#FridaysForFuture Thread about actors:
Story about BillionairesForFuture fresh "activists"

Meet Baibhav Patra.

Baibhav follows 100s of FFF accounts, is followed by "mommy" Janine,
who follows same 9 people as Greta in first 49 follows

Has friend activist with the same pattern:
In the first tweet Actor (Baibhav) tags Norwegian diplomat Erik Solheim.
Actor doesn't follow any family member with his surname Patra.
Doesn't look like have friends, relatives, etc. and starts with following his future collegues:
But before long list of follows: He's usual day:
* Reposts FFF activists
* Makes new profile picture for mommy Janine (or another mommy)
* Begs for new followers, now let's see his following list in a row, long one sorry, it's needed:
So first 40, in 15th is "mommy" Janine -> more info about her, here, she looks like best collegue with Greta per same impossible following:

Norwegian Diplomat Erik Solheim is just 44th, remember above he is in the first tagged post, why only 44th then? Hm
As you can see from this list from these 40+ and much more -> no possible friends, relatives, school friends, etc.
All from them are usual brand new "list of to follow" provided by BillionairesForFuture, now look further:
Starts Mad love to FFF: i will post first 40 follows for BillionairesForFuture pages, in total there are 120!!

Any normal person is doing this? You tell me!
This 120 FFF list ends, and who in reality follows this Actor? Just random 3:
* psycho (profile text)
* guy from Memphis, TX, who needs followers
* guy from Mozambique, who has Follow Tricks
continues on next page:
Do they follow b_a'c'k'? 'Psycho' and guys around the world searching for follow b_a'c'k_s? Or maybe friends?
No, but FFF related with big pleasure. Seems they find him more interesting somehow, first followers page on next screen:
First follower is Gloriaforclimate (another actor) we'll get back to her later.

Next 2 are CA & Seattle FFF branches. No NGO follow back for No reason, trust our experience, it's super hard to get followback from them.

Couple of other followers, see for yourself the quality:
He is lucky again. 21th follower is "mommy" Janine (See in thread above). She has mercy.

Also other "top guns" Alexandria & Go Green see huge potential in the guy who begs for followers, see above.
Nice catch of follower we'd say! ->
In the end we see cream of the creams of followers, We Don't Have Time and Vanessa.

But, Actor doesn't have enough, he still begs for more followers. Let's get back to his first follower:

Gloriaforclimate first friend of Baibhav. She does 10 ONLINE strikes.

But first tweet surely about 11th strike! Her first followers ->
Usual suspects again, only activists, standard variation of BillionairesForFuture "lists to follow"
No friends, no siblings no school friends, relatives, only future colleagues. First40

Same as from Baibhav, BUT she doesnt follow "mommy" Janine, why? She's mercy and'll find her!
Same pattern of following of all FFF pages in world as with Baibhav:
First 30 followers for Actor = Gloriaforclimate:

First one is top gun from FFF
Remember profiles of actors-activists don't future Any reference in relation to FFF. Any. They are just climate "activists"

But Isabelle sees a potential as once! As other usual list of follow backs:
Remember mommy Janine, story about her here -> https://bit.ly/3xnrV0U 

She has mercy. She finds new breed!
She is 42th follower of this actor. And remember actor wan't following her at all.

All names in those lists are Not random.
Including person called Leonardo. See next->
To see who is "mommy" Janine AND Other senior actors Examples for BillionairesForFuture, their bots, etc,

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