#FridaysForFuture Thread about actors:
Story about BillionairesForFuture actor.

Meet David.

David starts his following with activists. Not with kids, grandkids, friends, no. With the list of people who need social network boost.
Extensive list of "heroes"
Even John down in the list needs a boost.
Actor doesn't follow anyone with his surname. His friends/relatives are not important? Less than activists and John?
With his followers is more interesting:
he has one potential family member, following him, well, not so fast:
this person follows everyone in the world, these are first follows from the left, and from the right last one - potentially a family member, seems not that important really.
&his only relative doesn't have any followers. i saw lots of Real people accounts, even the shiest have 2-5 real people followers. but well, who am i to judge, right?

yes, authenticity is harder to evaluate, but when you start your job, who is the first you follow?

your master
BillionairesForFuture have lists to follow?

Bots & Actors networks, etc, etc?

You should tell me!

I don't know.
BillionairesForFuture Actors & Bots story continues here, sub-thread:

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