🧵1300+ scholars and luminaries declare support for an unprecedented boycott of @UofT - Canada’s largest and most prestigious university. They're joined by dozens of campus organizations, unions, student groups, alum and hundreds of faculty. 1/9
4/9 The violation of academic freedom and interference of donors are deepening concerns as universities lean more on private philanthropy. @UofT has also faced controversies on the influence of extractive and pharmaceutical industries in recent years. https://financialpost.com/news/fp-street/influence-u-the-uneasy-ties-between-canadas-universities-and-wealthy-business-magnates
6/9 A multiracial group including Muslim, Jewish, Indigenous & Black professors have come together to help build a movement. Most have never worked together before, but they are united in outrage about the #UofTScandal and in their commitment to change. https://censureuoft.ca 
7/9 @UofT admin asserts over and over that #UofTcensure is unwarranted. They treat it & supporters with contempt. Admin circulates misinformation - eg this memo, which legal scholars from CensureUofT have assessed for its (in)accuracy.
#AcademicTwitter https://censureuoft.ca/2021/06/11/uoft-administration-gets-a-failing-grade/
9/9 Please join us in this vital struggle to defend academic freedom and hold @UofT accountable.
- follow us @censureutoronto
- sign the pledge: 👇 https://uoftcensurepledge.wordpress.com 
- and circulate info widely!
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