Heavy mining means Heavy CO2, Deep-Sea mining,
This is IEA chart, showing that Lots of mining is needed to get to "green" energy.

It also means complete nature destruction.
Literally Total. ->
Solar, is not 50g CO2/kWh. With Batteries like in CA or Australia or At Home it is around 200-300g CO2/kWh.
Comparable with 2014 Biomass numbers per IPCC. IPCC don't calculate batteries btw. Why? They grow on trees. Same as e-cars.

A Must read thread:
By reading thread above you got information that E-cars don't save planet, Renewables are Heavy CO2 and all Are Ecocide. So. Who in June 2021 are top Ecociders?

N1 - FFF & Queen of Solar,
Not a lot of posts, but they are greenwashing the youngest ones.
May was also very active month for Greta, she promoted lots of ecars, solar and wind.

Here she shows her hatred to birds. She knows that millions of birds, eagles, bats are dying each year from wind turbines. Cats don't kill eagles btw.

She's saying kill them all! Top Ecosider:
Also Solar (200-300g CO2 kWh is not forgotten). Toxic waste in China literally kills thousands of acres of land due to solar production and burns zillions tons of coal. Land is dead.

But so called Global North under Greta leadership can enjoy the "Zero Emissions" electricity:
Above two hidden promotions of two other big Ecociders of the June. She says - watch this pages.
Her favorite style, give hints where to find more ecocider information.

No mistake - ecocide is top priority for FFF. Number 1 in June, next is:
#2 S(cocide) Club:

So, in thread above at 2nd post you know that small e-track battery ONLY, not talking about other part of car production emissions:

is 816 kg.
Per latest estimates (see in same thread) it is:
125 kWh * 106kg/kWh = 13250 kg = 13 Tons of CO2 or 29000 pounds.
Promotion of deadly to Thacker Pass & Oceans & Seas e-cars and renewables continues with full force:
They also love killing birds:
Big truck is 170 tons of CO2 lifetime. The call it "clean" truck. 1500kg for batteries, twice more than for small truck.
Nature destruction is enormous. Lithium, nickel, cobalt, copper, etc.

N6 in top is 365 org: showing those orgs know about IEA charts. They skip some of them:
#3 Green Sheet. Google "prowindgas vegan plus".

This org is Greta's godfather (Sverige). They knew about her even before first image of her 1st strike was ever posted (investigation in the end).

They also post about what they do.
About Ecocide, actually today:
This month they are cautious with cars, not like month before. Only hidden promo via symbol.
But this is Heavy mining, Heavy CO2.
Total nature life destruction:
Prise in creativity: Heavy Dirty Green Mining for them is white chess figures.
Interesting: whales in oceans and antelopes at Thacker Pass also think it's white and green and clean?
They are masters in greenwashing, they tell that UK has 66% of renewables energy many times, in 2nd post you can see that this is just not true at all.
April 2021 majority is Gas & Biomass, Wind is blue on the next slide. Renewable days are around 30 in a year. in 365 days.
Specially to place it here, the blue (wind) is 66% of renewables in UK. Orange is gas, dark orange - biomass. They are totally blind by their Ecocide. Or they see orange as blue. More likely.
Orange is blue for them and blue is orange.
#4 WorldNature Duck Fund

Only thing they should be doing ask IPCC recalculate offshore wind. As we see above wind can just be idle, as onshore + offshore for a month! It also needs batteries and big oil driven ships to build this offshore. And ships it's not diesel trucks:
It's much more diesel, times more. Then you need to oil turbines with thousands gallons of oil, replace each year. Build cables in see, stations. Well, offshore wind per our estimates is 150-200g CO2/kWH. Let IPCC calculate correctly once in a while.
They should be protecting wildlife, but instead they prefer to kill it. Just kill it. Why not?
#5 Friends of Planet

1 of their biggest Branches took part in #EndEUExtractivism this month. Just few days after they started to promote Heavy Mining. Heavy extractivism, Heavy CO2:
Usual stuff, little creativity in Ecocide:
Turbines everywhere, in your yard including:
There're more screens, but many are repeats of the same.

Here goes important sub-thread about BFF Science,
how Greta met Green Sheet, what is the idea behind this Ecocide, important one!
This is important thread about who fights with this Ecocide:
This is sub-thread about "cleanest" lithium extraction, means Heavy CO2, cancer, deaths, nature destruction:
And finally this thread is what those orgs should be writing about. About real #degrowth. End of Ecocide June 2021 Edition.

Reduce, not produce (recycling is last step):
2020 Electricity emissions per country day by day.

How many green days/squares you see for UK, Denmark?

These are so-called renewables days in media

Are majority yellow and orange, dark orange days?
Why media tells us only about exceptions? Hmmm
Important sub-thread about recycling and many other "green", "clean", "zero emissions" things:

This won't help:
Greta & Her 3.95M Fake Followers, Story of Success:
Look how XR promotes Lithium extraction!

Together with Greta/Luisa they are top ECOCIDERS of Summer 2021.

E-cars don't decarbonize anything -> Read Thread 2 the top with Real research.

Not Fake one paid by BillionairesForFuture with dirty crypto.
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