1/ @cdcgov has now analyzed the VAERS data on #Covid vaccine myocarditis in teens and young adults. It is terrible.

Based only on received reports - and remember, most side effects go unreported even when they are serious - the rate is as high as 40 times the background rate...
2/ But that likely sharply underestimates the real rate - because CDC used a very long window (31 days) to determine the background rate - when in reality most cases occur within days of the second dose.

The proof of how bad and common this is comes in the age stratification...
3/ Let's assume the vaccines DON'T cause myocarditis in people over 65. In that case, we would expect to see (per CDC) 36-360 cases, the background rate. The midpoint is roughly 200.

How many cases have been reported in that age group?

4/ In other words, using the midpoint as a reference, only 1 in 8 cases of myocarditis following vaccination have been reported in the 65+ group.

That sounds about right knowing what we know about voluntary side effect reporting (the lag in reporting TTP cases also shows this).
5/ If the gap between REAL incidents and REPORTED cases is similar in the teen/young adult group, we need to multiply the number of reported cases by 8; that would imply the vaccines cause myocarditis in young people at up to 300 times the background rate...
6/ Sorry, DELETED the tweet where I said CDC didn't sex stratify - they didn't by AGE GROUP, but they did offer an overall breakdown - 80-20 male/female. If that is true for young adults, the math changes slightly - the top-end potential risk for men is more like 500x, not 600x.
7/ By which I mean young men could be raising their risk of myocarditis as much as 500-fold in getting the second mRNA shot. Again, this estimate may be high - it goes down if you figure myocarditis in young adults is frequently being reported to VAERS, or a higher base rate...
8/ But you cannot get it anywhere 1. The risk here is real and substantial.

So remind me why anyone under 25 (30, really) is getting this shot?

Oh yeah.

Because they have to.
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