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Katsuki's first thought when his alarm went off, was "fuck, it's five am". His second one, was "fuck, it's five am and I still haven't been to sleep yet".

He'd spent most of his night digging into Izuku's files through his remote archive access and hand found nothing. Zilch,
zip, nada.

All he could see were his school records and a few medical ones. No red flags, no convictions. Nothing that would stop an employer from hiring the poor boy.

So now he has to go to work on zero hours of sleep and the dissapointing notion that he's failed Izuku.
He gets himself ready, packs his lunch and walks to his agency.

The sun is just beginning to rise over the skyscrapers in the city and its nice. Peaceful. And whilst he appreciates the view. All he can think of is Izuku.

He received a list from him last night and it had over
forty company names on it. Forty! Every single one had rejected him. It doesn't really seem possible.

There's a few on the list that are on his patrol route and he can pop in during his break to question them. It'll at least help with this mini investigation he has going on.
It's half past eleven and he's exhausted. No sleep and an active job is a bad combination.

His feet feel like they're dragging half a mile behind him when he enters the first establishment.

It's a small shop filled with knick knacks and randomn items. Not really the kind of
place most young people would like to work but he guesses a job is a job.

It's empty, smells kind of stale and there's definitely some mould on the walls. Why would a shithole like this reject sweet, kind Izuku?

"Oh my! DynaMight! What are you doing here? Is there an attack?
Am I in danger?"

A kindly looking old woman sits behind a counter that has definitely seen better days.

"No, everythings fine. I'm here to ask you a few questions."

He puts on his best "hero voice", the one PR went over with him for hours before they were satisfied. The
most exhausting thing about being a hero was having to censor himself (however slightly) for the public.

"Of course! Please, ask away!"

Katsuki isn't quite sure how to start his line of questioning, does he go straight into it and demand to know why she hadn't hired Izuku?
That probably wouldn't be a good idea. If PR or the press heard about him hassling an old women he'd be slaughtered.

"Are you hiring?"

She seems taken aback, he's not surprised. It's a weird question coming from a hero.


"And did you recently have an enquiry about
the job?"

She's silent for a while before she replies "no."

"No? Are you sure? Because-"

"You need to leave. Now."



He looks at her closely, she seems terrified. Of what? He has no clue. But it furthers his suspicions of something being out of whack.
He starts to leave but before he does, he has a few choice words for her "Fine, go get bent you old bitch!"

He barely hears the rant of indignation as the door closes behind him.

There's a horrible feeling that follows him for the rest of the day. He visited four out of
forty places from that list and every single one gave the same, feared reaction to his questions. Just what the fuck was happening?

He checks twitter as soon as he finishes work, he just hopes Izuku is feeling better after yesterday.
He smiles, all teeth and soft eyes. For some reason, the thought of making Izuku happy leaves him feeling warm inside.

He can just picture that dumb smile of his, the one he used to wear as a child.
Is it wrong of him to phish for compliments? Maybe...but getting a compliment from Izuku just makes his day.
His face heats with Izuku's proclamations. Even though he's used to adoring fans, something about it being Izuku just makes it all better.

"Bakugou! Back to work! And stop grinning at your phone! You look insane!"

He hastily puts his phone away but not before screenshotting
that particular part of their conversation.

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Katsuki's heartbeat dances to a giddy rhythm when he reads Izuku's newest tweet.

It makes him think, makes him wonder. What is home to him? Because that's what Izuku is really asking right?
How can he possibly define what home feels like to him?

Katsuki tries to envision what home is to him. He thinks of the smell of his Mother's perfume and the scent of the laundry detergent his Dad uses.

Flashes of wide smiles and freckles on flushed cheeks accompanied by wide
Green eyes and long lashes come to mind. And even though these thoughts aren't entirely new, they still surprise him.

Over the years, Izuku has always been in the back of his mind. Sometimes he was just a passing though and others it was like a train he was unable to derail,
just going round and round in his head.

