Thread about actors:
Story about another BillionairesForFuture actor.

Meet Klaus.

He is connected to BFF uncle: Joas.
Joas first followers are WeDontHaveTime and Svein T.
Same pattern of 100s of follows of FFF accounts.

Remember Greta holds WeDontHaveTime poster at the start?
History about Klaus, he joined on March 2010.
In screens: years 2010 to 2011.
He didn't tweet on 2012, '13, '14, '15.
Resumes with few tweets on 2016, 2017, 2018:
In next tweet we will show that until March 2019 he has 9 followers

In '16 he tweets a lot to TVLuke, but he doesn't follow back. TVLuke doesn't care about Klaus
99% of Klaus tweets doesn't have any likes

Besides that 8th follow is Joas Sholz!, BFF uncle

His first followings:
This is first ever reply in almost 9 years to Klaus from another person!
So the person writes "that in 9 years you made 9 followers. LOL."

Don't laugh at Klaus please, he has found uncle Joas!
From March 2019 Klaus starts to tweet 1000s of tweets per month. He's got hired!
So in January & February 2019 Klaus tweeted around 40 tweets. On March already 1000s+.

If you paid with crypto why so not!?

First tweet of Klaus with FFF tag. Who only 1 retweets it? Account under name bonsai, who follows 100s of FFF accounts:
Bonsai follows 100s of FFF accounts: behaviour we see in other accounts in previous investigations: see sub-thread in the end of this thread.

We show just first 4 pages, there're lots more:

From this moment uncle Joas adds Klaus to the BFF network and Klaus becomes a star:
Klaus followers: N10 - uncle Joas, he had 9 followers in 9 years see above. So Joas for sure is our guy.
10th follower is hard to earn.

And further 3 accounts from BFF network at once.
Noone will laugh at Klaus anymore!

We'll get back to who follow him later in appendix:
Thread about actors:
Story about another BillionairesForFuture actor.

Meet Uncle Joas.

Joas first followers are WeDontHaveTime and Svein T.
Same pattern of 100s of follows of FFF accounts.

Remember Greta holds WeDontHaveTime poster at the start?
Joas is followed by already compromised accounts in investigations (see sub-thread in the end) by Svein T (72th follower) and WeDontHaveTime (24th follower):
Who is Joas, famous scientist, actor, journalist so that those 2 big figures quickly to follow? Hmmm, let's see, 28 years experience as managing director! and 25 connects.

Sorry, he has other account and 140 "colleagues", why quote marks? well, here starts most interesting:
This is search for his company which he "manages", no colleagues report that they worked for it.

Normal pages on FB if you work 28 years are created even before 2009. But his: Dec 2018, Jul 2017.
And those have: 17 and 3 likes accordingly.
Surely Svein T and WeDontHaveTime would follow managing director with 20 likes. No question.

Further is more interesting, personal profile of other network of uncle Joas:

He has no sibling or relative with surname Scholz, he does selfies however:
As you can see in these screens there are NO likes for selfies. No-one likes him (Except of Svein T on Twitter), or he doesn't have friends, relatives?

Imagine you add new selfie and noone like it? How about his profile picture, maybe there?
Bingo! 2 likes! He has friends! Yes!
Btw Joas added photo on 2013 July. So for 6 years he got 2 likes:

Let's see who is that, first is Joanna, but if we search Joanna - she is not in the list of his friends! Hmmmm, there's one more "friend":

Fritzl Neuman:
Fritzl Neuman uncle's Joas friend, added profile picture 11th May 2019 and has just 3-4 public post. He has family!

Fam members also added profile pictures on 11 May 2019. 3 of them don't have any public posts afterwards.

Maybe their pictures have natural likes? Let's see:
His "family" members Eva & Heidi has only 1 like, from Fritzl (never saw two connected woman in a row just with 1 like, they even don't like each other! family.)

All this Neuman family with one like per profile picture disappears from public on 11th May 2019 together. 3 of them.
Neuman family: don't like each other photos, have few posts and "friends", all disappear on 11th May 2019. And one Neuman, is Only One more or less "legit" person who likes uncle Joas profile picture...

We didn't do it, it's Joas photo. 6aug 2017, 0 likes.
So what Joas is doing:
Joas, with 20 likes on FB pages (still, even after joining BFF, but their main network is T network).

He is doing propaganda:

April 2019 first picture, and then lots of Greta and other related BFF pictures:
Maybe Instagram? No tagged photos.
Again, almost no likes for his "pictures".
Propaganda doesn't gather almost any likes.
On FB he has 0 likes in 99.9% of cases.
No likes for his pictures. It is not a Company page.
It is personal FB account:
Does Joas follow many other Bots & Actors accounts and follow 100s of FFF accounts? Yes, sure:
He follows Svein T too, somewhere in 100 follows.
He follows Zero Hour, XR, Jamie Margoline and surely Mommy Janine! (here in sub-thread down below).

He follows a lot of other BFF network accounts.
He doesn't follow his employer WeDontHaveTime.
A little trick you know ;)
Joas follows at the very start BFF network accounts, here are his very first. 99% of them are BFF:

Next posts will be reference to other Investigations, explanation why BFF is doing all of this, and appendixes for followers, compromised accounts:
To be fully aware why Renewables & Electric cars are main causes of Deep Sea Mining, please read this sub-thread:
6 more actors, 1 filthy bot, and Greta herself here:

They serve BillionairesForFuture.

This means Heavy mining, Heavy minerals extraction, Heavy CO2, "Green" minerals extraction:

Read, there's a lot of sub-threads:
There will be after some time a little Appendix with Some compromised accounts, please be patient.
Appendix 1/X:

Klaus is exposing ~55 BFF accounts, we mark most guilty ones.

Remember he has 9 followers for 9 years.
Met uncle Joas (see above) who works for WeDontHaveTime and boom!!

Now have 709 followers just in 2 years, in reality in in 4-8 months.
Appendix 2/X:

Klaus is exposing ~55 BFF accounts
Appendix 3/X:

Klaus is exposing ~55 BFF accounts
Appendix 4/X:

Klaus is exposing ~55 BFF accounts
Appendix 5/X:

Klaus is exposing ~55 BFF accounts
You can say - many are not from first league. Yes, but when you have 1000s of accounts and "scientists", "experts" - you also can have multiple leagues.

Klaus tweets like a machine under FFF tag. 1000s posts per month. Crypto has dropped, so he need to regain his salary.
Appendix_J 1/X

Remember uncle Joas follows 100s of FFF accounts just in a row.
"Following" lists of BFF have lots common in described 10 BFF actors already.

Let's see who Joas exposes as compromised.

No mistake - very very famous people Are in this lists. First follows:
Appendix_J 2/X

We apologise, Joas follows WeDontHaveTime,
Before than following Greta.

Greta is not that important at that time.
Appendix_J 3/X

Peter Kalmus and 3 other followings in these screens fully match 9 common followings of mommy Janine and Greta, in their first ever 49 followings.
Appendix_J 4/X

Mommy Janine and favourite "scientists" here:
Appendix_J 5/X

Ex president is here, if you think that there's left and right. Then you don't think.

There's BFF and who serves their interests. Again favourite "journalists", BFF lists like them.
Appendix_J 6/X

The list ends with fake degrower, we write about it a lot, just search for BillionairesForFuture in search.

One new "scientist". He had 40 followers 2 months ago. Now there's 667.

Lots of familiar names, mommy Janine follows too:
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