened the door, dam—nerd.

izuku, with wobbly smile : hi, kacchan. it's nice to see you h-here.

i will transition the writing to a proper thread since i only did the chat type because i got lazy.

"nice to see you too, you damn nerd," katsuki's voice was dripping woth unspoken threats. izuku felt shiver ran down his spine.

before izuku could reply, kazuma quickly went in front of him as if to protect him, "daddy said he did something wrong." they both look at him.
"you might get mad but i will not allow you to hit daddy," kazuma's expression looked so damn serious. he'll probably strike fear if only he wasn't five years old.

"dam—" katsuki cleared his throat. "aren't you a little too smart for your age?"

"he is," izuku sounded defeated.
kazuma lifted his arm, showing his pinky finger, "before you can get in, you have to promise that you won't hit daddy."

katsuki looked impressed. strangely, he looked somehow proud.

crouching down, the alpha looked straight to his son's eyes, "alright, kiddo."
the alpha linked his pinky finger on his son's small one.

kazuma kept his serious expression, "you promised." it was like a warning but without any bite. like a little cub roaring to scare someone for the first time.

"i promise," katsuki assured.
nodding, the pup turned to his other dad. he reached for his hand, "it's okay now, daddy. he won't hurt you. he promised." he spoke as if katsuki doing a pinky promise was a full proof contract.

"thanks, baby," izuku kindly smiled, ruffling his hair. "i can always count on you"
kazuma just nodded.

izuku turned to katsuki with an awkward smile, "please get inside."

katsuki just nodded, following the pup and izuku inside their small one bed room unit.

the alpha settled in one of the seats at the dining table.

"uh, do you want some tea?"
"we don't have tea anymore, we haven't done our groceries," kazuma reminded.

"oh, yeah," izuku shyly said. they were about to but then everything just happened.

"i'm fine," katsuki said.

izuku turned to his son, "kazuma, me and kacchan will talk first, stay in the room."
the pup instantly shook his head, "i told you i will protect you so i have to stay here and protect you."

izuku awkwardly laughed, "i know you wanted to protect me but this is a talk between adults."

kazuma stood his ground while izuku tried to convince him again.
"okay," izuku sighed at his son's stubbornness. he was sitting on one of the seats at the table while katsuki occupied the other. looking at the two of them, izuku wanted to pass out.

kazuma was a carbon copy of his father.

somehow he felt a bit bitter about it.
he was the one who carried the pup, went on labor for 17 hours only for him to look like katsuki.

it was almost like izuku was just nothing but a surrogate.

"how about this," izuku compromised. "you cover your ears whenever i tell you. if you do that, you can stay."
kazuma nodded.

"if i see you not covering your ears when i tell you, you have to go to the room. do you understand, kazuma?"

"i do," the pup answered in confidence.

sighing, izuku sat down on the vacant seat in front of katsuki. "so, what do you want to know?"

izuku didn't notice how he made a face that the alpha just knew he doesn't have a single idea how to begin telling him /everything/.

katsuki stopped himself from rolling his eyes. with a sigh, he helped izuku, "how about start with how in the world were you able to have kazuma."
kazuma tilted his head, opening his mouth ready to say something but izuku quickly cut him off.

"kazuma, cover your ears," izuku looked at his son.

"already?" kazuma blinked.

"what did we agree about, baby?"

the small blond pouted, covering his ears.
katsuki held a snort, watching his son be grumpy yet do the end of his deal. the alpha turned to izuku, "you told me you were a beta."

"well, i thought i was a beta!" izuku replied. clearing his throat, he continued, "the doctor explained i am a recessive omega."
katsuki frowned, even when someone is a recessive omega they display traits of being an omega. they have faint scent and even some habits that are unique to omegas.

when katsuki met izuku, he knew down to his fucking soul that the guy is beta.

"you are a beta," katsuki said.
"well, apparently, i an not," izuku looked upset. taking a deep breath, he pulled himself together, "the doctor told me that..." katsuki kept his eyes on him. izuku was hesitate but continued. "uhm, well, he told me that doing that thing with you must have, i don't know, woken —
— up the recessive omega genes or something in me."

"so, you're telling me that i bitched you?"

izuku looked scandalized by his term that he even turned to his son who still has his hands covering his ears, "kacchan!"


groaning, izuku replied, "no. that's not it."
"plus," the /omega/ continued. "you and i both know that bit—a cough—ching doesn't work. it's a myth and if it wasn't it only works for alpha!"

katsuki doesn't get the whole gist of what izuku was saying. in his head, the only explanation was his cum was apparently on steroids.
"so, is this the reason why you dropped out of school?"

"what else?" izuku bitterly said. "our university doesn't accept omega now imagine being pregnant on top of that."

the laws were just changing. today it treated omega better but that wasn't how it had always been.
"why didn't you tell me?" izuku froze. of course, that question was inevitable but he still hoped.

fidgeting, he looked away, "i did try."

the alpha's red eyes narrowed.

"on my fourth month, i did try but..." he swallowed hard. "you're dating someone then."
katsuki looked confused. he had stayed single from the time he last saw izuku up until now.


"you are dating someone," izuku repeated.

"i never dated anyone," katsuki responded.

izuku blinked at what he was hearing. "you weren't?" he was in disbelief.

"where the fuck did you even get that?"

"well, i met kirishima-kun one time and he told me that you two started dating," izuku explained.

katsuki made a frustrated groan, remembering how eijirou misunderstood what they have. the guy thought they were dating for three months.
"look, shitty hair misunderstood our relationship for three months or so, he thought we were dating or something," katsuki doesn't even wanna think or elaborate about the whole thing.

"oh," was the only thing izuku said while nodding. "i thought... anyway, i decided not to —
— anything because of that."

"sounds like you," katsuki sighed. "rather suffer in silence than burden anyone. rather go through it alone than ask someone for help."

izuku didn't reply to that but rather diverted the topic, "anyway we're all good now!"
they weren't but izuku would not tell him that.

izuku turned to his son, "it's okay now kazuma."

the child tilted his head and izuku just gestured for him to remove his hands and the child did.

"okay, kazuma, you know this already, he's your other dad."
"why don't you introduce yourself to him, his name is bakugou katsuki," izuku tried to make it less weird but he could only do so much.

"hi, i'm midoriya kazuma," the child introduced. "i'm five and i love daddy and bunnies."


"yes, do you have problem with that?"
"nope, kiddo, you do you," katsuki replied. he actually want to hug him but he knew it will be just too damn fast and it might scare him off.

"okay," kazuma looked down. he was about to say something when the heard a loud pounding on the door.

izuku flinched in his seat.
katsuki looked at izuku with a quirked brow. the omega gave an awkward laugh, "give me a minute."

before he could stand up, kazuma held him, panicking, "don't go out, daddy."

the omega gave his son a reassuring smile, "it's fine, kazuma."

"it's not!" the child panicked.
the panic in the pup, alerted katsuki as he eyed izuku, questioning him in silence. asking what's going on.

"if you go out now, he will take you," kazuma's voice sounded desperate.

izuku hugged kazuma, "chisaki is just joking last time, i'll be fine, baby, okay?"
the omega held his son's both hands to calm him down, "look, kacchan is also here so nothing is going to happen, okay? be good and stay with him."

the pounding on the door became frantic and louder.

kazuma wasn't convinced.

"i promise nothing will happen," izuku smiled.
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