It didn't take much for him to realise he has feelings for Izuku. Romantic feelings. Feelings that give him Komodo Dragons in his stomach (because fuck butterflies, they're for pussies) whenever he sees a message from him.
He wants to do something about it. Wants to tell Izuku his thoughts, his feelings. But how?

He could try flirting, it's not exactly his strong suit but Izuku likes him for who he is. Not because he's some sauve casanova.

He needs this relationship to flow and to feel natural.
Izuku deserves to be wooed and taken care of.
Katsuki feels like he's getting nowhere. Does he have to just come out and say "It's you! I like you!". He doesn't know much a lot about flirting and romancing, but he knows that's not his style.

One way or another, he'll get Izuku to understand what he means to him and then
he'll reveal who he is.

In the mean time, he has work to do.

"Why the fuck can't you people just be honest with me?"

The store owners is face is pale and a sheen of sweat covers his face in a disgusting show of nerves.

He's scared, just like every other person he's
questioned so far. "W-what?"

"You heard me dipshit! You're the seventh person I've talked to today about this crap and every single one of you has lied to my fucking face!"

He knows he should calm down but he's just so frustrated! All he wants is for Izuku to get a job and be
happy. Is that too much to ask for?

His shoulders slump with the sigh he releases. What a waste of a day off. "Thanks for nothing I guess."

He pivots on one foot, heading towards the door feeling dejected and tired. His hand is centimeters from the handle when the clerk stops

"Wait! This has happened to other people?"

Katsuki looks over his shoulder with a quirked brow.

"What do you mean?"

The man fiddles with his fingers, eyes down, staring at the smooth wood of the counter in front of him.

"You said I'm the seventh person you've talked
to about this?"

"Yeah, and?"

He knows he should be kinder but this investigation had been frustratingly lacking in information and leads.

"And...I mean, that means that what happened to me probably happened to them too."

Katsuki lets that ominous statement hang in the air.
He turns the words over in his mind, not liking the picture that seems to be adding up.

"What happened to you?"

The shop keeper says nothing but nervously looks towards the window display. He moves to the storefront and pulls down the shutters, taking extra precautions to lock
the front door.

He gestures for Katsuki to follow him into the back and proceeds to lock the door to the backroom as well.

"Tea?" He asks politely.

Katsuki wets his lips, suddenly unsure as to why this whole situation feels very, very off.

"No thanks."

"Are you sure? We may
be here a while."

He surveys the man in front of him. He's short with hunched shoulders and a curved spine. By the looks of him, he's not particularly fit but that means nothing in this day and age. He should be on guard just in case.

"No. I'm good."

"Suit yourself"
He continues to busy himself with the kettle, ignoring Katsuki's presence entirely.

When he's finished the man motions for him to sit on the old, mouldy sofa in the centre of the room. He politely declines.

"I ain't sitting on that piece of shit."

"Right. Well, I suppose I
should introduce myself. My name is Takahiro and I've owned this shop for twenty-nine years."

Katsuki feels irritation building up inside, he really doesn't want to hear this man's life story.

"Good for you. Now what's your point?"

Takahiro looks at him with disdain. It's not
unusual for the older generation to regard him with such a gaze but that doesn't mean it doesn't annoy the shit out of him.

The older man glares over the rim of his mug. "If you'd just have some patience you'd find out."

Katsuki wants to swear at him but decides to grumble
under his breath instead. He needs to hear what he has to say and can't risk passing him off more than he has already.

"As I was saying, I've owned this store for twenty-nine years." Takahiro pauses, almost as if he's testing him. When Katsuki doesn't interrupt he continues
"This District was once the lifeblood of Musutafu, back when it was much smaller. People flocked here to buy their groceries, meet up with friends and walk with their children."

"Have you gone senile, old man? This part of town is run down and shitty."

Takahiro levels him with
a glare. It's similar to the ones he's seen on retired heroes. The one's that have seen too much.

