izuku and katsuki are ex fuckbuddies.

nope, no one fell in love. it was a strictly behind closed door (sometimes at the back of the school's gym or some public restroom) relationship filled with mindblowing sex.

they never let their hearts got involved.

or so they thought.
up until the day they graduated they were fucking in the bathroom stall, diploma in their hands, congratulating each other with breathy tone.

they never parted in bad terms, they always had this certain unspoken understanding.

katsuki knew what izuku wanted and vice versa.
no words were really needed. one look and they knew what the other was thinking.

that's one of the greatest things about their relationship, err, arrangement? or whatever it was.

izuku was the kind of guy who looks innocent but turns a whole different whore in bed while —
— katsuki was someone who people thought fuck his way through the town when he prefer having one partner.

they never said anything complicated. never mentioned feelings.

and after graduation, life got in the way. the two of them were thrown in the adult world and lost contact
but on the day that izuku's fiance of 3 years decided to cancel the wedding a fucking day before the whole thing saying that him and izuku were just not match for each other, he met katsuki again.

izuku wanted nothing but to strangle the guy.
one, he had three fucking years to realize that 'they're not match' or whatever his lame excuse is.

two, izuku paid 80% of the whole thing and if he cancel that not only will he have to contact every fucking guest but also there's just no fucking way he'll get his money back.
he's pretty sure that murdering the guy on the account of this idiocy should be legal.

anyway, eight hours before he's supposedly tying the knot, he's in a small izakaya drowning in beer and sake and cursing his fiance, oops, ex fiance's name to nines.
may his breakfast taste awful for the rest of his pathetic life.

may he hit his toes in furniture at least twice a week.

he was so busy mumbling and slurring petty curses on his fiance's name when a familiar voice spoke to him.

"you still fucking mumble like an idiot."
izuku looked up, bottle of beer in hand, "kacchan?"

katsuki rolled his eyes, slumping on the seat next to izuku, "what the hell are you mumbling about, shitty deku?"

"k-kacchan!" izuku choked, throwing himself to the blond. Katsuki caught him with a small oomph.
"fucking hell, dumbass!" katsuki pushed him away but izuku hugged him, rubbing his freckled cheek against the blond's.

"goddammit, deku, you greasy, asshole." katsuki groaned but let izuku stupidly snuggle to him, telling him how much he missed him.
after half an hour of profanities and trying to push izuku away, the guy finally detached himself, sitting back on his empty seat.

"kacchan, how are you? where have you been?! oh god it felt so long."

"slow down, nerd," he flicked his forehead. "i'm fucking fine."
katsuki reached for one beer, "i just got back from Italy. i worked there as a marketing head for a fashion house."

izuku quickly got teary eyed, "that's good to hear! i know kacchan would be doing great things. you're always the best in everything you."
a smirk laid against katsuki's lips, eyeing izuku with such teasing look making the guy laugh. katsuki was damn sure he'd be blushing if only he wasn't so red already from the amount of alcohol he consumed. "oh i know, i am great."

"you are," izuku grinned back.
"so what's new with you?"

"oh you know," izuku shrugged. "overworked, underpaid, lost my hopes and dreams." ah, he still had that beautifully gummy smile. the kind that lights up izuku's eyes showing those lines.

katsuki let out a soft laugh.
"also my fiance for three years decided we're not 'match' so he broke off the wedding a day, hold on," he pulled his phone checking the time. "seven hours and ten minutes before the wedding i mostly paid for."

katsuki coughed at that, choking on his beer.
"did you know how expensive getting married is?" izuku began his rant. "I have to pay a fortune for the hotel! i almost sold my kidneys for our wedding ring!"

"what the fuck, deku?"

"i know," izuku rolled his eyes. "but i love him, you know. he's amazing."
katsuki blinked at that he never heard izuku called anyone amazing. it had always been a word for him. at some point it felt like if that certain word left izuku's mouth, it's because he's describing katsuki.

