#FridaysForFuture Thread about actors:
Story about another BillionairesForFuture actor.

Meet Janine.

Janine has 9 same followings as Greta in first 49 follows. 9!
It is impossible to have in natural way:
So let's see first people who Janine follows, first 40:
Janine's list up to 50 ends here, next -> Greta's list:
Greta's first 40 followers:
Greta up to 50 follows ends here.

From Cory Morningstar investigation we know that her account was made for her:
9 matches with Janine above: Staffan Lindberg, Pär Holmgren, Peter Kalmus, Martin Hedberg, Kevin Anderson, Bill McKibben, Naomi Klein, George Monbiot, Svante Thunberg
9 matches in first 49 follows. It is impossible.
No way two separate persons can choose same following in this short selection. It's like winning of trillion of money. About trillions a bit later.
First Janine's followers:
From above we can see that Janine is somewhere in Australia (w/ Swedish activism)

As we can see from 3 first followers, two are from New York, and also 2 looks like bots who finished posting long time ago. One from them has 654 followers with 12 tweets, last message 2018:
Now interesting, we have another actor: Eva Lenke in first 10 followers!

Who Eva follows?
Just 3 matches in first 49:
Bill McKibben, Naomi Klein, Pär Holmgren

Not much, but if you analyze common following there're a lot more common interests surnames:
Svein T veitdal see potential at once, he is follower number 6 for Eva.
Same as Greta is 10th follower of Janine (see above in thread).

Eva's 2n follower EThoren follows has only 1 follower - Eva.
Not a lot of first matches in following is because actor started career in 2013. First found tweets already start with professional network tags.
In next comments you will see fresh info on Another Actor - David, and one of the recent bots: HONEY.

How many actors & bots do they have?
Bots -> around 3-8M per our estimation.
Actors -> hundreds
Scientists, journalists, musicians, climate fighters -> around 5-10 thousands.
Two explain explicitly: First followers ARE: friends, relatives, colleagues, etc.

Well, we can see definitely they all are colleagues.
Please meet another Actor - David:

Sub-thread: https://twitter.com/EarthManat/status/1404532210850541583
Just for example, fresh bot by BillionairesForFuture:

She is followed by: "Alice Slut". 1st Follower:

Sub-thread: https://twitter.com/EarthManat/status/1404511413394104325
Short video summary, sub-thread as well: https://twitter.com/EarthManat/status/1401972683521277953
NGOs would like to Destroy 70x70 Planet & Oceans by "protecting" 30x30 with Big Green Smile?
You tell me! https://twitter.com/Survival/status/1404030883456241667
"This is what the 30x30 of the globe taken for the New Deal for Nature will look like – a third of the globe stolen for profit. It’s a new colonialism, the world’s biggest land grab, supposedly “green” and supposedly to save the world – a really big lie." https://bit.ly/2U4CYO5 
“Protecting our planet has become big business with companies promoting new environmental markets.

This involves species banking, where investors buy up vast swathes of land, full of endangered species, to enable them to sell “Nature Credits.”

Watch: https://www.wrongkindofgreen.org/2019/10/30/watch-banking-nature/
"In recent, nature conservation has become a flourishing business sector where huge money change hands and endangered organisms are transformed into Financial Products"

Being completely sick to put price on nature?
Remember fascism?

Beware 30x30 "envrionmentalists". Thread:
"I smell money laundering disingenuous nonsense dressed up in disguise as "conservation".

Watch and read the Thread to the top:
30x30 "environmentalists" are the most dangerous species in the world right now: https://twitter.com/Survival/status/1392524975727390722
How many NGOs are part of BillionairesForFuture and doing ecocide each day?

You tell me!

Seems like much more than supermajority.

And we can still Stop them.
Deep sea mining protectors.
In Reality they promote lots of Deep sea mining.
On a daily basis. Rushing to "save" the oceans!

With a Big Green Smile.
To be fully aware why Renewables & Electric cars are main causes of Deep Sea Mining, please read this sub-thread: https://twitter.com/EarthManat/status/1401659255737008136
Protect 100% of Earth & Oceans:

Important Thread:
- Hey Nature! Stop here!
- Sorry?
- Take off your panties
- What?!!
- I am Green. I can do with you whatever I want.
With 70x70 of you for sure.
I’ve paid for greenwashing.
In my hands media, activists, NGOs.
Nothing can stop me now.

I am Green Griner and I approve this message.
* for killing 70x70 of the planet with a big Green smile all you got to do is to "protect" 30 x 30

Thread, Read to the top please:
Who promotes car culture?

And "fights" with deep-sea mining?

Google: "prowindgas vegan plus"

Please read whole thread to the top ^^^
How #BillionairesForFuture bake their new fresh "activists":

Important sub-thread: https://twitter.com/EarthManat/status/1405141545368670213
WWF listens to Baka people?
BillionairesForFuture only lie, they just lie. https://twitter.com/Survival/status/1405570938960334854
Another fresh #BillionairesForFuture actor, please welcome: https://twitter.com/EarthManat/status/1405771393963200512
Another Senior BillionairesForFuture actor, please welcome: https://twitter.com/EarthManat/status/1406593937683456003
Meet uncle Joas!
BillionairesForFuture actor, please welcome: https://twitter.com/EarthManat/status/1406593984252764162
Meet BillionairesForFuture Science! Thread 2 Read: https://twitter.com/EarthManat/status/1407308702927970307
How to sell a lot of cars?
Lots of toxic cheap solar?
Lots of wind farms killing trees, birds and eagles?

#BillionairesForFuture in action, Thread: https://twitter.com/EarthManat/status/1407394854980702210
Meet BillionairesForFuture Top science!
Thread 2 Read: https://twitter.com/EarthManat/status/1408098566925660171
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