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Story about BillionairesForFuture science

Meet Prof Julia

Follows same key persons as Greta, Mommy Janine in very first follows.
6 years after her twitter account created: these are 1st follows. She was silent, but awakened!

Lots of science Thread:
Julia is ecosocialist:
"merging aspects of Marxism, socialism, environmentalism and ecology.

Eco-socialists generally believe that the capitalist system is the cause of social exclusion."

She starts at 2010 twitter, 8 tweets that year, and then a pause for 5 years:
End of Year 2015 - initiation. Retweeting Giorgos and Kate tweets:

Also support for new Mayor, he is labour, but see how people search for him:

Btw, top media mentioned here is kind of left, but sponsored by Billionaire Foundation and in board has very right views members:
In 2016 starts tweeting 100s of tweets.

First ever followers (with 5 years pause) ARE
BFF compromised people (see other investigation):
Kevin, Glen. New name Giorgos (see above RT, he works with Kate).

All 4 of them are top guns from BFF.
As you can see she is followed at 3rd followers screen by account of January 2016 creation date. Bot as well.
They love Bots. So, who is in page N4?

One more top gun Giulio:
We need to say a bit about biggest "degrower" here to give more context, Jason, he is already has separate thread read here:

They are All masters of saying "Yes and No" in one or multiple sentences, u will see why:
Who from compromised accounts, like Greta holding sign WeDontHaveTime follows her?

On 72nd page, 720 followers, BFF master follows this super famous worldwide professor. I knew her name when I was 5. She was tweeting from 2010 till 2016 - a lot of enlightenment (see above).
Greta follows our prof. at 84th page (her account created June 2018.)
BFF top scientists have now 20-30k+ followers. But Greta followed her from kindergarten and knows that 840 followers already a huge impact.

We'll get back to Greta, bit more about Julia:
Julia is following these accounts:
Kevin is N5, Kate, BlackLivesMatterUK created on July 2016, so between Jan - and July with 100s of tweets she follows just 40 persons.

And N10 for ecosocialist is NEF Wellbeing!
Top gun Naomi who's ties with ecosocial Billionaires (there's link in previous investigation by Max Blumenthal) is number 50 something.

Who is NEF? NEF promotes Green New Deal and this means Heavy mining & Heavy CO2,
Few NEF tweets:
Lots of posts like this at NEF, why Heavy mining &Heavy CO2?

This is IEA chart, showing that Lots Lots of mining should be done to get to "green" energy. Mining means a lot of CO2

Please read this sub-thread for more info why:

Now meet N5 or 10 - Kevin:
Meet Kevin. It is 10th Julias follower in 6 years! It's magic number, same situation we have seen with Klaus before

Kevin is progressive, he's the only 1 who made RT of this video post about cars, Yoot posted version as a comment to Kevin

Pay close attention to tagged accounts!
Whois NEF first followers btw? Top ecosocialist!

Who are those tagged by Kevin orgs? Most noticeable now is TyndallCentre and CEMUSUPPSALA

Have anyone from his BFF friends shared or liked the e-cars post? No.

Reason was to inform & mitigate the risk from more progressive ideas
One org made like, but it's not main one. Now about those Kevin's ecosocial main orgs. He was interim director at TyndallCentre,
Which Ecosocialists they follow at very start?

2 Richest Ecosocialists in the world, one Rich guy fund, usual BFF names, top ones, list continues:
BFF names, including Top advisor on energy for one Rich Ecosocialist, and:
New top breed of BFF, most of what you see in our investigations are BFF.
Tyndall is very cautious account in propaganda of Heavy mining (see above), but there's a Biggie and this is:
This is CEMUS:
They go in propaganda in full force, just few examples really.
They perform Hidden promotion, link to solutions and there - Heavy mining:
Solar btw, it's not 50g CO2/kWh. With Batteries like in CA or Australia it is around 200-300g CO2/kWh. Batteries need a lot of heavy mining.
See above IEA chart and subthread.

But for Kevin it is - quoting: "zero carbon electricity."
He considers himself as expert in energy:
Paul is one of the most posted BFF promoter at this CEMUS recently.
Paul loves heavy mining,
CEMUS promotes Paul.
And Paul promotes heavy mining, incl. covering rivers with solar so that fish would die.
It's not a solution for fish for sure:
Few posts from CEMUS to show their stars, it's all our BFF heroes, these are described in this thread first follows of prof. Julia. Surprised? All are ecosocialists:

Kimberly is one more top catch here, bit later:
* Tree chopper Bill, see "planet of the humans".
* Prof Julia!
* Favorite media, sponsored by Rich Ecosocialist.
* Another scientist and journalist Noa working for 3rd Super rich Ecosocialist. Or it is 3rd BFF Lord?
Let's get back to Greta, right?!
Her first tweets in June 2018, very first tweet is Grist Post from Denver, login only site now, weird, right?

Let's see first strike day:
3 days before. a day of strike, and on 2nd strike day already a crowd:
After 14 minutes of picture strike posted at 10.27AM.

Without tags. Without any following. There's this common guy for Mommy Janine and Greta (other investigation) commenting. How did they know?

Simple: tracked text on T network:
Close attention: "skolstrejkar för klimatet":
Now text differs! Search for Original!
above photo for Greta by Ingmar appeared at 1pm
Carl tweets at 11.46AM. Mommy Janine likes it. Greenpeace 2:39PM.

And! Our 3 wise man (angels): Kevin, Kimberly, Katharine and Peter spot &promote in the night!

More about Janine, Peter and:
Next posts (please wait) will be about "Yes and No" guy Paul (one more BFF angel)

Angels even have similar names:
KevinClimate, ClimateHuman

Meet the Mommy Janine:
6 more actors, 1 filthy bot, and Greta herself here:

They serve BillionairesForFuture.

This means Heavy mining, Heavy minerals extraction, Heavy CO2, "Green" minerals extraction:

Read, there's a lot of sub-threads:
This is the Tweet Kevin retweeted and no-one from his circle of BFF the greatest liked or shared this, he was informing about Big problem:
Someone knows that Green is Not so Green.

Important Sub-Thread:
Please wait for Appendix, there will be Paul who says "yes and no" and maybe some extra goodies.

Please read related sub-threads and other investigations before. There's what to read.

Thank you!
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