"It is but it wasn't always like this. When the city started developing and becoming larger more people moved here. Whilst most were friendly and looking to settle down with their
families, there were a few who were not so friendly."

He takes a sip of his tea. "One person moved here with very bad intentions. He'd been part of a company back in Tokyo and realising there was no room for promotion where he was, he decided to move elsewhere. When he heard
about the growing metropolis of Musutafu, he convinced some of his colleagues to move here."

Katsuki feels like he knows where this is going and does not like it one bit.

"Are you trying to tell me there's a gang here?"

Takahiro sighs and nurses his mug. "That's exactly what
I'm trying to tell you."

"Why don't I know about any of this? why haven't the hero's or Commission done anything?"
Takahiro glances at him warily. "I don't pretend to know the ins and outs of hero society. But I can tell you they most likely haven't been dealt with for two reasons. One, they're smart. They're quiet with the crimes they commit and ensure that there's no one left to tell tales.
Two..." Takahiro stares at Katsuki with intense focus "every single member is quirkless."

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Takahiro nods. The man is more patient than Katsuki by far. If he'd been in the older man's shoes he would've smacked the understanding into him.


"As I said, they're very careful with the crimes they commit."

Katsuki is smart enough to know that this
is a non-answer. Its purpose is to make him feel like he has his answer without actually giving him any information at all.

He send Takahiro his most piercing glare. Katsuki is well known for his violent outbursts and whilst he hasn't had one in a long time, people still
remember what he's capable of. "Cut the bullshit."

"Listen Dynamight, I dont want any trouble from them or from you. I just want to live my life as a peaceful shopkeeper. Surely you can understand that?"

Heh, and now he's trying to appeal to his "humanity". Whoever this guy is,
he sure ain't just a "simple shopkeeper". Takahiro clearly has some skeletons in his closet.

"Yeah, I can. I also understand that you've just fed me information that could paint a target on your back."

Takahiro furrows his brow in confusion causing his weathered face to wrinkle
even further "But I haven't given you anything."

Katsuki knows what he's about to do is wrong and that if anyone were to find out, he'd be suspended at the very least but he can't bring himself to care. "Well, I know that and so do you. But nobody else does."

He stands to his
full height, towering over Takahiro "So let's say someone starts spreading rumours about you helping local heroes with this little gang problem. What do you think will happen?"

The old man's face pales drastically "This is blackmail."

"Actually, old man, I think you'll find
it's extortion."

It's clearly not the answer Takahiro wanted or expected. "Get out! Get out of my shop right now!"

Katsuki sneers, he should've anticipated this reaction. "Fine, but I'll be back."

Katsuki has no idea how badly he'll come to regret his actions.
In order to console himself, he decides that he'll gift himself take-out. Just this once.

Not that the day had been a complete failure. He had a lead.

This quirkless gang.

They were either so good at what they did that the authorities had no idea they existed or, they were
perceived as a non-threat so they decided not to bother with them. He really hopes it's the latter rather than the former. He had to deal with the LoV in his youth and he really can't be bothered to go through all that shit again.

"Order for Bakugou!"

The plastic bag he picks
up off of the counter is warm and he holds it protectively to his chest and nods his thanks to the cashier.

If he'd been paying attention it never would've happened but he just has to thank his lucky stars that he sometimes acted like he was the only person in the universe.
One minute he's reaching for the door, the next he's on the floor, his food scattered around him and a face full of fluffy, green curls.

It was Izuku.

This was the day that he died. Izuku was sure of it. There's no way that he, Izuku Midoriya can run into Katsuki Bakugou and
come out unscathed.

He'd always known that Katsuki would be the death of him. He'd just assumed that he'd die nobly, sacrificing himself for his first and only love. Or that he'd pass away from a broken heart after he finally gathered the courage to confess his undying love,
only for Kacchan to laugh him out the door.

He doubts that either of those things will ever happen but it sure beats the idea of dying old, alone and worst of all unknown.

"Are you going to get off of me?"

