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You think u have ideas:
Where do ur friends, colleagues, parents
find information?
Who provides u with information? Threads 2 Read: https://twitter.com/EarthManat/status/1435825044312182784
How the data got manipulated and you have bright ideas in your head, thread 2 read: https://twitter.com/EarthManat/status/1425683921413550081
Media not only in China manipulates your mind.
You do not have an education. You do not read books.
And if u read some, who sponsors those, do you know?
Tell the truth, a Renewable future will kill us all.
Read real CO2 emissions with Data: https://twitter.com/EarthManat/status/1433283780601593856
5 electric cars research analyzed:

Summary: Carbon Brief is lying to you,
same as George Monbiot, XR, FFF. Threads 2 read: https://twitter.com/EarthManat/status/1411751175968407554
Do you know everything about recycling?
Steel is recycled on 38% in reality.
Sub-thread 2 read:

Millionaires & "journalists" know that recycling doesn't work, but you got to overconsume, that't is the only way ;) https://twitter.com/EarthManat/status/1425329420001320965
Coal grows and doesn't stop growing, because the demand for wind turbines, solar panels, cars of any type Never stops (mining also means logging, drilling, etc): https://twitter.com/EarthManat/status/1401889958583996419
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