An idea i got from @Sneaky_Sharky & now it wont leave me…something missing in so much kacchako smut

cw: underage drinking, smoking, fingering, titty fucking:)


Ochako frowned at the phone screen Kaminari had shoved in her face. “Why is she acting like she’s enjoying it too?”
Kaminari shrugged, sloppy after his third hit from Sero’s blunt. He and Kirishima were out on the redheads balcony while Mina was passed out on his bed. “Dunno. ‘M kinda jealous though, she looks like shes having the time of her life.”

She didn’t even know why she was here.
Well, she did. Ochako and Sero had been partnered for their technical midterm and she discovered she really liked spending time with him.

Sero was cool. She wanted him to think she was cool. So when he invited her earlier that day to “hang out with the boys” Ochako said yes.
She didn’t realize just how much weed and lukewarm beer was involved. Maybe she should’ve. Iida warned her they were too rowdy and Tsu made a comment to not give into peer pressure.

But cool people partied, even at UA. Even if it was just a small gathering in a dorm
No wonder the “bakusquad” was always so chill and unbothered. They blew off steam in the best way. Ochako hummed as she sipped her third can of beer.

Board game nights had nothing on this. Her muscles felt loose in a good way.
She was still too intimidated by smoking, but no one pressured her. They were all so /nice/, which made Ochako want their approval even /more/

Well, most of them were nice. All but one.

She turned her attention back to the muted porn clip. “I cant believe this is a real thing”
Thank the gods for the alcohol in her system for keeping up her poker face. More sober Ochako would’ve been on the ceiling and screaming by now.

But drunk Ochako? She was curious. Kaminari shrugged again. “I told you titty fucking wasn’t something I made up.”
The woman in the video was on her back. The camera was filming from straight above, capturing every thrust of the male actor’s cock sliding through her slicked up cleavage. The sight was so lewd it caused a weird heat to bubble in Ochako’s belly. “But what’s the appeal?”
“Uraraka.” Kaminari gave her a look. His eyes were bloodshot. “Men will stick their dick anywhere. Everyone loves titties. It looks hot as hell. It’s kind of a no brainer.”

Ochako didn’t really think about breasts like that. Her own were more inconvenient than sexy. “Huh.”
The door to Kirishima’s bathroom was kicked open. They barely spared a glance towards Bakugou as he stalked across the room, gait a little more wobbly than usual.

Bakugou drinking surprised Ochako, but apparently he didn’t do it often. She wondered why tonight was different.
He slumped in the vacant desk chair and whipped out his phone. “The hell are you two losers doing?”

Kami flipped the screen in his direction. “Watching porn.”

Ochako’s face lit up at how shameless he was. Bakugou’s gaze flicked to her in confusion.“You serious?”
Kaminari patted to the spot on the floor next to him. “Come join us, Kacchan. I’m giving sweet Uraraka here an education.”

She wanted to bury her face in her hands. Bakugou sneered. “No way. ‘M not a pervert.”

“She’s got fat tits, though.”

He wordlessly sat next to Kaminari.
"I'll be the judge of that," he grumbled before snatching the phone

Bakugou squinted and brought the screen close to his face. His cheeks were a little flushed & his uniform shirt was unbuttoned at the top, tie nowhere to be found

To her absolute horror, he turned the sound up
Ochako forced herself to keep a straight face as the room was suddenly filled with the sounds of slick, wet skin & exaggerated moaning. Kaminari and Bakugou were watching it like they were merely studying it for academic purposes.

If they were chill about it, she could be chill!
This probably wasnt the best time to tell them she'd never seen porn before. She took another large swig of her beer.

Bakugou whistled low. "You weren't lying, Pikachu."

"I know." Kaminari waggled his eyebrows playfully. "Huge, right?"

They both turned at Ochako's scoff.
"What, you don't agree?"

She shrugged, feeling the effects of the alcohol loosening up her tongue as well as her body. "They're okay sized."

Bakugou raised an eyebrow. "Okay sized? The hell does that mean?"

Ochako shrugged again. "I mean, mine are way bigger than hers."
Alright, she deserved the way their eyes zeroed in on her chest. She blushed and crossed her arms to cover it. "I'm just saying!" she squeaked. "In regards to scale!"

