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Meet Peter

He initiates Greta, her farther, best buddy of Kevin. He also loves WeDontHaveTime.

He is 1 from 9 common very first 49 follows by Greta, her farther and Mommy Janine.
Impossible same following of 3 persons now!!

! Thread
There'll be links to previous investigations, it will explain relations of his buddy Kevin to CEMUS & others like Mommy Janine in BFF network.

1st we continue from appendix for previous part about what is what to say:
"Yes and No"

Peter loves ocean and trees as in profile:
"He is the principal investigator on a NASA grant to study the projected future of the world's coral reefs.."

He is also Ecosocialist as you see above in profile.

What he promotes? Heavy mining, Heavy CO2, deep-see mining,
This is IEA chart, showing that Lots Lots of mining ->
Lots of mining should be done to get to "green" energy

Solar btw, it's not 50g CO2/kWh. With Batteries like in CA or Australia or At Home it is around 200-300g CO2/kWh. Batteries need a lot of heavy mining.

Please read this sub-thread for more info why:
Peter shares same views about near-zero energy systems with Ken.
Ken is senior advisor for one of the Richest in the world person. Top Ecosocialist. 1 from 4 BFF lords described in investigations. His name is Bill.

We'll get back to this discussion.
See Peters promotions:
Peter above: "If your electricity is sourced from 100% renewables, then you have no electricity emissions."

As u can see above its 200-300g CO2/kWH. But for Peter solar panels + Batteries, electric cars & Batteries grow on trees.
Kevin, his buddy shares those ideas too:
For Kevin it is - quoting: "zero carbon electricity." 200-300g CO2/kWH. Heavy mining, nature destruction, heavy CO2. They all 3 share same Ecosocialists view - IT'S NET ZERO!

Above he shares Bill's post (tree chopper, see "planet of the humans) saying e-cars save the world!!!
He runs Climate Ad project (where Greta gets her videos too more likely). He promotes cars and also... writes that he hates it! You see -> Yes and No, same as Jason fake degrower (see previous investigation)

He also writes that BFF masters dont plan to fix anything. He knows it:
Ken from Bill told him. He promotes Solar panels+Batteries too (200-300g CO2/kWh).
And here is direct reference to 4th BFF lord.
He says: "E*** is still a duck though".

He loves and hates this. Classic
Because he knows what he is doing is BS

Here's why:
We highly recommend to read thread above, you'll start knowing what Real scientists should be telling you long, long time ago

How is connected to BFF? We remind, he initiates Greta, He is ClimateHuman. With his other BFF angels

He starts at T network in 2017 July, first tweets:
Peter confirms initiation with Ken (top Bills advisor):
"Good to re-meet online". Yeah, it's good to meet another Ecosocialist online. Exactly

Ken Weaver from 350 (another Bill: the tree chopper org) also takes part in talk, actually 2 of Kens:

Who are Ken very first followers?
3 Top guns from BFF (already exposed) in first 30 followers, who Ken is following very first 40, you follow in order to people who you follow to be able to send you direct messages, that's how T network works:
Exposed Kevin is number 2, his Tyndall center number 4, overall 16 (+some more) BFF accounts, including Ken advisor of lord Bill in first 40 follows..

So this conversation is online initiation of Paul the "Yes and No" master.

Who Peter follows, very first:
Prof. Kate (BFF network), KHayhoe is one more Greta's angel! See above!
She is follow N1, his relative only N7.
Eric & Ken (above) in first 30 follows.

Kevin is N32. and the another 7 top guns from BFF in first 80 follows including exposed before CEMUS!
And the crown is:
Kimberly at ~110 who tagged Peter, Kevin, Kate, Eric (seen above too) at Greta's very first poster.
All 5 Greta's angels are exposed and connected!

Now, before continuing - who is Peter, how famous scientist he is? Before 2017 he has 2 media articles about him and one book:
Media is not very known, book is reviewed by Bill (the tree chopper), and published at "New Society Publishers"
It has clear connections to Ecosocialists: another book that came out there, quoting:
"Capitalism is evolving into a force that can restore the planet, transform the global economy, and bring justice to people."
-> Peter's ideas are complementing this "Ecosocialists" motives for sure.

So, that's why from His following you will see same BFF network, Not Fans:
Page 2 followers: Eric.
page 3 Climate Lobby
page 5 - Kate & Eric. 2 Greta's Angels.

Katie Kalmus! follows back as 51th... after 2 angels. His only relative.

Page10 - XR and buddy Kevin (3rd angel).
Page13 - exposed CEMUS.
Page20 - Kimberly (4th angel.)
Page18 - only colleague from NASA. Peter's follow's Justin on page10 btw.

Important BFF Genevieve at Page48.
Svante, Greta's father: page82, 820 follower - he knows Peter is a true star of climate science already!
Page86 - WeDontHavetime:
He also follows most of these BFFs, WeDontHaveTime incl. U'll see further that Svante could follow Peter around March 2018, almost a year has passed and top10 scientist has 860 followers & most are BFF bots or actors.

He is followed by Climate Champions & 350 (Bill the chopper):
Above 2 first following pages for Climate Champions (CC): Kevin N1, PeterN2, Eric 15th champions!
CC will contact Svante, Greta's farther on March 22.

Svante follows same 8 persons (he's 9th) as Mommy Janine and Greta in his first 49 follows:
Only Kevin (angel) is N70. So 8 follows fully match in first 49 for 3 persons!!! This is impossible.

Well, BFF can make things possible, grow batteries on trees, sustainable mining, 0 emission from all of it! They can do truly Impossible things!
Svante's account is 2012. He doesn't tweet until 2018 see above. And he starts following only in 2018.
Peter's angels account is at July 2017.
CC send code to Svante on March 2018.
This is how Svante got initiated by Peter and Kevin. First Climate Champions, also Angels 4 Greta:
Only one tweet after from Svante in 3 months. Starting from August lots of tweets, But almost Nothing, before operation "Greta".
Only 4 tweets in July.
Lots of tweets starting from 20Aug.
and Victory picture on 7th October:
Angel Peter was rehearsing op. with guy called Thomas on very first Greta's tweet.
Thomas did variation of her quote tweet Jun 21.
Thomas and Peter are interconnected like siblings, Peter follows him at page70...

XR is compromised too, next links to other investigations & more:
Please meet Julia & Kevin The Angel:
Please meet Mommy Janine! There are a lot of other interesting sub-thread there, must read!
More convenient way to read all 7 investigations can be at: 
Appendix with more exposed accounts will come too.
Stay tuned.
Quick understanding of what is WeDontHaveTime and other renewables goodies in this sub-thread:
Who is top BFF Ecocide org/person in June 2021?

BillionairesForFuture, Important sub-thread:
Appendix #1

Another Leo from BillionairesForFuture network, also a kind of actor, cannot define this as journalism: Billionaires propaganda and acting - yes, and a lot of cryptos paid, read the thread:
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