Izuku scrambles backwards, suddenly realising the precarious position
he was in. "S-sorry!"

"Tch, whatever."

It seems so surreal to see Kacchan in a place so mundane.

It was only the other day he'd seem him blasting across rooftops chasing some wannabe villian! Oh! He'd also seen some news footage of him this morning!

Wow! He's so much taller
in person! He must clear six foot by now. And he's so handsome! Too handsome really. He'd never given much thought to the saying 'a jawline that could cut glass' but Kacchan’s def-

"Are you going to get up off the fucking floor or not?"

"A-ah yeah, of course! Kacchan! How are
you? I saw you on the news this morning. Was the villian you fought tough? What was their quirk? Did you get hurt? Oh no! Did I make your injuries worse?"

Izuku knows that he's talking too much, asking too many questions, but he can't stop.

The more he attempts to shut his
mouth, the more it runs.

He can see this kind of glazed look on Kacchan’s face. It's a miracle in itself that it's not anger or hatred or any other hurtful emotion that ends in broken bones and burn marks.

"How come you haven't exploded me yet? How's Auntie? Oh, is Uncle okay?
I can't believe I forgot to ask how you are, Kacchan!"

He's thankfully stopped by a (non-explosive) palm to his mouth.

"Nerd, calm down."

And Oh My God, how did he not notice how deep and delicious Kacchan’s voice sounds off camera?

Two warm, calloused palms grab his cheeks,
bringing him out of his head and grounding him.

"Calm down, Izuku."

Of course, hearing his name come out of Kacchan’s mouth is such a shock that he blacks out.
Katsuki stares at Izuku's slender form on his sofa.

Staring at him whilst he slumbers may be (is definitely) creepy.

But the longer he stares, the more he sees and what he sees is both mesmerising and heart breaking.

Izuku's long lashes rest gently against his full cheeks,
they're splattered with a dusting of freckles. It's cute how they add an almost innocent kind of beauty to Izuku's face.

But...he can also see the dark bags underneath his eyes, the threadbare clothes that seem to hang off him a little too much for it to be fashionable. It's
telling of how much Izuku has struggled and a part of him feels ashamed that he never thought to get in touch before those tweets went viral.

Izuku definitely needs more sleep but he apparently also needs to eat.

Preparing something simple and not too rich should be easy.
He gets to work cutting vegetables and cooking the rice.

Half an hour into his food prep his phone lights up with a notification. Izuku has posted.
Katsuki bites his bottom lip in an effort to contain his laughter. It's amazing and incredibly endearing how starstruck Izuku is.

Another notification comes in, Izuku has sent him a message.
He quietly snickers. He thinks its funny that Izuku is asking him for advice about how to talk to, well, him.
Katsuki is both flattered and frustrated. This is why he can't just come out and tell Izuku he likes him. The other other boy has him on this pedestal that he doesn't deserve. A relationship where one of them views the other as someone who's so much better than themselves just
won't work.

He needs to bring Izuku up to his level (the one in Izuku's head, anyway) before anything can happen between them. But how can he get Izuku to live himself as much as he loves Katsuki?
With that promise Katsuki turns off the stove.

"Hey nerd, good to see you're awake."


Izuku's startled gasp is accompanied with his phone flying towards Katsuki's face. Fortunately his reflexes are strong and he doesn't receive a black eye.

"Relax, Izuku. How are
you feeling?"

Izuku stares at Katsuki like he's grown a second head, he's half tempted to check with how shocked he looks.

He moves closer, waving his hand in front of Izuku's face when he receives no answer. "Earth to nerd. You gonna answer my question or not?"
Izuku blinks once, twice, a total of three times before he shakes his head and replies "O-oh, I'm okay. How are you? Did you bring me here? Did you carry m-"

"Izuku" Katsuki cuts him off "one question at a time, please."

"Oh, right, I'm sorry. How are you?" Izuku is so unsure
of himself it hurts.

"I'm good, thanks. How are you feeling now?" He needs to keep the conversation light and simple so Izuku won't freak out...again.