Ochako set down the beer and resolved to drink water the rest of the night

"In regards to scale," Kami repeated
She brought her knees close to her chest and rested her forehead against them, cringing. "Can we change the subject?" she mumbled

It took the boys another few seconds to process. "Oh, yeah!" Kaminari said a little too quickly. "Totally!"

Bakugou was holding back a smirk.
Kaminari took his phone back and cleared his throat. "Okay, so you didnt know about tit fucking, which is a little weird considering—" he thankfully stopped himself before also completing a grabby gesture "—but have you ever heard of a foot job?"

"Jesus christ," Bakugou muttered
He stood up and shot his hand out on the bed to support his balance. "I'm goin outside with the non weirdos."

Ochako frowned. "You were pretty into the last video."

He bristled. "Tits are different than feet!"

"He's right." Kaminari was typing on his phone. "Less niche."
She glanced nervously at the search results that popped up. "Then why are we looking this up?"

"Because." He scanned the list before pressing a video. "People are weird. And since I guarantee your feet are gonna end up on the internet as a girl pro hero, you should be prepared."
His shit-eating grin was delayed by the weed in his system. "Also I wanna see if you say your feet are bigger than this lady's too."

Ochako wasn't sober enough to remember she could simply walk away, so she just sat there, subject to whatever weird fetish Kami showed her next.
At one point, he closed his phone and leaned his head back with a sigh. "Ugh, I'm losing my buzz. I need a refresher."

He forced himself up and held out his hand. "Wanna pop your ganja cherry?"

She forced an apologetic smile and shook her head. He shrugged. "No worries."
He waddled off and Ochako felt the cool breeze from the opened sliding door. Kaminari stepped through with a "Wassup, bitches—" before shutting the door and leaving her in blessed silence.

She sighed in relief and leaned back against the bed. Mina was still fast asleep.
She had flung her shirt off sometime in Ochako's involuntary corruption and was spread eagle on her stomach, snoring softly in nothing but her sports bra.

How late was it? Ochako fumbled in her uniform skirt's pocket to grab her flip phone. Her head was still pretty hazy.
Not enough to worry her, but enough to know that she was a few sentences from embarrassing herself in front of her peers if she decided to drink any more.

She squinted at the harsh light of her screen. Yeesh. It was past 11pm. How long had she been watching bad porn?
The door opened and closed again as she forced herself to focus on the fuzzy numbers on the screen. "Kaminari, I'm not watching anything else," she said. "I hit my limit with the ball stomping, I can't do any more."

"At least he didn't show you the cereal one."

She looked up.
Bakugou slid down to sit next to her. Ochako blinked. "I'm scared to ask."

"You should be," he scowled. "I miss who I was before I met that depraved shithead."

"How does he have access to it all? Our wifi has restrictions."

He rolled his eyes. "The grape pervert has a hotspot"
Ochako grimaced. "Gross. I forget they're friends."

"Lucky you"

A weird silence lapsed between them. It was a little stuffy in Kirishima's room. Bakugou had rolled his sleeves up and she unbuttoned her collar a bit to keep cool. Should she say something? Keep the convo going?
"It's pretty late," she blurted out. "I thought you went to bed early."

He shrugged and relaxed against the side of the bed. "Not on weekends."


Bakugou kept looking at her with a weird expression, almost like he knew how awkward she was and it was amusing to him.
She hugged herself again and frowned. "What?"

"What, what?"

"Why are you looking at me like that?"

"Why're you here?" He brought his knees up & rested his arms on them, eyes narrowed. "You aren't our friend."

Ochako blinked. Oh. Ouch. "S-Sero invited me."
Her voice sounded small. Bakugou frowned. His movements were a little exaggerated. "So this is Tape Face's fault."

She reared her head back. "His what?"

"Why did you come here to hang out with him if you're just gonna be hiding in Kiri's room all night?" he demanded.

Was she not wanted here? /Obviously/ the voice in her head whispered.

"I didn't realize he'd be smoking," she stammered. "I'm not avoiding him or anything."

Bakugou leaned his chin back, giving her a critical once over. Embarrassment flooded her system.
She cast her face down and played with her finger pads. This was a stupid idea. "I can go..."


