"good day, sir, we found your son. he's been looking for you," katsuki stared at the guard that approached him while he was walking in the middle of the mall.

katsuki raised his brow, a vein popped in his forehead.

first of all, what the fuck?

second, he doesn't have a son.
katsuki looked down on the child that the guard was holding hands with, ready to yell however when he saw the child all the words he was about to say just vanished.

the child has blond spikey hair with sharp red eyes. he looked like his mini version.
if his parents was here, they would gush on how this child look like him back when he was still a brat.

the child turned to the guard, "he's not my dad."

the alpha turned to the guard who was now looking confused.

"i don't have a child," katsuki nearly snapped.
before the tension burst, they heard loud footsteps and a voice calling a name.

"kazuma!" in second a guy was pulling the child into a tight hug.

"daddy!" kazuma responded, embracing the man.

his father cupped his face, checking him with tears in his eyes, "are you okay?"
kazuma huffed, "i am fine, stop crying. i did what you told me to do if i lost you."

"i'm so sorry," the guy hugged him, rubbing his face against the child, sniffling. "i was so scared."

the blond alpha stared in disbelief as he stared at the guy he hadn't seen in five years.
he still has those silky green curls, beautiful freckled skin, pink lips.

"deku?" katsuki finally broke his silence. the two of them had been roommates back in college.

izuku quickly stood up, pushing kazuma behind him, "kacchan..."

katsuki stared at him then to the child.
red eyes met green as katsuki remembered the night the two of them shared. tangled with each other. a week before izuku not only dropped from university but also from the face of earth.

wait, izuku told him, he's a beta.

katsuki turned to kazuma, "brat, how old are you?"
kazuma glared at him, "i am not a brat." he was frowning. "i'm five."

lifting his gaze, he saw izuku just frozen in his spot, cold sweat breaking on his forehead. he turned to the guard who had somehow connected the dots. "well apparently, i have a son," he looked back to izuku.

just a brain vomit so that i can feel in control of my life spiralling down.

i kinda feel myself after writing bkdk. it's like being able to take a break and just breathe.

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