#FFF Thread about actors (continuation):
Story about BillionairesForFuture fresh "activists"

Meet Arif Ismail (actor)

Arif knows about #FFF Mommy Janine and Daddy Erik,
he has premonition and it brings success!

He was starting another career, but failed there:
An account is created in June 2016, but the first tweet is only when? Yes, 2021, 25hth of April.

And on next day 26th. He retweets Mommy's tweet Janine.

He feels Mommy from thousand miles. He has a premonition. Some dark forces are guiding him. You will see why:
So, 2nd day from account creation, he already makes research and tags Mommy Janine, and Daddy Erik.

Will they find them? Yes, at once! Mommy Janine praises the new breed with a message:

Remember it's 2nd day of "Activism" for actor, here's why:
Latest tweet today says Actor does strikes for 18th weeks. 1st should be February 11th.

His first tweet here is at 25/04/2021.
Account created in 2016. He knows about Twitter.

1st ever poster and 2nd poster attached.
Problem is that it should be week 11th not 12th at 2nd
But wait, math can be a weak point (we calculate CO2, maybe CH4 sometimes, right?)
Ok. Maybe in writing he is better? He has second account:

He registered himself account in April 2020, it has 9 followers. Here he is a "Motivator" and a "Writer". This career ended last year:
From 9 followers, we picked random 3, and all of them are bots, even one bot will be following his second account Arif ( #FFF actor) the one with a text
"born to be awesome"

what else Actor is doing:
He created his own NGO, according to LinkedIn in September 2020.

As you can see above he has no friends, relatives, colleagues on Twitter, his only followers for Motivator are "born to be awesome" guys.

So who can help to boost his career and NGO?
Surely Mommy Janine and Daddy Erik from #FFF or #BFF, here goes long lists of all followers, we mark Compromised accounts (there're more, just most guilty ones)

It starts with bots carefully picked by Mommy Janine, his own bot "born to be awesome", and from page 3 #BFF network:
Marking most guilty #BFF network accounts followers.

Mommy Janine on page 6, remember on day 2 of "Activism" she's spotted him, she should be somewhere on 1-2 page.

But first Mommy was preparing bots for this actor first.
More #BFF network actors appearing now:
Remember how Greta's career started? It's linked to list of investigations.

Holding a sign WeDontHaveTime.

Here we go.
Top guns confirm new Actor.

Meanwhile, Actor doesn't follow Mommy Janine. How? After all she did for him!?
Who is Actor following? Mostly bots, famous accounts, then slightly starts following of #BFF accounts:
Long list to show you one interesting thing:
Please note, all accounts, majority of them are from #BFF network
#BFF network needs a boost, list continues:

Mommy Janine carefully picks "to follow accounts":
A lot of them really, including "Approved" #BFF media, heads of famous NGOs:
Sorry to wait (thats full list) he is not following Mommy Janine!
After all that she did for him.

But he follows in the end of the list Daddy Erik! He tagged Norwegian diplomat on 2n day of his "work".

Another KEY account in this scheme is FFF Digital branch:
We are posting whole list of follows for 1 more reason. These are approved accounts of #BFF. It's their network in 99% of cases, incl. very famous people.
Remember actors account was created in 2016.
He "works" with posters for 2 months.

Next is sub-thread with Investigation:
6 more actors, 1 filthy bot, and Greta herself here:

They serve #BillionairesForFuture.
This means Heavy mining, Heavy minerals extraction.
"Green" minerals extraction:

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