Ochako looked back up. He sounded genuinely confused. She frowned. "Is that not what you wanted?"

Bakugou looked offended. "When'd I say that?"

She mouth fell open. "What?"
"Are you into him?"

What was he talking about? "Into who?"

Bakugou sloppily gestured towards the door. "Tape Face"

Her face lit up. "N-No! I'm not! He's become my friend and I—" she cringed "—I don't know, I wanted to try something new. I thought it'd be fun"

"Something new."
She shrugged helplessly. "My friend group doesn't do this! We do spa nights and play games. I was curious what you guys did so I tagged along!"

Ochako's stomach fell. "Wait, does he think I like him?"

"Who, Tape Face?"

She had never wanted to smack someone more. "Who else?"
"Don't sass me." Ochakos soul left her body as Bakugou leaned over and flicked her forehead. "And no. He's been trying to get with Raccoon Eyes all semester. I was jus' checking"

He was making no sense. "Checking what?"

Instead of answering, he twisted his head to check on Mina
"So," he drawled, "you don't sit around with your geek friends and watch bondage porn?"

Ochako's hands flew to her face. "I'm not answering that."

He snorted. "I already know Deku's favorite category."

She crumpled in on herself. "Stop, I'm begging."
He was grinning. "How much you wanna bet it's beefy blonde dudes old enough to be your dad?"

Ochako shoved him with a groan, too mortified to realize she had shoved Bakugou Katsuki and he didn't kill her. "Stop it!"

"I bet Glasses only likes missionary with married couples."
"Why are you doing this to me?" she whispered shrilly.

"Because your face right now is fucking priceless," he snickered.

"Alright then," Ochako shot back, "what's your favorite category then, huh?"

Bakugou finally fell silent.
She let out an internal sigh of relief. "That's what I thought."

Ochako made an exasperated sound. "Honestly, what is it with guys and sex?" She thought back to a video Kaminari showed her and shuddered. "Why do you all much?"

Bakugou rolled his eyes.
"Oh don't act all pious over there, Ms. Monster Tits, I saw your face watching that shit. You were into it."

Ochako choked on her tongue. "I—no! No I wasn't!"

He cast her a patronizing grin. "Sure thing."

"I'm serious!" Her face was permanently red at this point.
His smug, unconvinced aura only angered her further. "At least my brain isn't ruled by my dick!"

Wow, she said the word dick without giggling. Bakugou's grin only widened. "Oh it isn't?"

"No! It isn't. I—I don't go through life obsessed with sacks of fat on my chest"
"Like you all do," she continued. "I don't understand the appeal of boobs. I don't."

Bakugou scoffed. "Everyone likes tits, Cheeks."

"Well, I—" She paused. "Okay, yeah, but I don't want to—"

"Want to what?"

Ochako blushed furiously. "Like, put my mouth on them or anything!"
She knew he was poking fun at her and yet she couldn't stop. "There's nothing sexy about having them though," Ochako rambled. "I hate mine. They get in the way of everything."

Bakugou's eyes slid to her chest once again, this time visibly chewing on his cheek while doing it.
"You said they were bigger than the porn star's in that video."

She nodded her head. "Yeah. Duh"

He cocked his head. "They don't look that big."

Ochako rolled her eyes. "It's called a compression bra. I have them strapped in tight so they don't knock me out while I'm training"
"I'm sorry, so they don't what?"

"Hit me in the face." Was he dumb or something? "Again, they're sacks of fat. They just kind of like," she gestured with her hand, "swing wherever they want."

She thought for another second. "Momo's don't count. They defy physics."
"They're big enough that they could actually hit you in the face."

"Yeah," she grumbled. "And it's the worst"

"So, what you're saying is that you can reach them with your mouth?"

Ochako shrugged. "Oh yeah, sure. One time—"

She made the mistake of looking at Bakugou and paused
The flush on his face had traveled to his collarbones and his breathing was shallow. He was staring holes into her with a slightly slack-jawed expression.

Her voice died in her throat. His gaze was shameless and her stomach flipped. "Uhm," she cleared her throat. "Yeah."
"As I said, nothing," her breath caught in her throat and she swallowed nervously, "nothing sexy about that."

"I don't believe you."

Ochako narrowed her eyes. "Huh?"