"I'm okay...I think. I'm just trying to process everything. Did you bring me here?"

"You don't have a headache or anything?
And yeah, I did."

He watches Izuku as he ponders on that.

Does he know, he wonders, that he moves his mouth when he's thinking? He watches it move, staring so intently he's a little surprised that Izuku doesn't feel his gaze.

When it doesn't look like Izuku is going to come
out of his self-induced trance anytime soon he goes back to cooking. They can catch up over dinner.

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He can tell Izuku is dying to say something, can feel the pressure rising in him with every bite he takes, can hear it in the little breaths he takes that imply he has words just on the tip of his tongue. But for whatever reason, he says nothing.

Silence, where Izuku is
concerned, is rather worrying. It may have been a few years since they've had a conversation face to face (and he's not really sure they could be called conversations) but their online liaisons have led Katsuki to believe that Izuku was the same boy from all those years ago.
So why was he so silent now?

He supposes it could be nerves but Izuku has always been the kind of person who rambled when he was nervous.

A small voice in the back of his mind whispers that Izuku could be scared, that maybe he's terrified of him. But that seems unlikely as well
especially since all Izuku seems to do is wax about his love for him.

"What is it?" He could learn to be less direct, to be patient and wait, but that just isn't in his DNA.

Izuku startles at the sound of his voice, he was either deep in thought or just, clearly not expecting
him to carry a conversation. Either was a possibility.

Now would be a good time to show Izuku how much he's changed, right? He can take his first steps in wooing the quirkless boy and teaching him self-worth.

"So, Izuku, how have you been?" Keep it simple, he reminds himself,
build trust and lay down the foundations, you can't build something from nothing.

Izuku takes a deep breath and lays down his utensils "Kacchan," he says, a questioning lilt weaved into his tone "-did you...get hit by some kind of quirk?"

"What? No!" Where the hell had that
come from? "Why the hell would you ask me that?"

"Well, you've been..." Izuku avoids his gaze, preferring to make eye contact with the floor "unusually nice."

Ouch. He knows that in the past he hasn't been the greatest person to Izuku, but the slight acknowledgement of that
Kind of hurts.

He wanted to go slow, to ease them to the point where they could comfortably talk about the past, it seems that he's going to have to jump into this head first instead. So much for slow and simple.

Katsuki sets his cutlery down, he needs to show Izuku that all
of his attention is on him. He's also aware this conversation could take an obscene amount of time. "Izuku, I know that in the past I've been...less than kind to you. In fact, we both know that at times I was downright cruel." He lets those words sink in, he needs Izuku to know
that what he did was wrong. That he knows that and that he's willing to change.

"But, Kacchan, you were just a kid." He's clearly uncomfortable, his eyes darting about the room as if to look for a way out.

Too bad for him. He has no intention of letting him escape this

"So were you." Izuku's mouth twists into some kind of grimace. "Tell me, what would you do if you saw two kids on the street and one was treating the other like garbage? Would you carry on walking and think 'well, they're just kids'?"

There's this burning
desperation inside of him that needs to make Izuku understand that the way he'd been treated was not okay. That he has always, always deserved more.

"But that's different! You weren't the only one who treated me like that!"

Does Izuku hear himself? What kind of hoops is he
jumping through in his head to make everything that happened okay? He's been avoiding thinking about this for a long time, hasn't he? He didn't want to admit to himself that he hadn't deserved the hand he'd been dealt.

"And that makes it okay?" He asks, oh so softly, because he
knows Izuku’s answer and it sickens him.

"Yes." Izuku says with an air of finality.

Knowing the answer didn't make hearing it any easier. "But why?"

"I don't want to talk about this anymore, Kacchan."

Izuku’s tone is hard, full of confidence that he's never seemed to
possess before. Why is it he's so sure about the wrong things? Well, he can play Izuku’s game.

"Why not? You deserved it, didn't you? So why fight talking about it now?" He challenges, sick to his stomach at the shit he's spouting.