"also, he's an asshole." izuku sighed. defeated.
his eyes turned glassy, katsuki even saw tears escaped but izuku quickly wiped them away. the guy turned to look at him with the saddest smile on his pink lips, swollen from his habit of biting them. his eyes looked so miserable that katsuki felt air left his lungs.
"what am i suppose to do, kacchan?" izuku chuckled, his voice strain. just one more poke and he'll burst into inconsolable cries. "i don't know what to do."

katsuki sighed softly placing down his bottle on the table. their eyes met.
"first stop trying to marry people who can't give you their one hundred percent. who is not willing to see beyond that 'we're not the perfect match'. even if you are not if he wants you enough, it wouldn't matter." katsuki said.

izuku felt his throat tighter.
"it's a stupid excuse, isn't it?" izuku bit his lips trying so hard to not cry.

katsuki shrugged, "it's a very stupid excuse."

letting out a sigh, izuku turned to him, "maybe i am not someone you ma—," he wasn't able to finish what he was saying when katsuki covered his mouth
"the guy left you seven hours before your wedding stop making excuse for him, you piece of shit." izuku frowned at that, licking katsuki's palm as the blond yanked his hand away.

"i fucking hate you," katsuki grumbled.

izuku laughed hard, slowly the laughter turned into tears
"fuck," izuku sobbed, aggressively wiping his tears away.

"don't fucking curse, deku." katsuki said. "your guardian angel will be disappointed at you."

izuku snorted, "i'm sure my guardian angel is used to the feeling."

"yeah, you're a disappointment." katsuki smiled.
"ah, i hope i didn't disappoint you in some way," izuku smiled back.

katsuki let out a hum and acted like he was thinking of the time he was disappointed with him.

"kacchan!!" izuku whined, pouting at him. "you are so mean sometimes."

"what the fuck did i do?" katsuki laughed
"can we just focus? i have a problem here, remember? i am getting married and i don't have someone to marry to!" izuku groaned.

katsuki rested his cheek against his palm, elbow propped against the table. "you have me."

izuku's jaw dropped, he turned to him with wide eyes.

"you have me," katsuki straightened up. "I'll marry you."

izuku blinked, turning away, he reached for a new bottle of beer and drank all of its content in one go. "i think i am drunk. you are drunk." he stood up. "we need to go home!" he then shouted for the bill.
the server quickly gave him the bill as izuku pulled out money from his wallet, paying everything. grabbing his coat, he put it on. "let's go home, where do you live? do you have a car? I'll drop you off." he's speaking a mile per second, walking out of the small establishment.
katsuki tailed behind him, hands jammed inside his pant's pocket. izuku was talking about million of things jumping from one topic to another.

clearly, he was nervous and in disbelief and he's trying to not deal with the entire thing.

sighing, katsuki grabbed his shoulder.
spinning him, katsuki cupped his face, taking his lips on his.

they both can't remember how many years had it been since the last time they kissed but izuku could feel the familiar twist in his stomach, the thundering of his chest.

fuck, it felt like yesterday.
felt so familiar. izuku had kissed people aside from katsuki, hell, he was in a relationship for three years and still kissing katsuki felt so different. felt so otherworldly. felt like he was where he's supposed to be.

katsuki tugged him closer, deepening the kiss.
fluttering his eyes closed, he let katsuki swept him in that familiar sensation of their bodies touching, their lips against each other.

pulling away, the blond whispered, "that always shuts you up." he gently bumped his forehead with izuku's who grimaced back.
"it doesn't."

katsuki just looked at him unamused.

"fine," izuku moved away, putting his hands inside the pockets of his coat. "you're not serious, right?"

"i fucking am."

izuku looked at him, "it's okay, you don't have to make such /noble/ sacrifice."
katsuki rolled his eyes, "deku, stop acting like i am saving the world. i am just marrying you, idiot."

"you do know what happens when two people get married right?"

"they go to honeymoon afterwards?"

izuku glared at him.

"of course, i know, dumbass." katsuki sassed.
"we don't even love each other to get married." izuku turned away, sighing. "it's okay, it's going to be embarrassing but I'll live through it, you don't have to marry me to help me save my face."

katsuki halted making izuku look at him.