Bakugou cleared his throat and forced a nonchalant shrug. "That they're bigger than the porn star's. I don't."
Her annoyance flared. "What, you want me to prove it to you or something?"

He raised an eyebrow and threw her a smirk that was far too suggestive. "I mean, you could. Because I do think you're a liar. But—"


Bakugou's eyes widened. "Pardon?"
Ochako was already standing. "You heard me."

The room only spun a little as she steadied herself. This was probably a mistake, but for some reason, she didn't care. "There's nothing horny about this, alright? It's to get you to shut up and stop looking at me like that."
Bakugou was still on the floor. "Looking at you like what?"

"Like you know more than me," she snapped. "Because you don't."

That brought him back to the present. He shot up with a challenging grin. "Oh, yeah? Bold words from someone who didn't even know what titty fucking was."
"Well, I do now." She had her arms crossed. "And I still think it's stupid."

Bakugou whistled. "Damn, Pikachu has just ruined you."

She held up a finger to point at him menacingly with, but it missed and landed on his chest. "Not in the slightest. I am a pure angel."
He snorted. "Uh, huh. Because I was just giving you shit earlier. Seriously, you don't have to—"

His eyes widened as she smushed her palm against his mouth. "I'm doing this for me," she huffed. "Not for you. Because I wanna be right while you're proved wrong."
Bakugou stayed silent for a moment even after she slid her hand off him. He opened his mouth only to shut it again. "Well, shit. I'm not gonna argue that."

She gestured towards her chest. "This is for feminism."

Ochako paused. "Actually, scratch that. It's for science."
"...Neither of those make sense."

She rolled her eyes. Honestly, Ochako had forgotten why she had agreed to this & refused to acknowledge any reason why other than to put Bakugou in this place. Because that was the /only/ reason why shed take off her shirt in front of him

She glanced at Mina's still-passed out form. "Is she dead? Do we need to check on her?"

Bakugou swung himself around to glare at her. "Dumb bitch. Weed makes her pass out every time and she still doesn't listen."

Ochako shifted on her feet. "Okay, so..."
As if reading her mind, Bakugou swung his body back around and pointed to Kirishima's wall on the far side. "There's no stoners in my room."

Her head bobbed up and down as she nodded. He was right, there weren't any. Bakugou was so resourceful sometimes. "Alright, cool."
She shot him finger guns before maneuvering past him. "Gotta tell Sero I'm heading out."

Bakugou had a bemused expression on his face. "Oh? Are we not coming back?"

Ochako paused. "...Yes. Yes we are. We /are/," she insisted at his shit-eating grin.
She suppressed a yelp as he suddenly grabbed onto her wrist and began steering her towards the door. "Then there's no point in telling 'em. We'll be back before they even notice we're gone."

"Oh...yeah." They were now out in the dark coolness of the hall. "Good point."
Ochako had never seen someone try to unlock a door so quickly in her life. It took Bakugou a few times to get the key in the hole, and when he did, he promptly pulled her into his room and shut the door behind them.

It was dark in here, too.
He turned on his desk lamp before clasping his hands together and turning to face her. "Clock's tickin, Cheeks."

Her jaw dropped. "I—You—Well—" she shook her head "—Fast."

Bakugou crossed his arms and went to lean against his desk a little too hard. "We dont have all night."
He sniffed. "Prove me wrong. Show me your tits."

Ochako scowled at him. "Unbelievable."

She began to furiously claw at her shirt to get the remaining buttons undone. "Don't have all night my butt..."

Why were her finger tips numb? They felt clumsy. Beer was stupid.
She ripped off the last two and pointedly annoyed the amused snicker located behind her. "Well, fuck, don't injure yourself."

"Shut up," she grumbled.

Ochako took a deep breath before disrobing and unceremoniously dropping her shirt to the ground.
She spun around with her hands on her hips, and only stumbled a little at the sudden movement. "See? They're huge. I win"

Ochako at the very least was expecting a gasp out of him. Maybe even Bakugou falling to his knees over how right she was and how stupid and wrong he ended up
She wasn't expecting the frown morphing his face into an unimpressed sneer.

Ochako tilted her head. "What?" she demanded.

