BillionairesForFuture top Ecocide executor.

Potential killer of Thacker Pass & Earth.

Meet Leo.

He is connected with the same BFF network, loving Ken the advisor of richest capitalist Bill, sorry, now we call it richest ecosocialist.

Fabricates e-cars researches, Thread:
You got to read previous investigations to get the idea of what is all about, how all those people connected, please start with Peter, he is the N2 executor, read this sub-thread and related ones:
We'll show how Leo connected to the same BFF exposed accounts later, first what is ecocide about?

Carbon Sheet. Yes, the resource lying about e-cars Real damage to the Planet in terms of CO2.

This is the most pop article Ecociders refer to:
Long story short, they publish that Ecars are 3x times better in the UK than petrol ones.

Partially this whole article is based on research to the chart on the right. In this research for US there's no difference in 50% of cases or 35% betterness:
In the Carbon Sheet article we clearly see that they read this research and are using only one chart from it, not above red-yellow chart, but hardly understandable w/o engineering-grade blue/red country one

We got such grades, so for UK they Do Not calculate marginal emissions:
And they do not calculate second battery, replacement one, there are actually thousands of such batteries already in waste:
Electricity Mix for UK 2021 April

Marginal emissions are Gas, Biomass (UK), Coal (in Germany), not wind/solar, you can't make Wind blow faster.

This April it was almost idle in UK. Blue = wind. Orange, dark orange = gas + biomass.
In June 2021 not much better either. This is best summer month in UK, where no AC is used. Meaning summer consumption much lower than winter. Daylight is much longer.

But they claim that UK electricity is better than the US. This is simply blatant lies as you see.
As you see above they Fabricated research for UK for e-cars to be 3x times better than petrol.
Having same High CO2 electricity as in the US.

There are unpaid by Billionaires researches, like this one, it says 6% is saved with e-cars. Six Percent.
Or another one: 3rd type is correct Unpaid one.

2nd type is the one Carbon Sheet refers to in their "debunking", or Blatant Lies:

Decarbonization with e-cars is not working:
3.Type -> 
2.Type -> 
1.Type -> 
6% savings is a path to the +4C degrees world.
Complete Burning of the Planet.

Your damage is still 30t CO2 by 2030 for each e-car,
multiply 30tons of CO2 by 330 Millions of US cars.

Total planet destruction:
Why Ecocide?

Chart is imprecise:
-12 times more dirty mining needed than for conventional
-2 times more mining is needed for solar, because of

batteries + solar panels combo are:
200-300g CO2 kWh, not nearly zero emissions how those BFF "scientists" are praising:
Yes. Dirty green mining is ecocide.
It literally means complete Nature destruction. Including deep-sea mining.

More about this in this sub-thread:
About BFF network relations:
First a bit more about Peter from CA
As u remember (investigation above) he had 800 followers in first year

On page 26 of followers, he has another ecocide org. This is NGO that funded by 6th Billionaire (sorry, ecosocialist) in these investigations:
They have also Blatant Lies. No surprise, right? This rich ecosocialist is also from California. Same as Arnold promoting Greta the Queen of Ecocide.

So in DE and UK: The marginal emissions and second battery put e-car in the same amount of CO2 emissions. Same. We studied:
Studied each day electricity mix for UK and Germany for last year. We know the shit. But they know the crypto. Crypto for fabricating researches is precious.

Now about top ecocider Leo, page 6, 10, 13, 15 of followings. Top BFF guns:
Their Connection with Billionaires are in Max and Cory researches. Please see the sub-thread in the end.

Page 22 for Leo shows precisely:
As TreeKiller org (Max research and movie) as Ken, again! Top ecosocialist, senior advisor for Bill the Richest. Also exposed NEF, Tyndall,
Bill, Naomi who taken money directly from Billionaires.
So we got the portrait of ecosocialism here.

Blatant Lies to make profits and Kill the planet.

No mistake, the Carbon Sheet refers to this CA billionaire-funded EU NGO in their article:
Now, Let's take just batteries. Without whole car mining, smelting, manufacturing:

"IVL study:
battery manufacturing emissions are more likely to range between 61 and 106 kg CO2 per kilowatt hour."
Leo follows this resource on page 6:

"The battery for the truck alone is 816 kg.
Per the latest estimates (see in the thread above) it is:
125 kWh * 106kg = 13250 kg = 13 Tons of CO2 or 29000 pounds"
Now you think we like petrol cars?
No, cars are not needed at all.
As it was 50 years ago for True environmentalists as now:
The only solution is to dismantle car culture.
And to Reduce, reduce, reduce.

You can find Real solutions here:
#CorrectClimateSolutions, 'Latest' Tab.
This sub-thread contains Max & Cory investigations, and a lot more about BillionairesForFuture network.

Ecocide Network:
For convenience unrolled thread to read easier with full screenshots:

Find it here please: 
Surely we should not forget the co-author of this ecocide article in Carbon Sheet.

Meet the Zeke the Ecocider:

We should know those who "saves" the planet.
Important sub-thread: Kevin the Angel, CEMUS, Tyndall Center, and many more:
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