German effectiveness is a myth. If Germans are obsessed with anything it isn't getting stuff done, it's following "the process." In politics, not getting results is almost never punished, breaking "the rules" almost always is. Zero flexibility.
I don't even blame politicians. They have to work with the voters they have and those voters care way more about rules than results. It's entirely rational to take zero risks even if it leads to stagnation. That's how you win elections in this country
Germans say they want politicians to get things done but they really don't. If they have a choice between a politician who makes mistakes and occasionally breaks things to move forward and one who does everything perfectly by the book they will vote for the safe choice every time
Blaming politicians for all the stuff that evidently doesn't work is a collective lie about the causes of ineffectiveness in this country. We keep punishing leaders who want to get things done and politicians act accordingly. We have exactly the leaders we deserve.
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