"we have a life time, deku."
"we have a lifetime to fall in love." katsuki added.

izuku felt like the cat got his tongue. all he could do was stare at katsuki, drown in his red eyes.

clearing his throat, he finally asked, "how will you know that we'll fall in love?"

katsuki replied, "i know we will."
izuku gave nodded at what he said. "okay. all right. fine. marry me, kacchan."

katsuki walked towards him, he gently held his hand and remove the engagement ring that was settled on his finger. turning around, he tossed it away.

"and i fucking will."
and when the wedding happened, the entire guests were surprised when a different groom showed up, wearing crips three-way suit, looking handsome, standing confidently by the end of the aisle waiting for izuku.

no one knew what was happening and everyone just had a whiplash.
izuku didn't bother explaining anything. the only thing he requested was to take down every signage that showed his name next to his ex fiance.

aside from that he went with the same ceremony even when he was lacking sleep from rewriting his new wedding vow.
everyone were whispering but none had the guts to ask what the hell was happening. the ceremony went the same with only the change of the groom's name.

"i first saw you in our shared class in philosophy," katsuki began his vow. he doesn't have any paper or any cue cards.
"you were reading this thick-ass philosophy book and i remembered thinking, how pretentious you were. really? showing off like that in class?" katsuki smirked while izuku frowned at him. "then i walked past you and saw what you're really reading, a fucking adult comics."
izuku let out a laugh, remembering that day.

"then i remembered thinking, this little shit." katsuki grinned. "i fucking hate to admit it but since that day my eyes just kept darting on you and whenever i see that philosophy book, i wondered what porn you are reading."
"i know so much things about you, idiot. i could just expose you to everyone here and you'll live your life in shame you'll have to pack your things and move to some unknown country." katsuki continued. "you know everything about me even without me telling you."
"that's because you're a creepy ass stalker who somehow have such high observant skill or fucking whatever." izuku laughed at that.

"today, since we're getting married, I'll tell you something you don't know about me," izuku looked at him, somehow feeling nervous.
"i will tell you about the nights that i nearly packed my things to go back here and search for you." katsuki looked down on izuku's hand that he was holding. "how much i hovered on your social media account thinking of the message i will send you only to not send anything."
"i will tell you about the first time i got so drunk because i found out you started dating someone." katsuki tightened his hold on izuku's hand. izuku could feel his heart in his throat. "i will tell you how much i wished i had the courage to ask you to date me."
"i will tell you how i just went back here to congratulate you on your marriage and to see you one last time and finally let you go," katsuki looked up to him, surprised to see izuku crying. a gentle smile laid on the blond's lips. "instead, i got the chance of the lifetime."
katsuki took a deep breath, "i know this is sudden and i know this is not how you imagined the supposedly happiest day of your life but fuck, deku... izuku, i promised to try to make you happy." katsuki groaned. "this is so sappy."

izuku let out a laugh at that.
he gently wiped his tears away. their eyes locked against each other as they burst into soft laughter like the two of them were the only ones in the room.

back then, their friends would usually tease them about having their own little world.
when they regained their composure, katsuki didn't reach for the ring that were waiting for them. "i know you nearly sold your kidneys for this, don't worry, we can sell it later," the blond said pulling something out of his pocket. he gently slid a new ring on izuku's finger.
izuku stared at the new ring, it was white gold with a hidden diamond. it was simple and something katsuki would choose.

he smiled back at katsuki, he then pulled the cue card he prepared for the vow. he stared at the cue card before ripping it in half.
taking a deep breath, izuku turned to katsuki. "now, i don't know what to tell you." he bit his lips. closing his eyes he tried to form a coherent thought. fluttering his eyes open, he locked eyes with him. "i remembered reading something back in literature class."
"nerd," katsuki snorted.

izuku rolled his eyes, "i have the talking stick, kacchan."

katsuki gestured for him to continue.

"it wasn't something new, it had been used over and over but that day somehow when i read it. i thought of you immediately." izuku paused.
"/he is half of my soul, as the poets say/" izuku smiled. "when we stopped seeing each other, i always wondered why we never dated."

izuku reached for katsuki's hand.

"i thought of reasons. thinking that maybe it's because we're not meant to date each other."
"maybe we work better as friends," he cleared his throat, eyeing katsuki and the blond chuckled low knowing what he meant.