"Because-" he struggles with his words, like
he's trying to find an excuse and coming up empty "-I don't want to!"

"Oh and that's a good enough reason, is it?" The argument is turning in Katsuki's favour and Izuku is pacing the floor, his chair and meal long forgotten, like a caged animal.

"Yes! It is!" Izuku sounds so
triumphant, none the wiser that he's just given Katsuki the win.

"So why wasn't that a good enough reason for you as a kid? Unless you wanted to be treated like that?" His words are harsh but his tone is soft. Some hybrid feeling of pity and hope twists inside of him.
Izuku stills, staring at Katsuki with wide eyes. His mouth opens and closes and he swallows like he has a lump in his throat. Katsuki pushes harder. "Did you? Is that what you wanted?"

Katsuki can see the exact moment that Izuku snaps, sees the light finally flicker to life
behind his eyes as he screams "No! But I didn't have a choice, did I?"

And finally, he thinks, finally is expressing some kind of healthy emotion: anger.

"I was quirkless, small, weak. Such an easy target." With each word comes the rise of bitter tears "I never asked for this,
I never wanted to be this way and yet people like you have set out to make my life so much worse than it already was." Tears slide down his cheeks in waves of despair, Katsuki feels a few come to his own eyes but bats them away before they fall, this isn’t about him. "You all
acted like I chose this role! Like I wanted to be quirkless, useless! Less than human!"

Katsuki feels his heart stop at Izuku's last utterance. Is that...really how he viewed himself?

"Why couldn't you just accept me for who I was? Who I am? Maybe if you had then-" he chokes
on a sob, chest heaving with every attempt to breathe, stuttering like the engine of a car that just won't go "-then maybe I could accept myself." He finishes with a whisper.

Katsuki moves without thinking, standing from his place at the table and walking over to the boy sobbing
on his floor, the boy who makes his heart ache, who makes it beat.

He sinks with the weight of his emotions until he's at eye level with Izuku, slowly wrapping his arms around him. Izuku grapples at Katsuki's back, pulling him in closer, trying so hard to anchor himself to
reality. "I'm sorry, Izuku. I'm sorry for everything I did, everything I put you through. I'm sorry for not accepting you as you were. But I've changed. And I'm going to make your heart fucking swell with my love for you."

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When Izuku awakens the next morning it's in an unfamiliar bed. It takes more than a moment for him to gather his bearings and place the puzzle pieces together in his sleep addled brain.

He was...in Kacchan's bed? But...Kacchan wasn't here. The space in the bed next to him was
rumpled, like someone had been in that spot previously and simply rolled out without neatening the sheets.

Had Kacchan slept with him?

The thought makes his cheeks heat.
Katsuki Bakugou, The Great Explosion Murder God DynaMight, had slept next to him in his bed after confessing
his love for him.

Had that actually happened? Kacchan really said that he loves him? That he loves /Izuku/? That's definitely more or less what he said, right?

But...did he mean it like /that/? Izuku had been so swept up in the confession that he hadn't had time to think of the
other possibilities.

Like, what if Kacchan had meant he loves him as a friend? Or what if this was Kacchan’s way of exonerating his guilt? Izuku doesn't think his poor, battered heart could take a false confession.
Izuku sits in Kacchan’s bed, taking the time to notice the quality of the bed sheets as he awaits K's desperately needed reply.

Was K at work? It was still reasonably early, but maybe he works shifts? Or he could commute...

Admittedly, it's a little late for Izuku to still be
in bed, he's a night owl and an early riser. Not the best combo, but it works for him. He assumes he was just so tired from his emotional outburst and Kacchan’s subsequent apology that he needed the extra sleep.

And that's still a can of worms he wants to open but shouldn't.
Maybe he should just bask in the implication that Kacchan has /feelings/ for him?

He wants to scream it to the heavens but for now, twitter will have to do.
He smiles at the words. Kacchan will never see them, but at least his feelings are out there.