She jumped slightly as Bakugou pushed himself off his desk and sauntered over to her. She refused to shy away even when he got a little too close.
Ochako definitely did not force her hands to stay on her hips as he stared hard at her chest, lower lip caught in his teeth. He crossed his own arms & she realized in that moment the height difference between them

Bakugou sniffed. "Is that the bra that makes your tits small?"
She swallowed. "Maybe."

He looked at her like she was stupid. "Then how the fuck am I supposed to know what they're supposed to look like?"


Ochako did not think of that.

She opened her mouth and then shut it. "Wait, did you think I was gonna /show/ you my boobs?"
Bakugous brows furrowed. "Obviously? What the fuck did you mean?"

"I..." If she was being honest, she didn't think this far ahead

He sucked on the inside of his cheek. "Wow, you're a shit feminist"

"I said this was for science!" Ochako stammered

"You're a shit scientist too"

God, this was so /stupid/. She was fuming. "Turn around."

Bakugou frowned. "Hah?"

"Turn around!" she snapped. "I'm taking it off but you're not allowed to see my nips, okay? Those are off limits."

"Well—shit, fine!" he bristled. "Then mine are too!"
"Why would I want to see your nipples?"

"Doesn't matter now," Bakugou growled, "because you can't see them."

For the second time that night, Ochako wanted to smack him. "Turn. Around."

He grumbled to himself but did as she said.
One thing she didnt want Bakugou to see more than her nipples was how difficult it was to wrangle out of her bra. There was absolutely no graceful way to do it. She was always out of breath at the end of it

This time was no different. Ochako tossed it on the ground with a whoosh
Well, here she was. Topless in a boy's room with her palms cupping the front of her chest, feeling stupid

Stupid, but determined. She shivered and ignored the chill on her bare back. She took another deep breath and straightened her shoulders, chin high. "Okay, turn back around"
She couldn't tell if he turned in slow motion or if that was just her nerves making time slow down. It felt like forever before Bakugou settled in front of her once again, eyes wide, never leaving her chest.

He didn't look unimpressed now. "Holy shit."

Ochako smirked. "Yeah."
"Well, fuck." Bakugou exhaled through his nose. "They aren't small. I was wrong."

He didn't look sad in the slightest. She grinned at him. "And don't you forget it."


He took a step closer and Ochako's breath hitched. His voice had dropped and she could feel his warmth.
The fabric of his school shirt brushed against her forearms. He leaned his head so that his mouth settled by her ear. "I thought of something," he murmured, causing goosebumps on her skin

Ochako felt like she could barely breath. "Y-Yeah?"

A large, rough hand gripped her waist.
His palm was boiling against her skin. She leaned into it and he noticed. Bakugou's other hand slid to the small of her back, caging her in to his body.

He hummed. "If this is an experiment, shouldn't we recreate the thing we wanna test? In a similar environment?"
Ochako had to wet her lips before she spoke. Her heart was beating wildly. "W-What are you suggesting?"

The moment she felt his teeth graze her earlobe, she had to keep her knees from buckling. "I mean..." Bakugou snorted and turned his chin away. "Listen, it's stupid."
She lifted her face with a frown. "No, tell me. What is it?"

"It's really stupid. You'll say no."

Ochako puffed her cheeks out. "Well, I'll be the judge of that. Just spit it out."

He sighed before angling his head down to look her in the eye. "I'm still not convinced."
"Convinced about what?"

Bakugou shrugged. "If they're bigger."

Ochako frowned. "Bigger than what, the porn star's boobs?"

"Yeah, I mean," he gestured down to her chest, swallowing hard before pushing through, "how do we know they're big enough for a dick to slide through?"
Silence fell between them. Purposeful silence. Because Ochako had to figure out how the hell to respond to that

The gall, the audacity, the—he wasn't even able to look at her. His gaze was fixed ahead and she could /see/ his pulse racing on his neck. She should slap him

And yet
"I dunno," she finally said after a while

His eyes snapped to her. She took a deep breath and shrugged slightly. "That guy's dick was pretty big in the video. How—How can we test the accuracy if you don't quite measure up to scale?"

His mouth fell open. "Oh, you little shit."
"It's a fair concern!"