"but i know deep inside that you were half of my soul, that you will always be someone irreplaceable. maybe we should have done things differently."
"but we didn't," katsuki replied.

"but now we can." izuku smiled. "few hours ago i was drinking myself to oblivion, cursing my ex's name, dooming him with eternal sufferings and now i am marrying you."


"i'll be honest, i don't know what i feel, what to think—
—or how to answer back your honesty but if you're okay with me, and you'll take me as i am now, then i also promise to try my best to make you happy."

katsuki grinned, "don't worry, we have a lifetime."

"yeah, we have a lifetime, kacchan."
izuku accepted the ring katsuki gave him which he slid on the guy's finger.

soon they were announced married. katsuki cupped his face, pulling him on a kiss with the guess clapping and cheering. it was a weird wedding but it was as if everyone just rolled with it.
the reception went well, katsuki requested a different song for the first dance.

when izuku heard the song he laughed hard because it was the song him and katsuki screamed sing back then. the song he will sing while jumping on the mattress pretending to be a rockstar.
/It's just you and me
Throwing out the key
Just living in a dream
It's just you and me
Listen to you breathe
Just living in a dream
It's just you and me/

it wasn't a song for a first dance on your wedding night but izuku enjoyed dancing and singing to it with katsuki.
when the reception ended, the two of them left for izuku's place where he had his luggage ready for a flight but when he was loading all of it at the back of his car with katsuki's help, his ex arrived.

"izuku," the guy's voice was low. he looked like a hot mess.
"what are you doing here?" izuku asked, staring at the guy. clearly, he hasn't slept.

"I'm sorry," he sighed. "i think i got cold feet and i just didn't know how to handle it... i thought of everything..."

there were millions of words swimming inside izuku's head.
he wanted to scream, to get angry, to tell him every single shit he thought when the guy decided to turn his back hours before their wedding.

"deku, what's taking you so—," katsuki was cut off by the sight of the familiar guy. this was the first time he saw him in person.
makoto eyed katsuki from head to toe before finally asking, "who are you?"

katsuki felt a vein popped in his forehead, he wanted to deck the bastard but he also don't want to ruin his wedding night yet the moment he remembered who the guy was, he felt his stomach hollowed.
"katsuki," the blond simply stated, pocketing his hands that were now in tight fists.

"ah, okay, are you izuku's friend? i never saw you before." the guy responded before he eyes izuku. "how about we talk first, izuku, just tell your friend to go home."
izuku took a deep breath, "he's not my friend."

"oh okay, relative?"

"he's my husband," izuku quickly set the record straight. "we're married."

makoto looked at him in disbelief, he then eyed katsuki. "I'm sorry, you're what?"

"married." katsuki answered this time.
the guy then clapped his hand, "okay, i get it." he eyed izuku, "you're still upset, i understand, this whole marriage thing had been stressing us both lately."

"did you really dated this moron?" katsuki turned to izuku.

"i actually can't believe it myself," izuku sighed.
"izuku, come on, you can't be serious, right?" makoto said. "you won't just marry someone to spite on me. that's a little childish, don't you think?"

"kacchan is not just anyone," izuku replied, crossing his arms over his chest.

"I'm going to kick his ass." katsuki declared.
the ex snorted, "dude, you can't kick my ass I am a brown belt in karate." the guy proudly stated.

"i can't believe you nearly gave yourself alcohol poisoning because of this idiot." katsuki looked at izuku, eyes extremely judging him.

"can you not remind me?" izuku sighed.
katsuki groaned, "i can't believe i got wasted and puke on the side road because of this loser."

"you have been insulting me like i am not here, dude, izuku married you because i didn't show up." makoto sneered.

"thank god you didn't show up," izuku cringed.
makoto grabbed izuku's arm roughly, "what did you say?"

something flashed on izuku's eyes that katsuki quickly pushed makoto away. "back off, bastard."

makoto pushed him, "you back off, get the fuck out of here, this is between me and izuku. consider this as your last warning"
"or what?" katsuki cracked his neck.

izuku looked at him worriedly, "kacchan..."

"deku, i am not missing my fucking honeymoon."

the ex sneered, "then hurry up and leave. you're not supposed to be here. this is mine and izuku's place."
"excuse me, this is MY place." izuku grimaced.