He closes the app.

He can't stay in Kacchan’s ned all day, no matter how comfortable it may be.

He searches for the bathroom and tries to sniff out some coffee in the kitchen, Izuku
might be overstaying his welcome but it's a risk he's willing to take.

In his search, he comes across a piece of paper on a sideboard. Normally, he wouldn't pay such an ordinary object but the big 'Dear Deku' splayed across the top tells him he needs to look at it.
His lips tremble as he reads, unable to believe that something like this could ever happen to him.

"But it is." he whispers into his fingertips "He wants me to wait for him." He called him pretty.

Izuku swoons with the swell of emotion that hits him.
'Oh Kacchan,' he thinks 'I've always been waiting for you.'

His heart jumps giddily in his cheat as he makes his way towards Kacchan’s sofa. Izuku feels sick with happiness.

He wants to let these emotions out. And the best way to do that, is to type. As he does so, a slow kind
of realisation creeps up on him.

Kacchan’s note...the layout. It's extremely familiar. So familiar in fact, that he can see the almost mirror image in what he's currently writing.

That means...

That means Kacchan has read his tweets. The ones where he boldy proclaims his
ever-dying love for him.

Oh God! That's so embarrassing!

Izuku's face ignites, so hot he could surely fry an egg on it. He's torn between wishing the ground would swallow him whole and wanting to Boogle 'how to assume a new identity.' Katsuki must think he's so stupid.
But...would he really go through all this trouble if he didn't like them? Like him?

A horrible thought flashes through his mind. Was there a chance that Katsuki hasn't changed at all? What if he was doing all of this with the intention of just laughing in Izuku's face?
But, that didn't sound right...Katsuki seems to have changed so much from when they were children. He was so patient and kind, dare he say, he was almost loving. The Kacchan of his youth was long gone. In his place was a mature, caring hero.

A brief ding sounds throughout the
empty apartment.
He knew K wouldn't let him down!

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Katsuki leaves his agency with a bounce in his step. He's done for the day, completely free, and with any amount of luck there's a little, green haired nerd waiting at home for him. The thought alone has him practically running to his apartment.
His fingers tremble with excitement, so much so that getting the key in the lock is difficult but he manages it eventually and throws the door open, calling into the empty looking apartment. "Izuku?"

The smile on his lips dies at the lack of response. "Nerd? Are you here?"

Katsuki checks every room in the house, hoping, praying, that behind one of these doors is Izuku.

He isn't here. And for some reason that makes Katsuki stomach sink. He has a feeling there's more to his disappearance than meets the eye.

Without his eagerness to keep
him going, he makes his way to the sofa, slowly sinking into the cushions and opening up his phone.

Izuku's last messages make his blood run cold.
Katsuki exits his messages, pulling up Izuku's profile and hoping to God that everything is okay.

What he sees isn't what he expects. But at least everything makes sense.
Izuku knows. And he has the wrong idea about everything.

"C'mon nerd. You know I'm better than this." He mutters, messaging Izuku to try and straighten everything out.
Katsuki stares at his phone, willing with every fibre of his being for Izuku to reply.

He doesn't receive a single thing that night.

Or the next.

A week passes by with no clear answer and Izuku's profile remains silent after his last two posts. What is he supposed to do now?
A month with no word from Izuku is a fresh kind of he'll for Katsuki, he compulsively checks his messages, his profile, /Izuku's/ profile just to catch a glimpse of the other man. But there was nothing. No messages, no posts. He couldn't find him at his registered address. Not at
his favourite places he liked to frequent. Izuku had just disappeared.

Maybe Katsuki should just move on...
Or maybe he should take a leaf out of Izuku's book.
His follower count increases with every post. Izuku's followers quickly worked out that he was /Kacchan/, Izuku's Kacchan, /IM's/ Kacchan and whilst some are thriving on the drama, some are giving him shit for hurting Izuku. Katsuki gets it, he wants to punish himself for hurting
Izuku, in many ways he is.
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