"An irrelevant one," he snapped. "'Cause mine is way bigger than that asshole's pencil dick"

She shrugged again & it only seemed to piss him off more. "I don't know, maybe you'll have to—/eee!/"

Bakugou had tossed her onto his bed like a sack of flour.
Ochako landed on her back, stunned. She had her boobs in a vice grip & was a little impressed she hadn't let go. Bakugou was muttering and swearing to himself as he kicked off his shoes

She shot him an offended glare. "That wasn't cool!"

He threw a sock at her & flipped her off
Her mouth went dry at the sight of him unbuckling his belt. "What are you doing?"

"What does it look like I'm doing?" He ripped the leather belt from his belt loop in a single, fluid motion.

Bakugou unzipped his pants with a growl. "Gonna make you eat your words."
It was when his school trousers fell to his ankles did Ochako remember how to speak. "I d-didn't say yes to that."

He froze. In the low light of the room, the contrast of his muscles was heightened. His legs looked... really nice, actually.

Bakugou watched her carefully.
"Is that a no, then?"

Oh no, his shirt was unbuttoned. Even worse, his abs were on full display. She couldn't remember why this was a bad idea. Ochako let out an involuntary whine. "I guess not"

He frowned. "You guess not?"

"Well..." How were her hands still covering her tits?
She suddenly felt shy with him looming over her like that. She rubbed her knees together and looked to her side, unable to keep the blush off her face. "Yes, but...Can we like...kiss and stuff? Maybe then it'll feel less..." Ochako made a face "...surgical. I dunno."
Bakugou blinked. "We can absolutely do that."

"Oh, good." She readjusted herself on his bed so she was laying on her back with her head on his pillow. "Okay. How do we want to do this then?"

Her heart skipped as the bed dipped under the weight of him moving to straddle her.
He put a hand on either side of Ochako's head and leaned over her. Her eyes widened as warmth shot through her belly.

Bakugou was hot. She knew this. All the boys in her class had insane bodies from training.

But Bakugou...his chest and shoulder area could inspire sonnets.
And it had just occurred to Ochako that she was about to be very intimate with said chest and shoulders. She licked her lips and his eyes caught the movement.

She couldn't tell if it was too quiet in that room or if they were both breathing too hard.
"You ever kiss someone before?" he breathed.

Their noses were brushing. Ochako wanted him to sink into her. "N-No. Have you?"

He smirked. "Yeah." His lips ghosted hers and she shuddered. "I'll show you what to do."

When their lips met, Ochako saw stars.
Her eyelids fluttered shut as she surrendered herself to it. There was an instinctual pattern her body picked up that helped her reciprocate the kiss with some ease. Ochako was a little clumsy, but he seemed to like it. She could feel him smiling on her lips and she smiled back.
Bakugou lightly bit down on her bottom lip, causing her to gasp. His tongue slid into his mouth and Ochako's hands flew to bury themselves in his hair. She made a sound that spurred him on to grind her into the bed.

Her own tongue slipped into his mouth and he groaned.
She didn't understand how someone whose spit tasted like beer could taste so /good/. One of his hands lowered to travel across her torso and she arched into it. Their kiss became more heated as Ochako pulled him closer, making needy sounds at the back of his throat.
It wasn't until one of his hands cupped her breast did she even realize she had let go of them. Bakugou's thumb grazed her nipple and she moaned.

"Fuck." He groaned. "You make the best fucking noises."

"Do it again," she gasped against his mouth. "Do—Do it again."
"Does this mean I can look at them?"

His lips traveled to her jaw and down her neck, leaving little bites of fire in their wake. "Oh, /god/," she whined. "You can do whatever you want with them. They're yours, just—just keep going."

"Gonna fucking worship these, holy shit."
He led a trail of kisses down her chest let out a shaky breath as he reached his target. "Mother of fucking god, this is unfucking—" his tongue swirled around her nipple and she threw her head back with a moan "—believable, these aren't real I refuse—"
He cut himself off by wrapping his lips around her nipple and sucking. Ochako's dug into the shirt still on his back and moaned. Bakugou spent the next few minutes going back and forth between each breast, licking, sucking, and biting to his heart's content.
"You said I could do what I want," he mumbled into her skin. "So I'm gonna—gonna—"

He broke away from Ochako like he was coming up for air. Bakugou suddenly leaned over her and was rustling around for something in his draw. When he leaned back, she saw a small bottle in his hand
Bakugou's hair was stuck up at odd angles as he poured clear liquid into his hands and began rubbing them together. She tilted her chin. "What's that?"