"this is our place, izuku. we got it together."

izuku inwardly cringe now that the rose-colored glasses were off, he's starting to see all the things ochako had been telling him for years. "i was the only one who paid for it."
"see this is the reason why i had to back away from the wedding. you keep on telling me about all the things you paid for. making me feel as if i don't contribute or help enough. i try my best but i don't have the same high-paying job as you." makoto dramatically sighed.
"it's as if i am not worthy enough just because i don't have the same salary that you have." the guy added. "izuku, can't you see what you did to out relationship all because of money?"

izuku's fists clenched hard, biting his inner cheeks. before he could say anything —
makoto was thrown to the ground with a strong kick. "fuck," katsuki raked his hair. he broke the rule of fighting his mom had made him follow since he was young, never ever hit someone first. let them hit you first.

but this fucking asshole just deserved it.
"you're a real piece, ain't ya? blaming all your shortcomings and your failure on someone else because your head is way up in fucking space to see what you really are." katsuki spat bitterly.

makoto stood up with a groan. "you will regret that," he growled back.
makoto quickly threw an attack. to his credit, he indeed knew karate and was really a brown belter but katsuki effortlessly countered him throwing him back to the ground in just few movements.

"oh yeah," izuku wiped his tears away. "kacchan used to compete in nationals."
katsuki kept him on the ground while the guy still try to counter him. izuku looked down at his ex fiance, "i wasn't the one wrong. i did everything i could for you. you never heard a word from me when you used my savings for a failure of a business."
izuku sobbed, "i gave you everything, loved you the way i know, in every way i could but now i am awake and let me tell you this." he took a deep breath. "you're a total piece of shit." he smiled. "rot somewhere, makoto."

katsuki let the guy go, moving close to izuku.
he quickly help the guy wipe his tears away.

"do me a favor," katsuki whispered, kissing the side of his head. "get some restraining order against this guy."

makoto sat up, glaring at the two, "you will regret it. i am the only one who tolerated you. no one else would."
katsuki rolled his eyes, he showed him his ring, "i married him, asshole." pulling his phone out. "you know what we need to leave, i'll call the police."

makoto looked visibly panicked with that, he quickly got up on his feet, leaving while spouting empty threats.
"any other stupid ex, i need to know?" katsuki turned to izuku who laughed wetly.

"i only dated him," he shrugged.

katsuki grimaced, "not really something to he proud of."

"hey, don't call me out." izuku pouted. his eyes met katsuki's. "good thing someone amazing."
katsuki smiled proudly but then remembered something, "wait, is that really your ex?"

izuku looked confused, "yeah?"

"fuck, what part of that idiot is 'amazing'?"

"what do you mean?"

"you called that guy last night 'amazing'. that asshole and amazing don't mix together."
"i did? but i was drunk?"

"you were not that drunk." katsuki deadpanned.

"well..." izuku looked away. "i was in love, okay? you tend to see people you love differently."

katsuki rolled his eyes moving away to pick the last luggage while grumbling something.
once everything is settled they drove to the airport where they arrived an hour early so they had a warm up honeymoon as katsuki referred to it in his car somewhere in the parking lot.

izuku had never felt more horny and scared in his life. silently, he apologized to shouji —
— who volunteered to drive his car back and thank care of it. he did aired it out and spray some of his favorite perfume.

after some waiting, the two finally boarded the plan and before the plane left, izuku changed his status in his social media to married.
he also posted a picture of katsuki with his tongue sticking out.

izuku captioned it : to a lifetime with you.

and when they landed and he finally got access to the internet, he katsuki post a photo of him back when they were in college.
it was the photo of him him with icing on his face when the two of them celebrated his birthday.

izuku read the caption: to a lifetime with you.

he eyed katsuki who was arranging their luggage and checking everything.

"hey, kacchan."

"fucking what?" katsuki didn't even look.
izuku hummed, lying on the huge bed on his chest, watching the guy work on their luggages.

"nothing," izuku whispered, closing his eyes. leaving the words he was meant to say on his tongue.

maybe one day he'll tell him about it.
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