BillionairesForFuture Bots.
Greta loves them, cherishes them.
3.95M of them for her. Lovely!

Let's look just in last 12 fresh pages of followings, sorry, Bot followings:

Greta needs More Bots!!
Fake activism, see last post why.
And fake followers.
But she loves it. She needs more of it!
Greedy for them:
The need for fans:
Closer look to some:
Cheap bots, BillionairesForFuture don't like quality,
get it cheap, Greta!
Second-hand bots actually:
Best climate action = cheap Bot action!
So why it is fake activism?
Read this thread please to understand why,
it is utmost important:
The reason Greta doesn't talk with who comments because

* 1/5 are Bot Comments
* 3/5 are BillionairesForFuture hired actors
(see above)

Greta loves Chat Bots, in detail further:
Just 12 random Bots from 70 comments on this super hot message
Not only she buys Fake Followers (see the thread to the top). She buys Fake commenters.
So many bots... All for what?
To perform ecocide with "clean" & "green" hands!

Read Ecocide 2021 June Magazine from here: 
We reached the goal:
4M Fake Followers for Greta the Ecocide Queen.

The latest fake follower is a fighter, such a fighter...
Look at page 3. She fights for eco-socialism!

Brave girl! Bill would be proud.
The only thing is missing here is a flag & surfboard.
She is among anonymous pictureless fighters for ecosocialism:

Amparo with a Mexican flag and surfboard driving the Gulf of Mexico throwing to left and to right pictures with Bill. Top ecosocialist. No pasaran! ✊

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