He shot her a slight smirk before spreading the slick substance onto her cleavage. "Something to get rid of the friction."
Her eyes widened. /Oh/ It was happening. She shuddered at the cooling sensation of the (lube? she assumed it was lube) against her chest. Bakugou kneaded it into her skin, adding some more until she was shining

He leaned back on his knees, eyes bright as he studied his handiwork
He grinned wolfishly before wiping his hands on his sheets. "Gotta say, Cheeks. You look good with me on you."

She wondered what he meant by that until she looked down and saw that carnage that was her chest. Ochako winced. Maybe she gave him too much freedom.
His smile dropped as he repositioned himself. He was now straddling her stomach, palming at himself as he stared at her with a hungry expression

It shouldn't have been as hot as it was.

His breath caught as her hands traveled up his warm torso. "Well? What are you waiting for?"
"I wanna do this right," he said. "Want it to be good"

His eyelids fluttered as her fingertips traced his chest. She bit her lip. "Well? What did they do in the video?"

"Well..." Bakugou gently grabbed her wrists and directed them to her chest. "She was holding them in place"
Ochako nodded and cupped her breasts on either side. "Push 'em together, tight," Bakugou murmured. "We want pressure"

She blushed and complied. He let out a pained groan. "You look so hot right now, fuck"

He paused. "Were you serious about being able to put them in your mouth?"
She wordlessly lean down to lick at one of her own nipples and Bakugou held up a hand. "S-Stop. You gotta stop, I'm gonna cum before we even do anything."

Knowing her effect on him gave Ochako an ego boost she never knew she needed. She felt powerful.
She tilted her head with a coy expression. "Okay, then. You've seen mine..." she let her gaze travel to the tent happening in Bakugou's boxers, " let me see yours. For scientific purposes"

His gaze darkened. "You still think I'm smaller than that guy?"

"I dunno. Are you?"
He leaned back and her stopped skipped a beat at the sight of Bakugou grabbing the waistband of his boxers and yanking them down to hook under his straining erection. Ochako's mouth went dry. "O-Oh."

He grinned. "Told you."

She was very lucky that thing wasn't going inside her
Well, at least she now knew it wasn't misplaced confidence he had. She gulped. "C-Cool."

Her hands had settled on his thighs. They were both looking at each other, extremely aware of how exposed they were. She licked her lips and he leaned down once more to kiss her.
She moaned into his mouth, gripping hard on his legs. His hands ran through her hair and she gasped at the feeling of his cock sliding against her stomach. "Ba-Bakugou—"

"Katsuki," he groaned. "Call me Katsuki—I wanna hear you say it—


His grip on her hair tightened.
He began kissing her harder. "Fuck it sounds so good in your mouth"

Ochako's heart fluttered but forced herself to focus. "K-Katsuki, you're still wearing—"

"Don't care." He lifted his body with a frantic energy and repositioned himself. "Push your tits together for me, baby."
A whine bubbled out of her throat and she immediately obeyed. Bakugou braced himself on his knees as he guided the head of his cock to the start of her cleavage. He swore loudly.


Ochako frowned. "This what?"

He grinned. "This is my favorite porn category."
Ochako bit her bottom lip and suppressed a whine as he slowly slid the rest of his cock into her cleavage. Bakugou's eye had screwed shut while his hands gripped his headboard. He felt hot against her skin. She looked down, eyes widening at the head of his cock peeking out.
She released a shaky breath and Bakugou groaned above her. "Fuck, your breath is so hot—"

Ochako tried to remember what the lady did in that video. Squeezing them tight, she began to slide her tits up and down the sides of his length.
She pressed them to where his entire cock was covered save for when it poked out at the end. The whole thing was so /lewd/ it had her moaning with him.


Bakugou had started rocking his hips in tandem with her movements.
He allowed this for a while before being unable to do anything but keep his own pace. He had one hand braced against the bed and another against the headboard as he began fucking into her tits with earnest. The thrusting had Ochako moving with it and she used it to add more force
Bakugou was rambling a constant string of praise for her. "You feel so fucking good, baby, doing such a good job—"

Ochako decided slightly drunk, horny Bakugou was her favorite version of him. She smiled up at him and he swore again. "/Fuck/, stay like that but open your mouth—"
She stuck her tongue out like the obedient slut she never knew she was and almost went cross-eyed at the feeling of the head of his cock sliding over her tongue. "Fuck, /fuck/—"

His hands were now clasped over hers as he increased the pressure around his cock.
Ochako moaned as he increased his pace, drooling as his cock kept slapping over her extended tongue. He looked like a picture, cheek flushed, mouth slack, and a strained expression on his face that could only convey the most intense pleasure.

She wanted him to cum on her.
"Katsuki," she whined.

"Fuck, 'm gonna cum, I'm gonna—"

"On me. Please, please Katsuki. I want it, cum on me—"

His orgasm hit him so suddenly Ochako barely had time to close her eyes before ropes of cum hit her face.
Bakugou had to wrench his hand away to brace against the headboard once again to keep from collapsing on top of her. His body was taught, mouth open and eyes squeezed shut as he rode out the climax.
Ochako rocked with him, waiting for him to come down before finally releasing her breasts.

Good lord in heaven, they were numb. She could barely feel her chest and had a sinking feeling that come tomorrow, she'd wish they still had no feeling to them.
Bakugou let out a loud exhale before falling back on his knees, head thrown back. He took his time opening his eyes and Ochako felt like she was witnessing someone seeing for the first time.

She smiled at him as he finally came to. "Welcome back."

He shot her a lazy, sated grin

Ochako lifted herself to rest on her elbows. "How're you feeling?"

His stupid grin hadn't left his face. He ran a hand through his hair and blew out some air. "Cheeks, I think I'm in love with you."

Her face lit up. "Okay, let's not get too carried away here."
"No, really." He sighed. "That...I'm not sure making Number One will even come close to that. Wow."

Bakugou gestured to her chest. "Your tits are a work of art. Your face is a work of art. Your mouth is—"

"Oh, my god I get it." She hid her face in her hands. "You're welcome."
The smile slowly slid off his face. "You didn't finish."

Ochako shrugged. "Nope, but it's not like I could. But honestly, it's fine. I really enjoyed myself regardless..."

She trailed off as she realized he wasn't listening. Bakugou had scooted down to rest between her legs.
He tucked himself back into his boxers and she squeaked as he hooked her legs around his waist. "Ba—Katsuki, seriously, it's fine—"

"Just shut up."

Her breath hitched as he leaned over to kiss her while his hand snaked beneath her skirt and panties.
"Kinda hot you're still wearing these," he purred against her mouth.

"What're you doing?" she asked between kisses.

"Trying out another experiment." His fingers traced over the wet spot on her panties. "Something else I've seen in porn I wanna find out."
"And what's—" his fingers slipped under the fabric and dipped into her wet folds "—/ngh/, oh, my god okay—" she threw her head back as he pressed against her clit, "—Oh, fuck, /Katsuki/—"

It took an embarrassingly short time for her to finish. Bakugou didn't seem to mind.
She locked around his body and he swallowed her cries with his mouth. She barely remembered coming down. One moment she was crying out Bakugou's name, and in the next she was tucked into bed with him, completely naked with him hugging her from the back.

It was...nice.
He hummed against her neck as he settled in. "Tha' was nice," he mumbled.

Ochako bit back a smile. She wondered how he'd be feeling about this in the morning. "It sure was."

Bakugou yawned. "Next time, I'm eating you out though."

"Yeah," she sighed, "next time—"

Her eyes snapped open. "Next time?"

He was already asleep. Ochako laid there in the dark thinking back on her night and how certain chain of events led her to this exact moment.
Next time.

She kind of liked the sound of that.

Ochako nestled into Bakugou's sheets and allowed herself to drift off into a content sleep.

They'd have to apologize to Sero and them tomorrow for ditching.

- - - -

Thanks everyone for joining me on this impromptu horny ride on this fine friday night LOL hope y'all enjoyed! feel free to leave a tip if able and have a good weekend!😊 
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